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The Young Bucks Discuss Signing w/ROH; Talent In WWE Using Their Moves

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The Young Bucks & Booker T

The Young Bucks were recently interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine and spoke about a variety of subjects including what led them to signing with Ring of Honor, how they feel about seeing other wrestlers mimic them in WWE, their plans for the future and m more. You can view some of the highlights from the interview below.

How did their signing to Ring of Honor come about?

“We were feeling burnt out, and our bodies were hurting,” Matt said. “We were missing that valuable time at home. We are fathers with young babies. About a year ago, we really started thinking that maybe it’s time to slow it down and take a little bit of a break. Ring of Honor has this great thing with New Japan — this relationship. They got together and wanted to help us. They saw how banged up we were. ROH offered us this great deal and New Japan backed it. We looked at each other and thought now was the time.

“They offered us a good amount of money,” Matt continues. “Basically, the same amount of money we would make on the independents anyway — and we would have a lot more time with our family. So it was just win-win for us. It wasn’t really a hard decision once the offer came. We are signed for 14 months and now 13 months are left on the thing. Once we signed, I think we felt pretty good. Now that we are living the new schedule it feels really good to be home more. My body feels a lot better.”

What do they they attribute to getting over with fans?

“I feel like it’s a nostalgia feeling,” Matt said. “They still get that childhood feeling with us. We do all the things people like to do. Everyone likes to do the [crotch chop] ‘suck it’ [gesture]. The social media thing has played a vital role in us getting over. We use it as a tool not only to promote ourselves, but to get our characters over. We walk that fine line where people go, ‘Did you see what the Bucks said? Are they serious?’ To tell you the truth, nobody really knows. I don’t really know!

“When I say stuff, I go, ‘Did I mean that?’ A part of me does. I do it to get a reaction. Some of these guys have the luxury of being on TV every week, sometimes two or three times a week. We don’t have that luxury. We are on ROH and are lucky to be on once a week. Before all that we started to use social media and tweet out stuff. We put stuff on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. People can see what we are up to. We have really used that."

How do they feel when they see people on the WWE roster doing their stuff?

“It’s funny. We get a laugh seeing that type of stuff,” Nick said. “We feel like it’s a cool shout-out. We’ve even talked to Cesaro recently. He is like, ‘We all like you guys. We do it because we feel like it’s funny.’ We find it funny too.”

What are their plans for the rest of the year?

“Within this year we are trying to change the business,” Matt said. “I’m not going to give anything away. We happen to be in a good spot where we are popular enough and have the leverage to make good relationships. We are trying to start things with other companies and hopefully that can help. It’s always good for the boys. Maybe we create something like what NXT has done with Evolve. We’re trying to do an outreach. It’s strength in numbers and talent. If we can do something like that, it’s great for everybody.”

You can read the full article at this link.

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