ROYAL RUMBLE LIVE COVERAGE: Beth Phoenix, Natalya And The Bellas vs. Eve, Tamina, Kelly Kelly And Alicia Fox

Zack Ryder is shown backstage being wheeled around in a wheelchair. He's welcomed by Johnny Ace, who says he's got his own dressing room catered with his favorite foods. Johnny says if he needs anything to let him know. Eve comes in and says he's already done enough by making Zack compete when he wasn't cleared, then putting him into a match with Kane. She says she hopes tomorrow night on Raw, she hopes he's fired. Johnny says that's gratitude for you, and walks off. Eve calls him an a**, and Ryder says WWWYKI, before being wheeled into his dressing room.

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  • hurrigame

    8 Divas Tag Team match? What the hell was that about? Guess after this, we can now FINALLY look forward to Kharma vs. Beth @ Wrestlemania!!

  • khalkaroth

    Sexless porn, all I got to say.