ROYAL RUMBLE LIVE COVERAGE: Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay

Cole and Booker freak out about Clay's dancing while McIntyre screams about how it's a disgrace. The bell rings and the crowd is behind Brodus. McIntyre catches Brodus with a couple of big clubbing blows right away. Clay shakes it off and dances in the corner. McIntyre tries to fight him back, but Clay suplexes him across the ring, hits a big splash, and pins Drew for the three count.

Winner: Brodus Clay

After the match, Clay celebrates by dancing.

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  • Mike

    The first ever squash match on poverty

  • joe

    glad I didn't order this. doesn't sound like I'm missing much

  • huz

    best match of the night so far

  • n8ive_savage1

    Hate that McIntyre is getting squashed weekly. Thought the great HBk vouched for him?

  • Karl

    I hate drew, the fact that he has long hair is ridiculous. Real men have short hair. Glad he’s getting buried 🙂

    • Jay

      Real men have beards. Hair length is irrelevant

    • Terra Ryzing

      Tell that to Triple H

    • T-boy

      Tell that to HHH or the undertaker or kofi or dolph or punk when he had long hair or edge. You’ll get pedigreed, spinebustered, chokeslammed, last rided, old schooled, tombstoned, hell’s gated, boomdropped, troubled in paridise, SOSed, leg drop bulldogged, zig zagged, sleepered, shining wizard/bulldoged, maco man elbow dropped, get to sleep, anaconda vised, edge-o-maticed, probably killswitched and speared 10 billion times all for your troubles.

  • hurrigame

    Funkasaurus and the Claymates. Funk is on a roll!

  • Chowder

    I like Brodus, I do, his gimmick is fun and I sing to his theme, but this constant squashing BS is tiring now. Tonight I didn’t sing along, I just let out a loud groan. Was really hoping tonight would of been Drew’s night…

  • khalkaroth

    Well, I guess the whole family got entertained by that gimmick…

  • Hmm.. I like this post! Thank you for sharing this.!