ROYAL RUMBLE LIVE COVERAGE: WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler

Punk is able to roll Ziggler up for a two count and he goes for the Anaconda vice, but Ziggler is able to fight it off and roll into the ropes. Ziggler and Punk lock up and Punk goes behind Ziggler locking in an abdominal stretch and clubbing down on Dolph's ribs. Punk plays to the crowd before picking Ziggler up and suplexing him face first into the ropes. Ziggler falls out to the floor, and Punk follows with a plancha through the ropes, crashing right into Ziggler and sending him to the floor. Punk sends Ziggler back into the ring and he goes to the top, but Ziggler sweeps Punk's legs out from under him, and Punk crashes to the mat. Ziggler goes for the pin but only gets two.

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  • Sabes

    If Punk loses, WE RIOT!

    • PayneTorres

      Does any one know who won this match

  • huz

    That right hook was hilarious

  • Deioveon


  • I would have prefered to see Johnny Ace as referee in the ring. Why did they change plans?

  • keagan

    This was the match of the night for me. great match

  • hurrigame

    The only thing worse than Laurinitis pussing out of calling the match was Jericho losing.

  • Dig Baddy

    That may have been the stupidest finish I've ever seen.