RVD Responds To Triple H's Raw Promo In A Different Way

It's not often that scripted promos on WWE television create turmoil but Triple H did just that when he proclaimed on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw that Daniel Bryan was just like workers like Chris Jericho, Edge and Rob Van Dam. Very talented, popular and top guys but never the one. In fact, if any of them had been the face of WWE back in the day they would all be working for Ted Turner right now.

Jericho responded with his thoughts (See also - Chris Jericho Peeved Over Triple H's Raw Promo), while Edge chose to address his fans that were upset (See also - Edge Responds To Being Name-Dropped In Triple H Promo). RVD, the final of the three mentioned, responded in a different way.

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  • Dave Barton

    It was a heel promo, it was meant to evoke feeling & be controversial. I love all 3 mentioned, but I feel Y2J got worked by it & Edge saw it for what it was.

    • Ricky

      Knowing Jericho, there are chances it was a worked shoot on his/WWE’s part.

      • Dave Barton

        Always a possibility…he loves swerving us almost as much as Vince Russo does (only Y2J does it better).

  • MyBrokenKnees

    Can’t wait to see where this angle goes! Two westling partimers. But how will Edge be used that’s the question?!

  • John

    The funny thing about all of this, is that Triple H is probably right! Jericho, Edge and especially RVD would never have been able to carry the company through the attitude era.

    • Kris Mystery

      Neither would Triple H.

      • John

        But nobody mentioned Triple H. It’s kind of a silly argument to say “but Triple H couldn’t either”. He was cutting a heel promo and it obviously worked well because everyone seems to be getting all defensive about it.

    • Nick K

      Not edge or rvd as they weren’t main event guys yet but jericho was over huge back then…not sure about that.

      • John

        As over as he may have been, Chris Jericho was still in WCW for most of the attitude era and when he jumped ship to WWE he was really only a midcarder at that time. Everyone has their own opinions as to when the attitude era officially ended, but in my opinion it was at WrestleMania 17 when Austin turned heel.. And at that event Jericho was the first match of the night, defending the Intercontinental championship against William Regal… Kind of tells it’s own story really.

        It was only after the attitude era ended that Jericho got his push and became Undisputed champion.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Out of all three, I really love the respond came from Jericho. It’s pretty much the truth. Triple H himself wasn’t “The Guy” back in the days. Let’s see; 1998 – 1999: without any doubts it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin the one who’s always being used as the poster boy. Into the new millennium (2000), The Rock clearly became the new face of WWF while Austin was out injured. 2001, Austin returns and became the face once again while The Rock opted to became an actor. 2002 saw the real downward spiral for WWE as buy-rates and ratings goes all-time low until June 2002, King of The Ring to be exact; saw The Rock returned to WWE and pretty much saved the fans from watching mediocre shows week-in and week-out until SummerSlam 2002. Right after 2002-2003, it’s Brock Lesnar’s the one who’s the face of WWE like it or not. Separated on two shows (Raw and SmackDown!) because of brand extensions, Brock Lesnar got pushed straight to the moon and became the face of WWE as well despite staying on the B-show; SmackDown! while what did Triple H do on Raw besides burying talents? Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and hell, even Jericho should’ve got the push while still on the A brand. Instead, it’s SmackDown! was the brand that’s rose as the A brand with the infamous “SmackDown! Four” (Angle, Edge, Benoit and Eddie) thanks to Paul Heyman who’s in-charge at that time….

    • Derek

      It was actually the “smackdown six”

    • Ben

      Am I the only one who doesn’t buy Jericho being legitimately upset at all? The guy has worked the Internet before and even told Billy Graham “Shut the hell up, mark” when Graham lost his mind over CM Punk’s promo discussing Sammartino’s era and title reigns. Heck, I’d believe this is Jericho starting a return storyline over him being legitimately upset about some heel promo.

  • Mike Love

    Trip needs to watch what he says in his promos before he gets sent to the doghouse and starts a jobbing/losing streak.

  • kenneth

    R.v.d edge and Chris Jericho know triple H is right. if they were top guys they just wouldn’t have been working for Ted Turner. they would have been working for Donald Trump.:-)

  • Tom Lee

    In fact Triple H was right !

  • Razmos

    I think this is all the making of an NWO like stable with Mr McMahon and Big Show heading it up, the likes of the above mentioned will all play a part in the stable against Triple Hs DX corperate evolution. They should ditch smackdown and start wcw nitro back up 🙂 they have the naming rights after all.

  • terry

    no matter what triple h said…it makes no sense.
    if any of those 3 were chosen to carry wwe back then,WCW WOULD STILL HAVE WENT OUT OF BUSINESS WHEN IT DID…maybe even sooner if wwf would have went out of business,because they would of had access to all vinces out of work talent…when clearly they didnt know what to do with the hundreds they already had at this point anyway. So if y2j,rvd,or edge were the chosen one back then and was responsible for wwf’s demise, then there just would be no wwf OR wcw, because WWF going out of business WAS NOT the “secret formula” for WCW “staying in business”! And for triple h to think WCW would have still been around if vince flopped, he eally has no clue. And if he didnt write that promo, he was stupid to even not think of that fact.