Samoa Joe Speaks, Jeff Hardy Update, Busy Week For TNA, Scaled Back Shows

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- Samoa Joe was featured on episode 110 of MLW Radio with Konnan and MSL. You can listen at this link.

- Jeff Hardy made TMZ Sports over a situation involving the health of his dog.

- It's a busy week for TNA Wrestling. They'll tape the two-week Genesis themed episode of Impact on Thursday night in Huntsville, Alabama followed by a three-show live event loop in Alabama and Georgia.

- There's photos making rounds on social media mocking TNA for their scaled back live events. I'm not sure what the point is as it sure makes a lot more sense to run smaller venues than book expensive venues the company has no shot at selling out. TNA admitting they're a small company trying to grow sure beats them trying to compete with a company they have no shot at overtaking.

  • dean

    Richard, the reason why “fans” mock tna on social media is because in 2010, tna was BRAGGING how it signed the biggest name in the circus world of pro wrestling and it was going to overtake wwe on Mondays and become the top company.
    Dixie Carter is obviously writing checks that her daddy can’t cash for her.

  • King Tone

    Actually that wasnt dixie carter, that was hogan and bischoff who wanted to overtake wwe, dixie has no beef the E’