Saudi Arabia 50-Man Royal Rumble Will Be Televised

Yes, it's apparently true.

In an interview on The Jim and Sam ShowRoman Reigns talked about the Saudi Arabia 50-man Royal Rumble to take place in April and said that not only would it be the greatest rumble of all-time but also that it will air on the WWE Network as a special.

Reigns noted that he hoped he wasn't giving away any kind of spoiler when he dropped that information.

There have been rumours about participants but it should be noted that not all the superstars at the event will necessarily be in the rumble match itself. There is also scheduled to be an appearance by The Undertaker "in some form" and a rumoured one from Chris Jericho as well.

  • Elaine House

    Can we get an official statement from wwe on this. Just because Roman said it doesn’t really mean it’s gonna happen. Look at happened to starcade they said it was gonna be on the network but it wasn’t

    • Dave Barton

      Dot com is talking about it today, with 7 title matches announced. Seems more than likely that some will be in both the title matches and the RR itself.