Scotty 2 Hotty "Hurt" By Rikishi Not Mentioning Too Cool

Scotty 2 Hotty said he was hurt that Rikishi didn’t mention Too Cool (the faction comprised of Hotty, Rikishi and Brian Christopher) in his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech.

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The following is from Twitter:

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  • David F

    Rikish shouldnt have been in HOF in first place. He was just mid card act who only got in because of his wrestling family history.

    • ohnowheredyougo

      Right? They can file him right between Koko B Ware and the future induction of Santino Marella

      • Koko makes sense to me. Frankie and he were absolutely huge in the ’80’s. I get that one. Rikishi? Only huge in stature.

    • He gave us a great speech last night and was a lot of fun. That’s the only conceivable reason he fit the ceremony last night. He certainly didn’t do enough in the WWE to be inducted. He was the only one last night who made no sense to me.

  • Lebron

    I was pretty hurt about that too lol. Too Cool was a huge part of what made the Attitude Era so amazing. Wonder why Big Kish couldn’t show them some love. They’re 90% of why he’s in the hall of fame. Which he deserves to be in. Most athletic 400 pounder I’ve ever seen.

  • Oh yeah, and quit whining, Scotty. Is he doing a Zack Ryder impression? You were hardly that big either. Not being mentioned because Rikishi likely forgot is as close to the HOF as you’ll ever get. Why you even bothered to mention this benign oversight is a mystery. To be real, you happened. Sorta. We moved on. You should too.

  • I’m sure Rosey deserves more gripe than Scotty, the only family member not to be mentioned.