Shad Gaspard In New Movie Starring DMX & Akon, Dolph Ziggler Touts About John Cena, CM Punk Wants Savage In WWE HoF

- Shad Gaspard is set to appear in a new film Eisenberg-Fisher is Executive Producing called "King Dog." The film stars DMX, Akon and Ruby Dee and is to be written and directed by Curtis Nichouls. The flick is based on the true story of a hardcore US gang member becoming a gang enforcer for the police.

- Dolph Ziggler, working on Tout, says he's sick of John Cena. You can watch his latest at this link.

- WWE Champion CM Punk told he hopes "Macho Man" Randy Savage will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • mjledesma

    I hope Punk can use his pull and make it happen

  • Jimjim

    IF the rumours about savage and Stephanie are true then randy getting inducted on this would be the ultimate test of how far punks come in terms of political power. Although from a wrestling standpoint savage fully deserves it.

    On a side note I heard Stephanie was 14 when the rumours surfaced. In which case you could call him Macho Man Randy Savile (one for the UK readers there)