Shane Douglas Pops Up On Raw Supershow

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Shane Douglas had some fun at tonight's WWE Raw Supershow. During Big Show vs. Kane, Douglas was shown on-camera wearing a Lucha Libre mask and a white button up shirt. He removed his shirt, exposing his black and yellow "Franchise" t-shirt and removed the mask to expose his identity.

He screamed at the camera and attempted to get the audience to pay attention to him. Douglas was escorted out of the arena.

Douglas is best-known for his time in ECW where is was a four-time ECW Champion but has worked everywhere including WWE, WCW and TNA.

You can view cell phone footage of the stunt embedded in the video below:

  • Bubba J

    What a moron.

    • mat

      he got less than 30 seconds of attention. Half the audiance didnt even no who he was lol….

      • Angus

        Half the audience???? I didn't know who he was and I know who Shane Douglas is! Eh, he did his best, I guess.

    • mr shwo

      agreed, so pathetic just move on

  • Common Sense

    It's Dean Douglas!

  • San The Man.

    Ouch!!! Painfull to see

  • sdd619

    Vince could have approved that. He has done that with the original ECW

  • @ihaterivers

    I always thought the chant was E C Dub. What the hell is E C Double U

  • H.M.

    Lol how pitiful.

  • PhilT81

    Kane came out during a commercial break – not the best time to pull a stunt. Looks like he’s trying to get himself noticed and to get a job. The biggest reason thst evebtually led WWE to scrap ECW was the reliability of the ECW originals – they weren’t professional enough to cut it in WWE. You can’t miss shows, turn up intoxicated, not learn your spots and promos etc. One guy doing it is bad enough but when there are multiple guys doing it then it brings down the standard of the locker room and of the show.

    • Angus

      I think he's got some "Extreme Reunion" show coming up he was trying to promote.

  • Freddie Joe Floyd

    He screamed at the camera and attempted to get the audience to pay attention to him.

    That’s his career in a nutshell right there

  • Renegade


  • Renegade

    Who??? Shane??? Oh one of those ecw losers that weren’t good enough for the big leagues of wwe. Away back to the indies you has been nobody!!

    • Ryder

      ECW had losers?

  • steve2

    I had to rewatch it 3 times to see what you’re talking about. It wasn’t noticeable at all.

  • Noel

    PhilT81, Apparently you can in TNA though……

  • Ilyas

    Man that is just so embarrishing to watch,even more embarrishing for himself probably:-}

  • Levi Aldebol

    He's become an embarrassment. I don't know any wrestling company who would want to work with him now.