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We are again hiring for our sister site!

In the past year, our writers have covered a wide range of WWE topics - Wrestling With Motherhood, WWE Network: The Dawning of a New Age, and Replacing Rey Mysterio.

I'm very proud of the writing on the site, and how we've grown over the past year. Because of this we are seeking a couple more motivated individuals interested in posting opinion-based pieces completely related to WWE. News may be incorporated in your opinion, but this will not be a place to post news. WWENews already carries news headlines, results and spoilers from WNW. What we're looking for are pieces on particular wrestlers, angles, reactions to big news, etc. This is your chance to start discussions in the internet wrestling community in a clear and articulate fashion.

No prior writing experience is required, but you have to be willing to submit at least two pieces per week and be able to provide quality content. This is a non-paying position, however, you will receive the following compensation for your work:

1) A free WNW Premium account – after a proving period
2) An opportunity to have your articles read by thousands, including WWE talent shares all of WNW's social media accounts and your material will get read. This is a perfect opportunity to gain experience, get a free Premium Account, and a strong line for your resume.

If you are interested, please send the following to Kendra (I'll be fielding applications and doing the hiring) at

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • When you are able & how often you watch WWE
  • A sample of your work

We aren't going to hire kids, so you need to be of an age where you are mature enough to handle the position. I'm not putting a cut off on ages as a couple of our writers are younger, but I'd like to say 16. There have been exceptions, and if you really feel you have what it takes, please apply, you never know what might happen.

The sample is the most important part of your application. I don't expect you to hammer out a 1000 word article, but give me a couple paragraphs so I can evaluate your writing abilities and knowledge of the product. This isn't amateur hour and there is a certain level of quality we expect, though you should be familiar with this through visiting our sites.

Again, please send the above material to Kendra Bunyon at I will do my best to field any questions anyone has in the comment area below, or through email. Serious applicants only and please realize we are only looking for those that intend to write on a consistent basis.

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