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Major Changes For WNW In The Works? - Tell Us What You Want To See!

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I posed a question in today's WNW Premium Mailbag and it's something that I would like to ask the entire readership of the website. Perhaps you could use the weekend to brainstorm about it and help us out.

Recently, I have become very disillusioned with the quality of journalism in the IWC. Normally I do not pay much attention to what goes on outside of WNW but after examining the landscape, I want to make a change. Now I'm not sure what all needs to change but the fact of the matter is the quality of work around us is deteriorating.

I am by far from perfect. Just this morning I had a glaring typo in Ask WNW and I've had to post my fair share of retractions and corrections. I'm only human and even though every thing I post has been checked, edited and done to the best of my ability, the best of my ability does not equate to "no mistakes."

However, given the decline around us, I want to change WNW to set us apart even further. While all of our stuff is exclusively written and edited, I want to take another step - perhaps a big step - in a direction that sets us completely apart. Now, I'm not quite sure what this direction is, but here are some things to consider…

Possible additions:

  • Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website. Would you like to see more Q&As? Perhaps separate WWE and TNA Q&As? Different writers answering questions or just from yours truly?
  • Editorials and a more "blogging" style of writing has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Bleacher Report, a website with a policy against breaking any of their own stories, has risen up as one of the most popular sources of news and information. We've seen tremendous growth and success with the material on and Would you be interested in seeing more of this type of content on WNW?
  • The comment area is filled with great minds with strong opinions. Would guest articles be something that you would welcome?
  • Videos and multimedia content are taking the Web by storm. I know websites that are posting a large amount of their content in video format. Would you like to see more videos featuring news, analysis and reactions?

Possible eliminations:

  • If it's not broke, don't fix it. That's been my motto for years and there is nothing that I want out right remove from the website but if there are things you want to see more of, there has to be things there will be less of. My question is would you be OK with less posts in favor of more detailed posts? Why or why not?

Some things are already changing:

  • A change I've just made over the course of the last week is making news and notes posts "meatier" with fewer of them. The fact of the matter is there are tons of Tweets and interviews and appearances and reminders. However, not all are worth an entire post. Yes, this does mean less page views but I would rather quickly make mention of these notes so other, more original material, can be focused on. Do you like what you've seen or do you enjoy more updates?

Things that won't change:

  • Further, we're always going to provide exclusive results to shows, spoilers for the things that are taped and plenty of blogs and interactive things to go with it. The idea is what do you want the content to look like that goes around it?

We're open to suggestions because I want to make sure to always look outward. No progression or change can be made because I'm "comfortable" with the way we do things. We want to make WNW a must-visit and Dirt Sheet a must-download. What will guarantee a permanent place in your bookmarks for now and the years to come?

This is your opportunity to offer up suggestions in the comments below. I ask that you respect the website, respect each other and offer constructive criticism. Trolling or posting deliberate "hate" comments is really just a distraction that benefits no one. Give us some suggestions and I promise I'll take them all into consideration.

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