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Seeking Questions For Kurt Angle Interview

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It is an honor and privilege to announce that I will be interviewing the Olympic gold medalist, multi-time champion, one of the best in the world, and TNA star......Kurt Angle!

I will be sitting down and interviewing Kurt Angle Tuesday on behalf of WrestlingNewsWorld!

Kurt Angle had many interviews in his career; therefore, there is a lot of information that he told the world, but there are also a lot of things that he never discussed. With that being said, I want this interview to be different from his others. I want him to discuss topics that he never really talked about. That is where YOU come in!

I am asking the great WNW readers to send their questions in for Mr. Angle to answer. These questions can be from any part of his career or they can be about other wrestling topics. Be creative! I only ask that the questions are appropriate and respectful. To send in your question(s), just comment down below on this article.

I couldn't do this without WNW and all of you! I want to thank Richard and I can't wait to read what everyone has to say! This is why WrestlingNewsWorld is far beyond any other wrestling website!

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