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WNW Fantasy Duel: Welcome to the Arena


Hey guys, we originally wanted to get this up on New Year's day but we also didn't want to cause any confusion and have people start submitting entries for the wrong days, so we wanted to wait until after Raw and Smackdown. Here it is! The full details for WNW Fantasy Duel! See you on battlefield! 

Welcome to WNW Fantasy Duel 2018, your weekly pro wrestling fantasy game! All the rules and details are available, along with the form to submit your weekly entries at the link below: 

Click the link to get started and possibly win yourself $500!

Here are the rules in Audio format for those who don't want to read:

[audio mp3=""][/audio]


WNW Fantasy runs for 2 days each week, Mondays and Tuesdays. It includes RAW, SmackDown Live!, and 205 Live! Dark matches do not count. Contest resets each week and you must submit a new form as entries do not carry over.

You have 50,000 to spend on 8 Wrestlers, and you must select 8 Wrestlers and fit the 50,000 salary to qualify for entry. If you go over the 50,000 salary your entry will be null in void. You must be a premium member on the day you entered the contest to qualify for prizes. Daily premium accounts can be purchased as well as weekly and monthly. Once you select your 8 Wrestlers you are to submit and email your entry before 1:00PM EST on the Monday of that weeks contest. Weekly contest open on Thursday afternoon when the form goes up and closes that Monday. Only the first 1000 entries will make each contest. If that week the entries go over 1000 we will open a second contest and have duel prizes. You are only allowed 1 entry per week, per premium account.

Point Scoring:

This is a very simple win/loss system. If the wrestler gets a win you receive 5000 points. If the wrestler losses, draws. ends in anything other than a definitive win, or does not wrestle on the show you receive no points. If you select a wrestler that wins a championship title belt during that week’s match you receive an additional 7500 bonus points.


Prizes are based on the most points scored that week and will vary by the week. In the event of a tie, the winner of first place will be randomly selected.

1st place $250
2nd place $50
3rd place WNW T-shirt


Disclaimer: WNW Fantasy is not a gambling game, and is there is no entry fee to enter the contest making it a non gambling qualified entity. You must be a premium member to qualify and at any time your entry can be canceled without notice. WNW Fantasy does not allow staff, owners, or family members to patriciate in winning of prizes, however are encouraged to play. By submitting entry you agree to the terms of the service, the scoring, and the rules of the contest. WNW may issue additional terms for any contest or game at any time with out notice.WNW reserves the right to cancel any weekly game, in our sole discretion, without any restrictions.

WNW, in its sole discretion, may disqualify you from a contest or the entire Service, refuse to award points or prizes, or suspend, limit, or terminate your account if you engage in conduct WNW deems, in its sole discretion, to be improper, unfair, fraudulent or otherwise adverse to the operation of the Service or in any way detrimental to other members. Improper conduct includes but in not limited to: requirements of the weekly entry, falsifying personal information, unauthorized employment in association with the wrestlers involved. Spamming entry's, threatening or creating a hostile environment for other members.

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