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WNW readers, we are going to try something new this week. WWENews writers (our newest) wants you guys to figure out what he's writing each week! Just so you know a bit about who Justin is, check out his first pieces at Iron Clad and End of a Legacy

Justin Mayo

Hey guys and gals! It's been a great week and a half writing for you guys and being part of the community, so with Richard making changes to WNW, I thought I'd offer my own change as well - I want to hear from you, the fans, about what topics you think I should write about! Leave your answers in the comments, or email me at breakitdown1990@aim.com . I can't promise to share your views on the matter, since all of my articles are opinion pieces, but I think a little fan interaction could be a great thing for all of us! If you all like my idea, I'll do it regularly, about once a week or so. I'll be away for the weekend, but hope to hear from you all!

Queen of WNW
KB & Justin

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