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Wrestle Your Friends On iPhone - Awesome New Fantasy Wrestling App

Awesome Taylor is back with his latest iPhone and App and it's literally awesome! Have you ever wanted to go against your friends in exciting wrestling matches on your iPhone? Well, this App is for you and is available for download at this link.

Want to know more before installing? Here's the App description:

Main Event 2 is finally here, and is a free upgrade for people who owned Main Event!

Main Event pits your best friends against each other in the wildest, most exciting wrestling matches on the iPhone!

Pull your friends into the application, assign them a deadly finishing move and choose the type of match they should face off in.

After Main Event has detailed all of the action for you, you can share the results with the world over Twitter, Facebook and email!


- Use your contacts as your wrestlers!

- Lots of matches! Make your wrestlers compete in Regular, Cage, Ladder, Submission and I Quit Matches!

- Triple Threat and Tag Team Matches added!

- Build an old-school wrestling poster as you add extra matches to your card that can all be played out at once!

- Share Your Posters over email, Facebook and Twitter!

- Give each wrestler a crushing finisher to try and use on their opponent!

Click here to install now!

You can get the latest on the Main Event 2 update at this link.

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