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Writing Opportunities Open For TNANews - Apply!


Can this be your lucky day? It can be! I am searching for extra writers for! I am searching for writers who will be interested in the following topics with their description below:

Fantasy Booking:

Have you ever wanted to book Impact Wrestling a different way? Did you like a match that they had but wanted it to end differently? Here is your chance to be a writer/creative booker for the show. You will have to write a show weekly just like how Impact Wrestling airs every week. Your shows will resemble a real wrestling show. You have the full Impact roster to work with. Who would you book as champion? Here is a sample of what I am expecting (Disregard the names of the people).

Reliving The Past

Let's face it, things in wrestling aren't like they used to be. TNA Wrestling is not like what they used to be. Do you think of how TNA once was? Do you think of the big moments in TNA's past? What about the Triple Threat Match between Daniels, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe? What about how the X-Division once was? Do you remember the King of the Mountain Match? What about the first Slammiversary? How about the debut of DDP in TNA? Write about these moments. Knowledge about TNA's past is a must.

Superstar Bios

If you like telling a story about someone's career in the wrestling world, you might enjoy this. I am looking for a writer to write bios of TNA talent past and present. Did you know AJ Styles was in WCW? Who was Petey Williams and the Canadian Destroyer? How great was Samoa Joe back in 2005 and how did his career fall off? The superstars are endless!

Do you just want to write for in general? You can!

If you are interested in writing for, send your emails to arbwwe [at] with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • When you are able & how often you watch Impact
  • A sample of your writing
  • Which area you are hiring for (Fantasy booking, Reliving the past, Superstar bios, In general)

You do not need prior writing experience to write for, but I do recommend sending a sample piece of your writing. I am not looking for a page page paper, but just a sample paragraph or so of your best work.

This is a non-paying job, but you do get rewarded with the following

1) A free WNW Premium account
2) An opportunity to have your articles read by thousands including TNA talent

The site is only weeks old and it has already received a great amount of viewers.

Please send your application to me at arbwwe [at] If you have any questions, field them in the comment section and I'll get back to you.

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