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Hey guys,

We wanted to post some disclaimers so things are crystal clear for all our readers.  We also wanted to put them in writing on a specific page so that there are no surprises.  We love our fans, readers, listeners and we love interacting with you guys.  We know wrestling fans are some of the most passionate in the world and we're thrilled to be a part of that.  However, WNW is our business and more than that WNW is our home.  It's not a democracy.  Disrespectful actions will results in warnings, commenting bans, or even losing your premium accounts.  Here's a few things to remember while visiting our site:

  1. When it comes to the comments, we encourage fans to speak their mind about the topic at hand in the comment section.  However, please keep it clean and be respectful each other.  Clean language is also something we ask when commenting.  This isn't a PG site so curse words will end up being marked as pending until we can review it and decide whether your comment is acceptable or not.
  2. Additionally, negative comments that are directed at us as writers or at the website as a whole will be on very thin ice.  If you have an issue with the website we encourage you to message us privately so we can address that issue.  Constructive criticisms will be reviewed and may be deleted.  The best way to avoid having your comment deleted would be to post something along the lines of "I enjoyed it better when you guys did short result articles instead of the long results because it was easier to read." Comments like, "You guys suck!" or "This website isn't as good as it used to be!" Will be deleted without warning or explanation.  It's extremely rude and disrespectful and we won't tolerate it.  If we notice it's a pattern that user will be banned from commenting.
  3. When it comes to premium news, we work very hard to get the best confirmed backstage news possible. If we find out that someone is spreading that premium news to others who aren't subscribers, they risk having their premium membership removed without refund. We will give you a warning first so it won't be a surprise if this happens.
  4. Please do not link or direct others to a dirt sheet or website in the comments.  Especially, if those websites would be considered a "rival" website.  It's one thing to link an article from, it's another to link a news story from a rival website.  This is purely disrespectful and will lead to your comment being deleted and if we notice it becoming a habit or certain users you'll be banned from commenting.
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