The Smackdown Breakdown: “Hey Mickie, You're So Fine.”

Hello WNW People, my name is Mitch “Big M” Adams, and I am proud to welcome you to the Smackdown Breakdown. Let’s get stuck into what happened on this week's edition of Smackdown Live, shall we?

Opening Segment: Daniel Bryan, Miz > B+
The chemistry these two have will always result in great television. I was intrigued with Bryan’s announcement of a Lumberjack Match between Ambrose and Miz in the main event. We don’t see too many of them in this day and age. All in all a fun backstage segment to start the show.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt At Ringside > B
The outcome of this match was obvious, but it still didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Luke Harper is seriously an underrated talent in WWE! He has had several great matches on TV with many main event level workers. And we can add this match with Randy Orton as part of the list.
Winner: Randy Orton

Post Match Shenanigans: Bray Wyatt Attacks Harper
I am completely bored stiff with this storyline. It’s just so predictable! We all saw Bray taking out Harper after the match with Orton coming from a mile away. And I think we can all see Orton turning on Bray in the Royal Rumble match.

In Ring Segment: Renee Young Interviews Mickie James > A
I was not happy with Mickie James having to return with such a silly storyline as La Luchadora. But, thankfully, they repaired much of the damage with this excellent promo that Mickie sold to perfection. The best storylines always have an element of truth to them, and the idea that Mickie would feel resentful of the Women’s Revolution would make sense in real life.

Mickie during the tail end of her first WWE run was probably the last legitimate in-ring talent in a women’s division full of models more focused in making men gawk and them then putting on a good match. I hope they address the infamous “Piggy James” angle in the coming weeks as it could be argued that the angle occurred due to Mickie bucking the growing trend of “women are just meant to look hot in WWE” during her last run by actually being a wrestler!

I still don’t think her aligning with Alexa makes all that much sense, but they needed to blow off the Lynch/Bliss angle and set up Becky’s next program. And the beatdown of Lynch by Bliss and Mickie James has done just that. I think I speak for everyone when I say Becky vs Mickie in the coming weeks will be something special.

Pre-Recorded Segment: Carmella Takes James Ellsworth Shopping > C+
Honestly, this segment wasn’t as brutal as I thought it would be. And it shows just how charismatic Carmella and Ellsworth truly are to make some pure rubbish from creative look somewhat decent. Yes, you heard right, I said Ellsworth has charisma, and I’m not taking it back. But still, if you had recorded Smackdown this week, I’d skip this segment.

Battle Royal For A Royal Rumble Spot > F
This was such a pointless match! A bunch of mid card jobbers not going anywhere in WWE having a Battle Royale for a spot in the Royal Rumble is not exciting television. But the worst part about it was watching Mojo Rawly get some sort of a rub by winning the match. I am not going to lie to you; I am not a fan of the “Hyped” one in any way.
Winner: Mojo Rawly “GROAN”

Pre-Recorded Segment: Natalya Attacks Nikki Bella > C
Well, at least this wasn’t a Total Divas type segment. And Natalya actually looked like a strong heel here to my considerable surprise.

In-Ring Segment: AJ Styles & John Cena > A
It’s funny how everyone who works for WWE says that they don’t look at the dirt sheets or listen to fans on social media, and yet they address the recent controversy of the WWE World Champion being placed WAY in the back of the Royal Rumble promotional poster. That kind of stuff always makes us WNW writers laugh.

Now people have been raving about how strong Cena looked on the mic here in this segment, but honestly, I think Styles had him beat easily! All Cena did was run down AJ Styles and push the WWE point of view that everything is insignificant to WWE and their homegrown stars.

Now while AJ did honestly mostly just pushed the IWC point of view that WWE and WWE made stars shouldn’t be all that is cared about in pro wrestling, it was the way he did it that impressed me. AJ Styles made it look like he was speaking from the heart, especially after they showed Cena’s appearance on morning TV where the hosts just kept calling him “the guy from Atlanta.” I mean seriously? The WWE World Champion is considered a nobody unless it’s John Cena? Meanwhile, John Cena just looked like he was just towing the company line! And no amount of booking that has Styles looking flustered after Cena finished his promo will change that!

Dolph Ziggler vs Kalisto > F
I know they are trying to build up Ziggler as a heel, but did they have to bury Kalisto to do it? I mean, Kalisto has a bunch of matches and moments that prove he deserves a push. This just felt like such a bloody waste! Especially when you consider WWE’s higher-ups will probably pull the rug from under Ziggler’s feet just as he is picking up steam like they have done every time before!
Winner Dolph Ziggler

Post Match Shenanigans: Apollo Runs In To Save Kalisto > A
Well, they may be burying Kalisto, but it looks like they may be rebuilding Apollo Crews. They may only be doing it to give Ziggler someone to feud with, but it's still an opportunity. One I am sure a talent like Apollo will make the very most of.

Canceled Match That Turned Into A Separate In-Ring Segment: Natalya, Nikki Bella, Naomi & Alexa Bliss > C
I am not going to talk about Natalya and Nikki Bella because I’ve made my feelings about this program very clear over the last few weeks. So I am just going to focus on how cool it was to see Naomi back on WWE TV! I am a big fan of Naomi’s in-ring work, and I love her uber creative entrance.

It would appear after watching this segment that Naomi is Alexa Bliss’s next feud, and I can not wait to see them in the ring. I think these two could potentially have some of the best matches of the Women’s Division this year. Some may disagree with that prediction, but I am going to stand by it!

Lumberjack Match For The IC Title: Dean Ambrose (c) vs The Miz w/ Maryse > A
I don’t think these two are capable of having a bad match together! Both their in-ring and mic styles just seem to mesh so well. Sometimes two workers just click, and we are lucky to see them do some pretty cool things.

The Lumberjacks continuously getting involved leading up to a Malay in the ring was a pretty cool way to do the final sell for the Royal Rumble. We all expect to see segments in the week leading up to the Rumble where multiple superstars get into it in the ring, and people start getting thrown out! But they it was done this year was more subtle and unexpected. And I think it was a very nice touch.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Overall Grade: B
Well, I’d say that was a pretty solid edition of Smackdown Live this week I think. A few things to really dislike, but a few things to really love as well.

And that ladies and gents was the Smackdown Breakdown. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheBigM91

  • “Mickie’s excellent promo”. IMHO, her promo was awful. A few of us in the “open thread” noted how bad we thought it was. It was basically a Charlotte impersonation turned up a bit in all the wrong ways. She was so staccato and overly-dramatic. I absolutely hated it and hope things get better going forward for her in that department. They can’t get worse, in my opinion.

    • I immediately came here to trash his review of that segment. I completely agree with you!

    • “BIG M” Adams.

      To each their own, but I LOVED the promo!

  • As I was the first to read this (while adding html tags and doing VERY basic edits), I had a hard time not adding my own personal views into this article, but I respect Big M too much to do that to him when we are not feuding.

    1 – The Mickie James segment sucked ring ropes! Mickie can be so much better than the Shatner/Trump pacing she had there, and her heavy breathing was more off a turn-off than a turn-on, and that has nothing to do with my fundamental dislike of Mickie.

    2 – Carmella and James are charismatic, and I giggled at James without pants, and the horrible jeans he kept putting back on, but otherwise, this was downright painful to watch. M, you were way too nice!

    3 – A number of us think that the RR poster put AJ in the back just for this segment. They’ve done things like this previously to fuel a feud, and I’ll be shocked they didn’t do it this time for that very reason.

    I only found one major typo this week, but you need a beating for this specific typo.
    – KB

    • “BIG M” Adams.

      I loved Mickie’s promo and I won’t apologise for loving it!
      Carmella’s NOOOO Train line had my sides splitting so that’s why the segment got a C+ instead of a D+
      And I’ve heard the Theory of the poster being made like that to set up the promo and I honestly don’t buy it.
      Seems like a lot of trouble to go through just for one promo!

      • But if that’s what it was about and if the rumors are true, it isn’t just about one promo; it’s about a WrestleMania encounter between Shane & AJ. If that’s their intention, this is an interesting way to get there.

  • Mandy

    Mickie’s promo was disappointing but her reason for attacking Becky did make sense. I still think their feud has potential.

    I’m glad Naomi is getting a title shot, while I doubt she will win from Bliss it will give her a good chance to prove herself worthy of a push.

    The lumberjack match was awesome!!