*Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Spoilers For This Week

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WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown tonight from the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* The show opens with Miz TV. The Miz introduces this week's guests: Fandango & Summer Rae. The Miz makes fun of Fandango and announces that he is not only hosting Miz TV tonight, but also winning the Intercontinental Championship (the title was not defended on Main Event as advertised). Wade Barrett interrupts, talking down to both Miz & Fandango. Miz & Barrett begin to brawl, which segues into the first match.

* The Miz b. Wade Barrett by disqualification, so Barrett retained the Intercontinental Championship. Fandango was on commentary for the match, and caused a distraction by dancing during the match.

* Zeb Colter comes out with Jack Swagger and cuts a promo against the local crowd and about various conspiracies.

* Daniel Bryan w/ Kane b. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter by submission with the No Lock. Bryan breaks the hold, but goes back and locks it back in. Kane breaks the hold and argues with Bryan before Bryan walks away.

* Matt Striker interviews Damien Sandow in the ring. Sheamus quickly interrupts and bickers back and forth with Sandow. Sandow eventually leaves the ring, so Sheamus grabs Striker and tosses him over the top rope onto Sandow.

* Chris Jericho b. The Big Show by countout when Jericho hit a Code Breaker on Show outside the ring.

* Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel came to the ring. Heyman talked about his success with past clients and how Axel will be no different. Axel took credit for taking Triple H out and said he would surpass the success of his family.

* Curtis Axel b. Sin Cara

* Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship ended when the rest of The Shield interfered. Randy Orton & Sheamus make the save, and Teddy Long comes out to make a 6-man tag match.

* The Shield b. Randy Orton, Sheamus & Kofi Kingston. Ambrose pinned Kofi to get the win for his team.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Hello everyone, welcome! This week’s show should be starting in about 20 minutes, with Smackdown results coming in around 9 PM ET.

    What did you think of Curtis Axel? I’m already a bigger fan than I ever was of Michael McGillicutty. I like his tweaked look, his theme, and the extra bit of charisma we saw from him. It’s too early to tell just how far he’ll go, but it seems like he has the potential to go places.

  • Smart Mark

    Personally, i’ve liked the guy since we saw him on NXT. He was my second favorite right behind Kaval and i think that he has the potential to be great heel if used the right way. He’s not too spectacular in the ring but he’s not lackluster either, in fact he’s pretty consistent.

  • cobra

    Fans of Saturday Morning Slam (though I might be the only one who visit this site) know how great he was at running the ropes.

    • BrooksOglesby

      I haven’t been keeping up with him since he disappeared from the main shows, but it’s a pretty good sign that he’s at least a solid, safe worker if The Rock trained with him. I imagine The Rock is a good guy to be friends with backstage if you want to get ahead, too.

  • Curtis Axel is very talented in the ring. His problem was on the mic as far as his personality went. this is something being paired with someone like Paul Heyman can help him out and put him over. He’s got the potential but as always it’s up to the talent to take advantage of any opportunity they receive no matter how big or small it is. Ultimately it is on Curtis Axel on how successful he gets to be.

  • J-Dub

    Mark my words, Axel will be bust, he sucks in the ring and is horrible on the mic. only reason why hes getting the time of day is because hes the son of one of the all time greats, give him 6 months and hell fizzle out and another 6 months after that and he’ll be released and working with some crappy promotion like tna or roh, watch.

    • Hes getting time of day because paul heyman chose him and i dont mean wwe put them together heyman sees talent and goes to wwe brass and makes a fuss about said talent did it with lesnar who was terrible on the mic and stuck indevepment,did it with punk who wwe wouldnt have called up so soon without heyman and he will do it with hennig.

      • Smart Mark

        Paul Heyman, Triple H & Bret Hart all believe in the guy so we’ll be seeing him a fair bit.

        • Chris

          And The Rock, and JBL, and Foley, Lance Storm, hell, even Eric Bischoff.

      • J-Dub

        Has nothing to do wit HEyman bruh, WWE signed Lesnar waay before Heymen suggested anything. Same with Punk. Lesnar & Punk are McMahon guys in reality

        • JJ

          I don’t know about lesner but punk has said if it wasn’t for heyman he would have been stuck in ovw till he was released.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Really, really excited about Daniel Bryan’s win. It looks like he may be headed for a big push as a heel, and a credible, dangerous one, not a coward winning a bunch of flukes. It’s insane how over he’s been in recent tag matches, and I’m so happy to see him getting continued success. I’ll take him as a heel or a face (a face would be nice, since he’s already over and modern faces tend to have more effective submission holds), but he may find more success as a heel.

    • Bryan Vs. Ziggler for the WHC – A Feud i am waiting for!!!

    • jdl

      I’m hoping Bryan isn’t a heel, I’d like him to just continue being whatever it is he’s been alongside Kane. A tweener might be the way to put it, but at the very least not a heel as his character being as bonkers as it is really works for him.

      Plus as a tweener he could take the title off of Ziggler.

    • larry hicks

      if you think he is a heel now, your as dumb as that picture looks, Team hell no where heels for like 2 weeks,and they have been faces ever since. Oh dont believe name me one face team; one face team they faced for the belts(i’ll wait)

      • BrooksOglesby

        I, uh, said that he may be headed for a heel turn and said that he was over with the crowd before speculating that he might be successful in the future as a heel. Calm down, friend.

      • Razmos

        Hey Harry Licks, try reading before jumping down peoples throats, to say a guys picture is ridiculous is a bit over the top aswell, at least he has a picture against his profile, you putting him down because it makes you feel better for looking like Shrek?

      • Matt

        Congratulations! You are WNWs Jackass Of The Week!

  • Spuddyz


    • Was wondering – Where is Teddy and his tag team match make-a-do?

      Voila – Just like every week, Teddy Strikes and makes an inpromptu tag match..

    • Best.nickname.ever.be proud

      • Matt

        Why? He didn’t invent it. It’s been an IWC nickname for years

  • Burda


  • Teddy and his tag matches again that is the only time you ever see Teddy

  • Thanks for the updates brooks

  • Swagger’s push is officially over.

    As for Daniel Bryan I’d like to see him as a heel because his face routine has been very boring. Yelling at the top of his lungs got old months ago. It looks like they will push him as a more aggressive heel which really suits him. One thing that I’d like to point out to all the DB fans out there is how he’s had to rely on others in order to be relevant. Let me explain. His first feud in WWE was with The Miz and he was built very well in that feud. Miz made Bryan look like a star by dropping the US Title to him. But after Miz moved on to greener pastures Bryan didn’t do much with the US Title. In that time he was working with Gail Kim and The Bellas. Then once he got MITB he still wasn’t doing anything special. Even early in his World Title reign something was missing. It wasn’t until he aligned himself with AJ that he became interesting. Then after that he joined up with Kane where he went to another level. Teaming with Kane was huge for Daniel Bryan as it allowed him to build a rapport with the fans. My point is that Bryan has always had someone to rely on; now let’s see if Bryan can stay relevant by himself.

    • larry hicks

      no. just shut up, and No

      • Razmos

        Harry Licks is one mad ugly individual, he obviously isnt getting any, the girls pay HIM to go away 🙂

  • I was hoping the spoilers would tell us what kind of finisher Curtis Axel is using. I really hope he uses The Perfect-Plex. I would go banana if he uses it. Guess I will be watching smackdown to see what he uses to win the match.

    • Probably too late now but ive read hes using the hennigplex a bridging cradle suplex not the fisherman which is sad indeed

  • Stoney

    I think kofi is back in the doghouse