*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Jacksonville, Florida

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WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown Tuesday night from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy):

* The Big Show opens the show with a promo, chastising the crowd for supporting Alberto Del Rio, who attacked him on multiple occasions. He informs the crowd that Del Rio has been suspended from tonight's show, and begins to blame Booker T for being jealous of him. Booker comes out and calls Big Show a "bully," and Show fires back by accusing Booker of giving Del Rio the information he needed to find Show's hotel. Booker says that he acts impartially as a General Manager, but Show asks him where Del Rio got the information. Booker shrugs off the question and puts Show in a match with Kane later tonight.

* Cody Rhodes b. Kofi Kingston

* The Great Khali b. Titus O'Neil. After the match ends, Mark Henry comes out and hits Khali with a World's Strongest Slam. Henry then announces that the Hall of Pain is back open, and blames Booker T for not putting him in the Elimination Chamber match. Booker T comes out and tells Henry that there is no room left in the chamber. Henry says that if he isn't given a spot, he'll make room by taking everyone else out. Booker concedes, saying that Henry can earn a spot in the chamber by defeating Randy Orton tonight.

* Big Show b. Kane. After the match ends, Alberto Del Rio is shown in the parking lot. Del Rio invites Big Show backstage and see the renovations that he made to his bus. Big Show goes backstage to find his bus with its wheels removed. Del Rio then dumps a bucket of orange paint onto Big Show and quickly escapes.

* Jack Swagger b. Justin Gabriel

* Tensai b. Drew McIntyre by disqualification when the rest of 3MB interfered, attacking Tensai. Brodus Clay came out to make the save. Clay and Tensai cleared the ring and celebrated by dancing.

* Antonio Cesaro b. Sin Cara

* Mark Henry b. Randy Orton to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

  • Pluto

    Mark Henry in the EC and Orton out. I like it. No knock on Orton but Henry is way more over at this point. Could this be setting up too ADR/Henry at Mania? Who knows but I wouldn’t mind seeing it especially seeing how good his fed as been with Big Show, ADR plays a good babyface against the giant.
    As for Orton , I’m hoping this used as a catalyst too turn him heel. Orton is so much better as a heel then he is a face.
    I don’t how everybody else feels about Tensai but that segment with him on Monday night is probably as OVER as he has ever been since he’s worked for the E, I think goofy having fun Tensai paired with Brodus Clay could work very effectively as a midcard face tag team. And going up against the 3MB are the perfect opponents for them too squash at this moment too get them rolling on.
    Cesaro picked up a win so that should please the IWC Gods for the time being.
    I’m still sticking too my guns on this and I know most will disagree but I don’t think Swagger’s attempt too recapture some his glory will last into the fall. No disrespect too him but I just don’t think he has the “IT” factor, he’s gimmick screams of a watered down Kurt Angle, only difference was that with Angle I saw him as a legit threat in whatever match he was in. I feel that there are too many young heels in the midcard/upper midcard that are alot better then Swagger (Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes, Barrett, Shield, Ziggler). I think bringing back Swagger as a face would of been a better route for Vince too take with him.

    • kingjamsie

      Orton is still in

      • Pluto

        My bad, I misread that, thought if Henry won he was taking Orton’s spot.

  • H.M.

    I’m actually pretty happy to see how crowded SD!’s main event scene has gotten now. It’s pretty nice to see.

    Also, I think it’s almost clear as day that Swagger will participate in the EC match. Henry, Kane, Orton, Swagger, Bryan and Rey looks pretty legit to me. Sheamus would be occupied with the Shield and while I’d like Jericho I wonder what he’ll be up to at this year’s Mania.

    Lastly, I found Tensai’s initial dance-off to be funny, but to make a gimmick out of it is a little much.

  • Lin

    Tensai and Clay as a tag team? At least they are doing something with him. Have him be face for a while before Clay and Tensai turn heel and become an indestructible tag team.

  • It makes sense that Orton lost once again to Henry. The participants make the match predictable that Orton is winning. However, by having Henry go over Orton WWE will build up the fact that Henry has Orton’s number. It will make it meaningful when Orton and Henry are the final two with Orton going over.

  • joel

    If they’re gonna make tensai a face he should drop the gimmick and go back to his Albert or ATrain persona…

  • Dangerous Lee

    To all the boys in the lockeroom not getting booked in any matches: WEAR LINGERIE!

  • Yazz

    Everyone is thinking who ever wins the EC will face del rio at WM but I’m not sold. I think either big show wins back the belt or dolf cashes in after show and rio match

  • Jimmy

    Elimination Chamber PPV: Del Rio vs Big Show = Del Rio retains, Ziggler cashes in becomes WH Champ.

    EC Match: Bryan vs Kane vs Mysterio vs Henry vs Swagger vs Orton = Orton vs Henry in final 2 with Orton winning.

    WM29: Orton vs Ziggler = Ziggler retains. (Or possibly triple threat match including Del Rio, or fatal four way including Del Rio and Big Show seeing as though they have no predicited matches for WM yet)
    That’s just my guess