*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Laredo, Texas

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WWE taped this week’s Smackdown tonight from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas. Below are full results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* Daniel Bryan opens the show with a promo. Mark Henry interrupts him and announces that he is banned from ringside in tonight's World Heavyweight Championship match against The Big Show, but he wants a title shot next week.

* Justin Gabriel b. Heath Slater

* Drew McIntyre is talking to Teddy Long in his office. Long reminds Drew that last week was Strike 2, and if Drew loses again tonight, he will consider firing him. Drew leaves as Aksana walks in.

* Cody Rhodes b. Ezekiel Jackson. Rhodes stared Booker T down from the ring after the match.

* Cody Rhodes and Goldust have a short backstage segment in which Goldust tells Cody he doesn't have any respect.

* Ted DiBiase b. Drew McIntyre. Hunico and Camacho were on commentary during the match.

* Sheamus b. Jinder Mahal

* David Otunga b. Santino Marella

* "Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay b. Tyson Kidd in a squash.

* Drew McIntyre is outside Teddy Long's office. He considers walking in, but stops himself and walks away.

* Tamina b. Natalya

* Wade Barrett came to the ring and cut a promo on taking out Randy Orton. Sheamus interrupts and challenges him to a match next week.

* The main event is Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. AJ was ringside in support of Bryan. Big Show inadvertently hit AJ with the WMD after Bryan dodged it and ended up being taken out on a stretcher. The match then ended in a no contest and Bryan accompanied AJ up the ramp.

  • Dave Barton

    Henry may be banned from “ringside” but I’m betting the match travels farther than just ringside…

  • infamous743

    Who did nattie piss off backstage lol y is she jobbing do much 🙁

    • Laterial

      Same thing I’ve been wondering. Why have she her and Beth on a warpath to revive the divas division and then have them, mostly Nattie jobbing week in and week out.

    • Alex

      I think the problem is they don't know what to do with Nattie since Beth got injured. I'm surprised they haven't stripped Beth of the title yet or even been any mention of it since she got injured. Maybe Tamina will be the one they put it on next.

  • No DQ no count out goes to a no contest. Jeeze….well at least no one was changing a tire for 10 minutes.

    • Lin

      I think it was due to Bryan walking out of the match when AJ got stretched out after getting hit with the VMD.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        where you at the Arena? the Spoilers don't say how she got injuryed.

  • Funk Under Fire

    Where’s the refresh button???

  • jonathon212

    looks like another exciting episode of smackdown ( sarcasm )….can these shows get any more boring???

  • LomLok

    Wow…the things they will do for ratings…and I actually thought there might be a decent match against Brian… 🙁

  • Zach

    I bet that ending was pretty lame. How many no-contest endings are we going to get on wwe television main events?

    • Funk Under Fire

      Yeah but this is story driven at least. To eventually build to a clean (hopefully) PPV match between the two. And possibly turn one of them heel.

    • Alex

      It's nowhere near as bad as the many terrible finishes they have on TNA. Plus I with Funk Under Fire, this is story driven. It's not done just for the sake of being shocking.

      • Flack

        Not as bad as this, obviously. TNA does some stupid things, and I am willing to admit that, but the way you say it, it is as if there is only two wrestling companies.

  • jdl

    Wow, uh, Bryan really is evil. 😛

  • deccs

    I think the way it ended is a pretty fresh and different way to end it, especially in the PG era, the last time I remember something like this was when jericho accidentally hit Stacey Keibler with a chair. Hope it kinda plays out like that.

  • Dave Barton

    Was Brodus using the Funk gimmick again?

  • NVme

    i think they are just dragging it all out until wwe get their own network. Hopefully they get rid of all this PG nonsense and take things back to when WWE was brilliant. None of this no contest rubbish but back to when foley was thrown from the top of a cell onto an announce table.

  • Steve

    if you have noticed Bryan is slowly turning heel

  • Dangerous Lee

    I wonder how many times Justin Gabriel twirled his arms during his entrance…..

  • Scott

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I dont care if they turn Brian heel, I dont care if they make his character look like a weasel, I don't even care if he has to cheat to win, but damn it I want him hold on that World heavyweight title through Wrestlemania! I think it would be a great thing to see Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at WM for the title considering last year they were bumped off the main card when they faced each other for the US title.

  • Van

    I thought Booker said he was done with wrestling after TLC but it seems he's continuing his rivalry with Cody Rhodes.I guess he changed his mind

  • ennrique

    wai,wait,WAIT. AJ , AJ WHAT AJ?