*Spoilers* Two Main Event Mafia Members Revealed, Title Change

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Main Event Mafia Members Revealed

Sting began to assemble the Main Event Mafia on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling. Kurt Angle was unveiled as a member this week and Samoa Joe will be unveiled as a member next week.

New X Division Champion

The new TNA X Division Champion is Austin Aries. The match, which will air next week, featured Aries dressed as Suicide, beating Chris Sabin & Kenny King. Aries closed the show by revealing himself as the Suicide impostor and vying to take the TNA Championship from Bully Ray.

  • Ricky

    Does this mean we’ll see Steiner back in TNA for the umpteenth time?

    • Nostaljack

      Um…no, it doesn’t.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Didn’t know Samoa Joe owned a suit.

    • jdl

      Even hobos wear suits.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Scotty Steiner – “WTF!? Samoa Joe? But…HE’S FAT!!!”

  • jdl

    This whole MEM vs. A&8s deal brings one thing to mind… we’re basically going to be seeing the stable that hung around for far too long and didn’t really contribute against the stable that has hung around for far too long and is not really contributing anything. Two stables that got no one over that were not already over and consisted mainly of WWE rejects… This is quite funny.