*Spoilers* WWE Main Event Taping Results From San Diego, California

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WWE taped this week's WWE Main Event Tuesday night from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California. Below are full results:

WWE Main Event (Airing on Ion Television):

* Miz TV opens up this week's episode. The Miz's guest is Ryback. Ryback begins to speak about his match against Antonio Cesaro last week, but is soon interrupted by Cesaro, setting up a rematch.

* Ryback b. Antonio Cesaro by countout. Cesaro voluntarily left the match after Ryback was gaining momentum. Before leaving through the crowd, Cesaro attacked The Miz, who was on commentary for the match.

* Backstage, The Prime Time Players make fun of Tensai for wearing lingerie on Raw. Brodus Clay walks up and tells Tensai not to worry about them, but Tensai storms off.

* Tensai b. Titus O'Neil w/ Darren Young. During the match, Young tried to interfere, which caused Brodus Clay to come out in support of Tensai. Tensai worked as a face and danced with Brodus after the match.

  • Good, I think a Brodus Clay + Albert “A-Train” Tensai tag team would be pretty awesome!

    • Pluto

      Agreed. I think ithem as a tag team will get OVER with the crowd too, that segment on Monday could turn out too be the best thing too happen to A-Train in his WWE career.

      • Totally agree, Tensai didn’t work. The best thing they could do right now is allow him to come out as “Albert Tensai”. It would extremely put two + two together and allow people to realize that maybe he’s been wrestling under his “last name”. In Japanese culture. Lord Oda Nobunaga, didn’t go by Lord Oda. He went by Lord Nobunaga. Thus, it would extremely piece together what could be Albert Tensai’s rebuilt gimmick. A powerhouse, tattoo’ed, pierced man influenced by Japanese culture.

        But hey… I don’t work at WWE…

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    “Hip Hop Hippo” Tensai!

  • H.M.

    Weirdest. Face turn. EVER.


  • Michael

    Let the repackaging of Tensai begin. I’m glad that they’re seeing if he gets over as a face before deciding to let bloom go, I think that he’s a talented big man. I hope they turn him back into A-train and take dies red Japan trunks off him along with that face paint allow him to be himself without the Japanese gimmick.