Steve Austin Makes Bold Fandango Prediction, Ryback Training With Boxer

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Austin Makes Fandango Prediction

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin made a bold prediction regarding Fandango over the weekend. The following is from Austin's verified Twitter account:

Ryback Training With Boxer

Ryback is now training with Mexican boxer Ramon Montano. He Tweeted the following photo on Saturday:

  • jj

    And that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so

  • JohnnyC

    Has someone not clued Steve in on the fact that secondary belts are now just props and that it doesn’t mean anything if you win them.

    • David F.

      it would have been bold prediction to say Fandango would be competing for WWE title in 2013

    • It will probably be sooner. Yup he’s well aware of them being ‘props’ and tweeted this to someone who asked him “at this point does being IC champ mean much?” he replied: “That’s whole other discussion. But it is still used as a ‘tool’ to help someone get over. Better to have it, than not have it.”

  • John

    6-8 months? If Fandango hasn’t held the title already in 6 months time then i would say his gimmick has failed. Not exactly a bold prediction!

  • mark

    Shouldn’t Ryback work on in ring work and mic skills instead of boxing?

  • Nostaljack

    So much for a gimmick that many perceived as yet another Johnny Curtis failure, huh?

  • Smart Mark

    I agree with Stone Cold, Fandango has great potential, can wrestle, entertain and he is great on working the gimmick that he’s given.

  • I’m sorry but am I the only one who sees this Fandango gimmick popularity not lasting very long? Have you guys ever heard of a fad? This whole dadaadadadada that happened last Monday could very well be over in a month or so, if not less. The freaking Harlem shake is already so last month! The reason the yes yes yes thing has been going a year strong is because Daniel Bryan makes it work. First he started chanting yes and then wwe saw that he was being too much of a Babyface because he was a heel, they started having him say no! And the point would be to spite the fans. The Fandango fire will eventually die down. Mark my words!

    • “eventually” Nothing lasts forever!

      • Exactly but if WWE Is gonna push Johnny Curtis solely on what happened last week it’s a mistake! When the YES! chants exploded, Bryan was already doing them but the difference is he has a cult like following while Curtis doesn’t.

    • Michael Fliss

      Yeah you are the only one who sees it that way. Curtis has gotten this gimmick over and it will stay over. You seem 2 be wrong a lot just like your gonna be wrong about this