Sting Injured At London Impact Wrestling Taping; Update On Severity

During TNA's Impact Wrestling tapings in London (click here for spoilers), Sting suffered an injury to his heel that caused referee Brian Hebner to hold up the "X" sign, signaling a legitimate injury. Sting was able to finish his match and then addressed the crowd, alerting them that he had heard something pop in his heel during the match. He then participated in a short brawl with Bully Ray instead of competing in the advertised dark main event of Sting, Hulk Hogan, & James Storm vs Bobby Roode, Bully Ray & Kurt Angle. Hogan and Storm competed without him and would go on to win.

Sting provided an update on Twitter addressing the severity of his injury:

  • kevin

    Some wrestlers really need to be told your OLD STOP, we just wanna remember when you were great.

  • The Fury

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