Sting Over Seth Rollins? Hardy Boyz Or Lita To Return To WWE? Will Daniel Bryan Be At Night Of Champions? Divas Triple Threat Iron Woman Match?

Welcome to the season premiere of Ask WNW! We figured that with the season premiere of Raw last night we should kick Ask WNW back into action, only with a slightly different approach. For a long time now Richard has been answering your questions on a regular basis and there now probably isn't a question he hasn't answered. So what we thought as a team would be a good idea to do was to have some of us take it in turns to answer the questions you guys send in. That way it's getting different writers perspectives on different topics. As you can see I drew the straw for taking on the opening edition and I'm really excited to have this opportunity to interact with you guys a little more on different topics. I want to thank Richard for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow through WNW and am buzzing at being able to do this.

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So lets get things started with some questions and answers.

Here's a thought. Sting beats Seth Rollins via Triple H. Triple H screws Seth to set up a program between them. Sheamus then cashes in seconds later and beats Sting to win the title...Interesting?

This is a concept I actually wrote about last week when I looked at the odds Seth Rollins faces at Night of Champions. There is every chance that Seth Rollins is going to lose one of his titles at Night of Champions. With three potential opponents how can he possibly survive? There's always the option of him having a "plan b" but we know that things are pointing toward a Seth and Triple H program at some point soon.

I'm not a fan of the concept of WWE giving Sting the title for it to just be taken away from him and it being like a token gesture to give him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship to his name. If he wins it I want him to have a decent run with it before it's ripped away from him. For me that would tarnish the legacy of Sting and further ruin his already unfortunate start to his WWE career. The odds of Sting winning in terms of momentum obviously are in Sting's favour after his win on Raw, but I get the feeling he will get screwed over and Seth retains. This is where I see Triple H coming in to play, as we all know that Triple H is a big fan of Sheamus. I'm all for Hunter pulling a similar stunt to Summerslam 2013 where he screwed over Daniel Bryan, and doing the exact same thing to Seth Rollins by having Sheamus cash in to become "his champion".

Do you ever see the Hardy Boyz or Lita ever returning to the WWE? I think a program with them and the Dudley Boyz again would be a mega success. What would your thoughts on this be?

There has been speculation for some time now that there is interest in WWE bringing back the Hardy Boyz. The future of TNA looks very bleak and I don't think the Hardy's will want to stick around with what looks like a sinking ship when their contacts come up in February 2016. I see it that there is more chance of the Hardy's coming back to WWE than Lita, but as we have seen in the business on so many occasions now anything is possible. That's the beauty of wrestling as you never quite know what is going to happen next. Jeff isn't seen as the risk he once was, as he appears to have settled himself down and changed himself for the better. And Matt seems to be in a better place too since the birth of his son.

It's no secret that the Hardy's and Dudley's were a huge part of some of the biggest and most memorable matches in WWE history. The TLC matches they were in along with Edge and Christian have given us so many memorable moments that the thought of these two teams meeting again is one I would more than welcome. We shouldn't expect to see these guys taking the risks they once took as the WWE product just isn't geared in the same way anymore. But I'm incredibly confident that these two teams could put on a match that could take both teams to another level with the WWE Universe.

Is there any chance Daniel Bryan will be Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose' mystery partner at Night of Champions?

There is every chance Daniel Bryan could be the mystery partner of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. After all he does have history with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, having previously been a member of the Wyatt Family. The biggest thing that hinges on this of course is WWE clearing Bryan to get back into the ring. He has received clearance from neurologists to say he can get back into the ring. But with WWE refusing to clear Bryan to compete at this point the chances are he is unlikely to make an appearance in Sunday. You can never rule anything out though and I think if WWE pull the trigger to bring Bryan back now the pop for his return would be huge because not many people would see it coming.

One name being banded around as a potential mystery partner has been The Rock. How accurate that information is I don't know, but it's one I can't personally see happening as Rock isn't going to just come back for that kind of role. My current train of thought is Randy Orton will be the mystery partner of Reigns and Ambrose, but we will have to wait until Sunday to see who it ends up being.

I feel the Divas Revolution needs to do something big. I think the best thing WWE could do to showcase their talents in to have a triple threat Iron Woman match between Sasha Banks, Beck Lynch and Charlotte to main event a Pay Per View. Thoughts?

How much bigger can the Divas Revolution get? We have already seen a huge increase in the support of the Divas the last few months and it has only grown since we saw Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks moved up to the main roster. I would love to see those three face off in a triple threat Iron Woman match as we've seen from their work down in NXT that they are more than capable of putting on one heck of a show. That being said I would probably want to throw one of the experienced Divas into the mix like Paige or Nikki Bella, just to give that bit of that added dimension of someone to guide them through the match as main roster matches are different to those in NXT.

That being said we are going to see a Iron Woman match as Bayley defends her NXT Women's Championship against Sasha Banks at the next NXT Takeover special on Wednesday October 7th. These two put on a match that was of the highest quality at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and I expect they may well top that in this one. We're all in for a real treat as fans getting to see this one take place in NXT, and I would love to see a Iron Woman match on the main roster in the near future too.

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  • David F

    Sting should have at least one night with the WWE title. Sheamus can always cash in at Hell in Cell or Survivor Series. It would for sure make up for terrible booking decision of Sting losing his first Wrestlemania match

  • John Stone

    Don’t like this new opinionated ask wnw, people asked richard questions because he knows what he’s talking about. Now we’re just asking for one man’s opinion.

    • Justin

      Not a dig at you at all Jamie as your writing is well worded and put together. But I agree with John, I dislike this opinion-based Ask WNW. The reason why this feature was the most popular on WNW was because Richard can answer some of our questions with facts rather than opinion.

      • Dave Barton

        I don’t entirely disagree with either of you, but there have been plenty of “Dear Richard, what’s your opinion” questions in the past.

        If Richard isn’t feeling up to the traditional AskWNW format (and it seems he isn’t, the last few months), then at least we’re getting something similar.

        • Caucasian Guy

          Is he really up for ANYTHING? His involvement sems to be less and less these days to where i question if he actually even WATCHES any of the product(andI IIRC I even recall him answering a question that he doesnt go to wrestling shows even when theyre near by)

      • TheBigKing1

        Agreed. That’s what I said to him…even though I’m late AF, and didn’t see your message prior. Lol

    • Hazeeq Azman

      Totally agree with you. No disrespect here but I always looking forward to Ask WNW because of Richard.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah, I agree. We ask questions to get answers to unanswered questions, not opinions. Richard opinions is just the added bonus(or non bonus for some people, lol). With this concept, yeah you might get more ASK WNW, but ALL we getting is the writers opinion…and who cares about some random persons opinion. No offence writers. IJS.

  • Cubed56

    My guess is if Reigns’ and Ambrose’s partner isn’t Orton, it will be someone from NXT

    • John Watson

      Same here. Feels like the beat-down on Orton is more like a smokescreen.

    • Xavier

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s gonna be The Rock. BTW, how you been bro?

      • Cubed56

        Doing good bud. Been real busy with schooling and training for the fire department. How u been? I dont see it being the Rock on a one shot deal without any build to it. I’d really like like to see someone from NXT get a chance.

  • Joseph James

    If Sting wins he should hold the title for at least a month. Then Rollins can steal the title in a rematch and then get cashed in on, with the help of HHH.

  • Gary Robert

    How about Sheamus cashes in and *gasp* doesn’t win? Seriously, why is it that every MITB winner seems to automatically always win the title? I know Cena is the only one to cash in and lose but I don’t even pretend that existed. People can’t win every damn time otherwise the predictability of it is just silliness. Have to mix in some losers so we don’t know year after year that the MITB winner is the automatic future champ. I’d like to see Sheamus sent to the ring on behalf of HHH when Trips begins to lose faith in Rollins near the end of the match. Sheamus runs down, Rollins somehow stays alive but the attempted cash-in works in favor of Sting allowing him to pin Rollins, win the WWE title, infuriate Sheamus in the process and set the stage for HHH vs. Rollins. Everything we want to happen, happens in that scenario and it happens differently then before with the MITB contract involved. Rollins gets to begin his baby face turn as he turns his attention towards HHH who gave up on him, Sting gets a title run regardless of length, Sheamus can feud with Sting who he feels cheated him out of the WWE title etc etc Anytime WWE wants to hire me for Creative, just give me a ring. I’ve applied 4-5 times already.

    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      Sandow cashed in and lost too.

      • Gary Robert

        True. Forgot about him. However, no one has cashed in and lost when coming down to the ring. Both Sandow and Cena were actual matches, if memory serves me. And also, did anyone really think Sandow would hold a major title? I didn’t. Personally I don’t want to see the title on Sheamus, either and I think it gives the MITB contract more realism and is served better if he cashes in and loses on a run-in.

        • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

          Not really. Sandows was a loss after he beat down Cena for about 10 minutes before hand lol

          • Gary Robert

            It wasn’t an actual scheduled match, though or he just challenged Cena? I remember it being a pretty good match on RAW that he eventually lost. Not the typical run-in cash-in like 99.9% of all the others.

  • Gary Robert

    Divas Revolution: Stop having Paige tap out to Sasha every time they have a singles match (happened 3 times already and its great for Sasha but makes Paige come across as not really a top Diva). Hurry and turn Sasha on B.A.D. Teaming with those two retreads is 100% the opposite of what the Banks character would do. It’s too late but never should have allowed Nikki to be your longest reigning champion–THAT in itself makes the division seem just pathetic. Start to dissolve all three stables. Where is Natty!?

    • TheBigKing1

      Umm…clearly it’s a reason that Paige is losing. Any fool can see a heel turn coming from a mile away. We are just waiting on Paige snap and turn on Team P.C.B. And what are you talking about with Sasha and Team BAD. They are a great fit. 2 or the most athletic and talented Divas on the main roster, and 1 dominant Diva(if they would book her as such). Everybody says that team is awesome. Idk what the hell you’re talking about.

      • Gary Robert

        Because Sash’s entire character is built on the premise that shes “the boss,” and she can do it herself b/c shes better than everyone else. Her character isn’t a group player, especially if not the clear cut leader. And sorry, Naomi and Tamina are both, imo, mid-card Divas…and Tamina should just be a scary looking jobber b/c shes terrible. As for the Paige heel turn, I’m aware of it, but that wasn’t part of the earlier tap outs to Sasha when she was first called up.

  • Oladipo Aminu

    ”That being said I would probably want to throw one of the experienced Divas into the mix like Paige or Nikki Bella, just to give that bit of that added dimension of someone to guide them through the match ”… Really? Haven’t you noticed that these girls have thier worst matches again Nikki? Paige yes, Nikki? Really? They can’t do any spot unless she’s standing. She sucks. Guided by Nikki indeed. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Just say it to yourself looking in the mirror and see how silly you’ll look.

    • I tried your suggestion but I didn’t feel silly doing it. I actually rate the Bella’s and think they’ve come a long way in the ring. Thanks for your thoughts though. I appreciate we can’t all agree but that’s what this answer was designed to do.

      • Gary Robert

        You replied, but did you say it to yourself in the mirror as suggested? haha

        • Scarily enough I did and it still changed nothing lol

  • Thanks everyone for your opinions on the new Ask WNW. I appreciate its a big change that not everyone is going to enjoy but I’d ask you all to give us a chance to see what we can do with this. I’m all up for changing the way I do things for you guys and all your comments are taken on board. Everyone has an opinion and I’d say traditionally that’s what Richard gave us. But I can see it may well feel different at present.

  • greyravenwolfe

    First time I’ve ever been to this site. I like it. Well done. On the mystery partner bit, unless WWE intentionally messed up, they “accidentally” posted a picture of Baron Corbin with Reigns & Ambrose, kinda giving away that he’s the mystery partner. But, I suppose WWE could always be trying to pull the wool over our eyes. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks for your kind words and welcome to WNW. Hope you stick around for the foreseeable future ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Judy Bulhoes

    Has anyone considered the Rock as he is Roman Reigns blood cousin!
    Hoping it is Daniel but the Rock would be great.