Sting Returns, Big Match Set For Night Of Champions

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Sting was another top name that made a surprise appearance on this week's Raw from Brooklyn. Sting was under the box that was supposed to contain the statue for WWE World Heavyweight & United States Champion Seth Rollins.

Sting attacked Rollins and posed with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to end the show.

In a post-show segment on the WWE Network, Triple H announced Sting will face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in September.

Below is footage from the segment:

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  • Unknown

    What title is it going to be for?

    • kavon

      World title

      • Unknown

        Lets hope Sting wins, Rollins is going to have his hands full with defending two titles

        • kavon

          Yeah i say u.s. title match with cena unless they have a tournament for it and cesaro and owens are final two competing for it!

          • Unknown

            I would like to see owens win the u.s. title. I like how they are not mentioning when ultimate warrior held both wwe and the ic titles at the same time

  • Dave Barton

    Makes WWE debut by targeting The Authority. Only match in WWE is a loss to leader of The Authority at WM, after which they shake hands. Returns and targets The Authority.

    Wait, what?

    • Simon Veitch

      Yup… Pretty much sums up how WWE does things. So Sting who debuted and lost at WrestleMania is now very likely to be 0-2 against the Authority since I don’t see us having another part time champion like Lesnar last year.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Here’s what I’m hoping what happens. Rollins faces Sting for the WWE WHC and Cena for the US title at NOC and beats them both clean. That gives Rollins a HUGE rub and still keeps the US title very relevant. I’d hate to see all that work Cena did to make that belt relevant go completely down the toilet.

    • Dave Barton

      Seeing as how I can’t even recall any clean title defense wins since SR won, I can’t see this happening…in fact, I wish SR had a few clean wins, but instead he’s been booked as a combination of “lucky SOB” and “cowardly champion.”

  • Joseph James

    Sting wins. It must happen. He deserves at least one WWE title on his resume.

  • Xavier

    I’m gonna be the heel here again (as I was alluded to earlier in the day) but I’m not a fan of part timers holding the titles PERIOD rather it’s Brock, Sting etc etc. I’d absolutely love too see Rollins go over clean here, wild be a huge rub from him similar too/probably bigger then the rub Orton got by beating Foley at Backlash in 2004. But I do live in reality so chances are that Sting only agreed to sign with the E if he was promised a title run. Sting will probably go over and carry the title into Mania were he likely faces and drops the title to Cena especially with all the mention of Cena being one away from tying Flair’s record. As much as I like Cena and as much as I’d love to see him tie/break Flair’s recoed he doesn’t need the rub of beating Sting.

    • Toaster

      No offense, man, you’re always well-worded and articulate in your positions, but I have to disagree yet again. Sting holding the title would be a huge rub for Rollins. People would kill to have time in the ring with Sting (unless your Triple H and you feel like you’re doing him a favour, haha). Sting holding the WWE title would be good publicity for a short run. If someone like Rollins or Cena takes the belt off Sting, that’d be even bigger. If Sting doesn’t win the belt, I’d seriously have to wonder if they’re not actively sabotaging his WWE run.

      • Xavier

        It’s all good bro, everybody can’t agree on everything. I get what you’re saying. I believe Sting will win the belt, I don’t see how Sting would of ever agreed to come to the WWE just to go under in all of his matches. I just wish he would of beat Triple H instead then went under to Rollins. While losing to Sting won’t bury Rollins in anyway I just feel that guys like Sting, The Dudleyz, Taker etc etc had their time. I ‘ll always appreciate what those guys did for the business but I get the sense that guys like Rollins, Reigns, Wyatt, Owens, Ambrose, Cesaro etc etc will never truly reach their ceiling if they always have to take a backseat to guys who show up whenever they feel it like it. I often times wonder if guys like Austin, Rock, Foley, HHH, Angle etc etc would of ever reached the heights they reached if Vince still had access to guys like Hogan, Savage, Flair, Piper, Nash, Hall during the late 90s.

        • Toaster

          True, man, the late 90’s were all about revolution. I agree change is a good thing, but timing is equally as important. Timing Sting’s losses is more important than another notch in Rollins’ belt, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Ben

        Actively sabotaging his WWE run of, what, being over 50 years old and wrestling once or twice a year? I’m sorry, but it’s the same argument I heard from people about Undertaker needing a win over Bray Wyatt. Those two are going to be on the couch while Seth and Bray are working every night. That’s not to criticize either Taker or Sting at all- they’ve more than paid their dues, and anyone would work the schedule they’re getting- but they need to be putting over full-time workers at this point. I doubt anyone would argue that losing to Taker did Wyatt no favors whatsoever; losing to Sting won’t help Rollins either, especially since he has already looked so incredibly weak in many of his title defenses.

        • Toaster

          Funny you mention that, I was one of the guys pulling for Taker to bury Wyatt at Mania. :p I get what you’re saying, and thanks for replying. I still feel workers like Rollins benefit from being in the ring with Sting (and vice versa), and that Sting should have a short belt run which then feeds into someone’s bigger push. Cesaro, perhaps? A man can dream!

    • Ben

      You had me at “not a fan of part timers… PERIOD.” Does Vince just actively hate the idea of trying to build new stars or something? He went from completely anti-part-timer to being the clingiest boyfriend of all time. It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens when Taker, Sting, and Triple H stop wrestling altogether.

      Any outcome other than Rollins beating Sting cleanly is wrong. Sting beating Rollins for the belt would be absolute garbage booking. I don’t care if it results in Sheamus cashing in and Sting not getting a rematch, it’s still garbage. Though to be fair, I’d be okay with Cena beating Sting… at least it wouldn’t be Vince predictably feeding another young worker to Cena. Man, it’s really depressing that those are the two options.

  • jason witten 82

    So cena beats Seth for us title at noc sting beats Seth for the wwe title, sheamus cashes in on sting who will be the new golden boy of the authority and plants the seeds for a Seth face turn. I’m going to bed.

    • Kyle Williams

      That seems to be the only way this could work, other than a clean victory for Rollins over Sting.

  • CreepY D

    Sting wins then Sheamus cashes in

  • SirTinly

    Anybody else think it’s possible HHH was responsible for Sting being under there? Something he said at the beginning of the show kind of makes me think it is possible. When they were talking about the statues of the superstars already there HHH said to Rollins… “Tonight you will get yours”. Maybe he didn’t mean a statue 😉

    • Kyle Williams

      I think the seeds for HHH to turn on Rollins have been building for months, ever since Rollins began calling himself the greatest champion of all time. I think the Sting angle could work, as long as WWE doesn’t ruin it like they did with the endings of both Summerslam main events.