Tammy Sytch Files Assault Complaint After Arrest, Broken Ribs & Bruises

More details are in regarding the latest arrest of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch over the weekend and they aren't pretty.

Sytch was taken into custody on Friday night after an argument at Damien Darling's house. While the press is calling Darling Sytch's ex-boyfriend, the couple have recently claimed on their social networks they are engaged to be married.  She was arrested when Darling called the police after an argument.

Sytch filed an assault complaint after her arrest as she left the scene with two broken ribs and bruises all over her body. Her attorney, Rob Serafinowicz, issued the following statement:

"I believe that this situation was blown out of proportion. Tammie is doing her best to deal with her issues. She has made great progress and was putting forth her best efforts to try to identify issues in her relationship,"

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  • PainOfDemise

    They just need to stay away from each other, not get married again, because it worked so well the first time.

  • WNW Fan

    Here’s a thought…don’t get married! Especially if your getting physical all the time…and not in the good way of physical! LOL