Ted DiBiase Suffers Broken Ankle

- The following is from the official Twitter account of Ted DiBiase:

DiBiase suffered the injury in a match against Jinder Mahal that was taped for this week's WWE Superstars.

  • Fernando

    I've just sent you the news. You've been faster than me, LOL.

  • havoc525

    Damn, he beat me to the obvious joke. First the hand, now the ankle. Then again, Randy was hurt every other week, seemingly, early on, maybe he’ll have time to work out a persona while he’s out.

  • Swanson

    Bad luck for Ted. I was waiting for a push for him

  • Mike

    Sucks to be him. Maybe he could come back with one of his brothers or something? Freshen his character up, introduce a new face, etc. Can't exactly hurt his career any more than it's already hurt…

  • John

    Darn! I was really looking forward to the DiBeasi posse party when Smackdown comes
    To Newark NJ on the 20th!

  • Philip Thompson

    Does he have brittle bones or something?

  • Zach

    Well actually I am kind of happy for him. His wife is pregnant so he will be able to take care of her. Get better soon!!!!!!

  • WhiteMike

    Really? Who cares……Dibiase is the most pointless wrestler in WWE…..he has no purpose….. who’s part of the Dibiase posse? I see like maybe 2 signs a show that show support for him…. his Dad was great but he flat out sucks….if he’s one of the cuts this year I wouldn’t miss him a bit…..