The Great Khali's Big Comeback, Cena Not Cleared?, Failed Gimmicks, Mysterio & Sin Cara

Since The Great Khali worked this week's Saturday Morning Slam tapings, does that mean he is fully recovered and ready to return on the ring full time?

Yes, The Great Khali is medically-cleared to return to the ring after having surgery to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. Any time someone has surgery it is serious but brain surgery is especially serious and Khali did return ahead of schedule. There is no way WWE would allow him to work without complete assurance from his physician he was healthy. Khali had the surgery performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon, who also serves as WWE's Medical Director, so the company has overseen the entire process.

Why would WWE book Ryback vs. CM Punk instead of John Cena? Isn't this lose-lose?

I don't have 100% confirmation but it would appear that John Cena is not ready to return following his elbow surgery. I gave my reasons here in Ask WNW why I felt Ryback vs. Punk is impossible to book and talked even more about it here in the Premium Mailbag. Booking Ryback period is going to be difficult, which is one reason I don't like "undefeated streaks," but it's especially hard with him being unproven as a main event talent.

It seems that WWE is always looking for new stars to build up. Every now and then, the creative team comes up with good gimmicks such as Ted DiBiase Jr.'s trust fund gimmick or even Kaval debuting as The One World Warrior, an old nemesis of Rey Mysterio. However, the creative team seems to drop the ball before the gimmick scratches its potential. What are your thoughts?

If there is one job I would never want it would be working as a member of a wrestling creative team. They never get enough credit yet are the first to take criticism for just about anything. The writers and producers can only do so much in terms of scripting a gimmick and planning out a match. It's up to the worker to take advantage of the opportunity and get over to the point where they will be in demand. Ted DiBiase has had some opportunities but none have resonated to the point he probably would have liked. Kaval is a different situation as he hated life on the road and didn't feel he was going anywhere in WWE. In short, I look at the writers and producers as catalysts to good gimmicks but not the sole focal point of their success.

Is there any chance that WWE will run a break up angle between Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara where one turns heel on the other which would lead to a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

Initial plans for the team of Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara were to book them together only to end up feuding them as your questions suggests, however, I do not know where those plans stand as of this writing. There was a lot of hope, especially from Triple H, that Cara would be the heir apparent to Mysterio but it was quickly realized that's much easier said than done.

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  • Joey

    Say what you wil about Khali as a wrestler, there's o doub that this is a feel good story. The guy could have died.

    • Asker

      Yea, but you also have to keep in mind, he did kill someone in the ring.

      • Joey

        As tragic as that is, I HIGHLY doubt it was his intention to kill Brian Ong.

      • Wainwright


      • That is true. Im training at the same school where that happened.

        • Robert olley

          You seem to be doing everything at once lee don’t talk rubbish

      • GODSENT83

        Which was proven APW was to blame not him

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Ryback isn't a main event talent yet, and now he's been given a WWE Championship match at Hell In The Cell. Tensai is ready enough to face Punk at Hell In The Cell. Come on IWC you all knows it. Who's with me?

    • Brandon

      You my man, got some serious issues since in previous Ask segments. What's up with the hate on Ryback?

      • Asker

        Because he's really bad; nothing there, except size. He's getting a push based solely on size, rather than having earned it.

        • Ken

          Life's not a meritocracy, sunshine.
          Maybe mummy and daddy told you that you can be anything you want if you just work hard and earn it. Well, sorry to break it to you so harshly but life just don't work that way. You can bust your backside your whole life only to attain nothing while some lucky so-and-so comes in and snatches up all your glory while you watch and gripe.
          It sucks, but it's life.

          That said, Ryback has an incredible physique. By Vince's standards Ryback's earned it in the gym.

          • Risendevil

            Much like Godberg did but he had less talent and training than Rybak from the start. Let’s face this fact… If Goldberg had never been, no one would have any problem accepting a man who can press slam a mack truck beimg undefeated. The
            problem now is they destroyed that gimmick. Punk wins and it’s gone, Punk loses and then ya got a new champ champ who isn’t quite ready for the position. Punk gets dq’ed and the fans feel robbed.
            Punk loses

    • Not on Ray-Island

      I'm starting to sense a trend here…

    • steve2

      Nobody’s ever with you.

    • Joey

      Sorry, but Tensai realy makes no sense to face Punk for multiple reasons.

      1) He's a heel. Doesn't make sense to book heel vs. heel.

      2) The guy hasn't cleanly won a match since like the end of May.

      3) Poor crowd reaction. Ryback is over with them, and you can't deny that. Especially after Monday night.

      4) I can't think of a reason for him and Punk to feud. Makes no logical sense. Why have a guy on a losing streak face the Champ for the title. A guy who has been on a half a year winning streak makes a lot more sense.

    • izblack

      Please don’t ever say Tensai and Championship in the same breath ever again. Tensai should be released by Wrestlemania, he serves no purpose on the show just like he served no purpose when he was A-Train back in 02-03

    • again ray, not with ya on this one either.

  • B Haan

    I'm really shocked that more people aren't talking about Storm vs Roode at Bound for Glory, I thought that was one of the best matches of the year hands down. I would rank it up there close to Taker vs HHH earlier this year at WM with the brutality and all the false finishes. Those two guys beat the hell out of each other and put on an amazing fight, much respect!

    • Bigdaddychuck

      That’s because no one ordered it.. I don’t think I have ever seen a tna DVD at Walmart even.

    • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

      Roode vs Storm best match this year, kept me entertained from start to the finished

    • Behind the scenes

      Cause no one but the piped in crowd noise was there or ordered the pay per view, duh.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Roode v Strom was off the hook!

    • Ken

      I just got around to watching BFG.
      Roode-Storm was amazing. Give TNA the production quality that WWE possesses and I personally think that match was better than Taker-HHH.
      The other matches were very impressive also.

    • Robert olley

      I only watch tna coz here in the uk there’s literally nothing but rubbish on Tuesday,Sunday and Wednesday nights ( the nights they show tna impact and the ppvs)

      • Ken

        I download everything I watch and watch it when I want. The poor quality of UK telly ceased to be a problem for me many years ago. Trust me, Pirate Bay isn't blocked if you know what you're doing 😛

  • steve2

    I’m curious if Khali’s size will be affected since gigantism is typically attributed to the pituitary gland. Hopefully the surgery will give him a longer and healthier life.

    • Ken

      I'm pretty sure that Khali's rather gigantic stature is already set in stone, as it were. If the surgery worked then his gigantism won't progress, but he's not suddenly going to shrink now.
      Unless you meant muscle mass in which case there's no reason why it would drop off if he works out properly.

  • steve2

    I'm curious if Khali's size will be affected since gigantism is typically attributed to the pituitary gland. Hopefully the surgery will give him a longer and healthier life.

    • Ken

      See above.

  • Dan

    Lesnar has to get involved in the Punk Ryback match some how, I can see it going two ways, him costing Ryback his match setting up a match between the two at Survivor Series (or a team Heyman vs. Team Vince Match up at Survivor series, with Punk and Lesnar as Captains agansit Cena and Ryback as captains. Or he lays out both of them and turns on Heyman

  • Thumpa

    Khali’s brain surgery was cancelled as they couldn’t find one, can anyone confirm/deny?

    • This made me chuckle.

    • Robert olley

      Sick the man could have literally died rumours benine or not are serious especially on the brain. Richard can this guy be blocked or something?

  • BigMike

    WWE has been trying to find a good gimmick for Ryback/SKip SHeffield/"Silverback" Ryan Reeves since he was on Tough enough..I am glad they kept with him and as much of a ripoff alot of his gimmick is he is entertaining ……..and if people are hating on him WHY? his gimmick is a ripoff? so is Damien Sandow among others ………..and Rey has been in this country and learned this style of "sports entertainment" for more than 15 years PLUS his run in WCW was mainly using the lucha libre style that he was accustomed to then once he made the switch to WWE he had been around long enough to adapt easier so give Sin cara a break he has been around awhile but not NEAR what Rey has

    • fan

      People need to stop expecting Cara to step up and take Rey's spot. Here's a comparison between the two which points to why there is significant differences between the two.

      Experience in Lucha Libre:
      Rey might have learned to wrestle under the lucha libre style, but if you look at his career, he only spent about 5-6 years mastering that style, before getting a shot at being on US TV (ECW/WCW).
      Sin Cara spent 13+ years mastering lucha libre, before going to the WWE.

      Age of Transition:
      Rey's transition happened in his early 20's, right around age 20/21. Well before any major US hype.
      Cara's transition is happening in his late 20's, at age 29/30. After his much anticipated debut.

      Rey is from San Diego and is fluent in English. Anybody that is fluent in Spanish will tell you, that you can tell his Spanish isn't as polished as his English (even though he tends to use spanglish way too much.)
      Cara is from Mexico and doesn't know the English language just yet, or at least not well enough to the point where they would give him a live mic.

      Current Status:
      Rey is only 8 years older than Sin Cara, but has been wrestling in front of US fans for the better part of 17 years now. He is definitely winding his career down. And so what if the man has a gut? He has had numerous knee surgeries over the years and each time he is out, he comes back a little bigger, especially since the Wellness policy was put into place and he is no longer Super Ripped. The man is closing in on 40 years of age. Lets appreciate he can still go out and perform. Rey has suffered countless knee injuries from all the high flying, so a man of a bigger build than Rey doing the same stunts, might end up being more dangerous.
      Cara is in year 2. Has already had one serious knee injury, and he isn't as small as Rey is, therefore his high flying could be potentially more dangerous to his health.

  • proud

    Rey Mysterio is struggling to be Rey Mysterio these days and to have to wear a shirt because your belly is a mess… Come on Sin Cara your needed more than ever mate!

  • Mav

    I dont understand how Ryback vs CM Punk is not good. I mean neither one has to win theres a thing called DQ…

    • HugeRockStar

      Its a hell in a cell no dq

    • Ken

      There's also a thing called Hell in a Cell, which has no DQs…

    • … hell in a cell?

    • Feed Me More

      There's no DQ in Hell In A Cell match.

    • Ls

      A DQ? In a hell in a cell match? Um no…

    • Nick b

      In a cell? No there isn’t…..

    • Razmos01

      Not in HIAC

    • Herman Tank

      Not in Heck in a Cell there isn't.

    • Robert olley

      I agree people are forgetting the match hasn’t been announced as taking part in the cell just at the ppv. Besides easing it a dq when awesome truth interfered last year?

    • XKonn247

      Well don’t you look an idiot

  • tommy

    whoever says Ryback is not over, is a fool….you know when someone gets over when the crowd pops so hard, it shakes the hard camera. lol I foresee Lesnar getting involved and there be no actual ending to the match…Team Heyman vs Team McMahon is the logical choice for SS. I jsut hope Ryback doesnt injure anyone

  • Ego Trip

    I just hope they don't do something stupid to give Punk the win, like when WCW had Scott hall use a stun baton on Goldberg.
    Oh an for anyone who thinks differently, Punk will win by the way. It will add to his streak and push his respect me angle through the roof once he reaches a year.

  • CameraMan

    @Tommy The camera was shaking because there was vents in the building turning off and on through out the show.

  • Dave

    The Punk- Ryback match will be an absolute train wreck. I can’t envisage anything but.

  • Enforcer

    You know who should be facing Punk??! THE MOUNTIE!

    • James M>>>

      Zack Gowen

    • Dale


  • Crane

    Ryyyyyyyyybeeeeeerg! Ryyyyyyyybeeeeerg!

  • Chris

    Best way to book the cell match, no contest as dolph ziggler cashes in MITB on a beaten down cm punk, punk doesn’t lose to technically a mid card guy, ryback doesn’t lose his streak, we get an awesome new champion, win win win

    • HugeRockStar

      Wrong title

    • Kyle

      Dolphs briefcase is for the WHC…

    • kbunyon

      Except that Dolph's contract is only for a World Heavyweight Championship Match. Cena won the MITB contract for the WWE Championship Match and already cashed it in this summer.


  • Steve C

    I know everyone is saying its impossible to book and a stupid booking but everyone wants this “heyman stable” and this is the perfect way to start it. So I see it as the perfect long term booking, if it was just one match an it’s forgotten about then yes it’s stupid!

  • Sovikos

    They should have booked a triple threat match with Ryback vs Cena vs Punk… Have Punk take out Cena right away and lay there for the whole match. Ryback and Punk go at it for the remainder only for Punk to pin Cena at the end of the match. Ryback keeps “loss-less” steak and Punk stays champ

    • Bryan

      Slap Cena in the Anaconda Vice, Ryberg breaks it up. Cena reverses Shellshocked from Ryberg into an AA only to eat a GTS. 1…2…3. Punk wins. Cena takes the pin. Ryback stays without a loss. If they can find a way to work around the MITB stat like they did with Cena, they can find a way to extend Ryback’s streak.

  • Chris

    So it was just coincidence that dolph started something with ryback on raw? And then ryback is in the wwe title match? I smell a cash in, forget its a contract for WHC, this is WWE!!! There are always continuity errors

  • Evonreese

    If Punk wins it will not push his respect up. People are truly sick of him except for die hard Punk fans. I used to be a Punk fan but now I fast forward if he’s on. If Its the Super Punk hour I don’t even watch. It’s not heel heat he’s getting now. It’s genuine dislike. His attitude sucks. On air and off.

  • tommy

    WHAT IF Ryback turns Heel on McMahon and Cena and JOINS Heyman???

  • farmerakabear

    just a thought, if cena is to take on cm punk in november for the championship does thatmean that ryback is going to lose at hell in a cell?

  • farmerakabear

    just a thought, if cena is to take on cm punk in november for the championship does that mean that ryback is going to lose at hell in a cell?