The Miz At Browns Game, Ryback Wants To End The Streak, NXT Title Change

- The Miz was in attendance at Thursday night's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. Miz's Browns picked up the victory, 37-24.

- Justin LaBar has a new Q&A online with Ryback. In it, Ryback continued to talk about a dream match against Goldberg. He said one of his goals is ending Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. You can read it at this link.

- Speaking of Ryback, check out the massive crowds he drew in India at this link.

- This week's episode of WWE NXT featured Rick Victor and Conor O'Brian, collectively known as The Ascension, going over Corey Graves and Adrian Neville for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The bout was taped on September 12, 2013. You can watch a Tout promo at this link.

  • Xavier

    Taker/Ryback has no business happening at WM. And no I’m not a Ryback hater, I don’t think anyone not named John Cena or Brock Lesnar has any business facing Taker at Mania at this point.

    • Nick K

      I think Cena vs the streak needs to happen. Since Cena became the top guy they haven’t even had a. real match against eachother other than a are match a few years ago that ended in shenanigans.

      • Xavier

        I agree. Last time they had a 1 on 1 match on was on RAW in late 06, and that ended with interference from King Booker & The Big Show. That match lasted about 3 or 4 minutes. Cena/Taker makes too much sense not to happen. If there is one guy on the roster who fans would by into having a legit shot at ending the streak it’s Cena hands down. He’s beating ever other huge star from the Attitude Era clean at one point (Michaels, Triple H, Jericho, Rock, Angle, Edge, Big Show, Kane). So Cena wanting to be the guy to end the streak is a storyline that writes itself. Even Taker would have motive to wanting to beat Cena before retiring. When you really break it down, no two guys have been booked stronger over the past decade then Cena & Taker. Seeing Cena vs Taker at Mania has become an wrestling obsession of mine lol.

        • clint

          no jericho vs taker needs to happen, because undertaker has yet to beat him, and if sting signs then sting and undertaker

          • Xavier

            Who would honestly want to see that at WM? Jericho has jobbed to everyone under the sun the last two years. Nobody is going to buy Jericho as a viable threat to Taker’s streak. And Sting is nowhere near the draw that Cena is. Cena/Taker is 20x the draw that Taker/Jericho or Taker/Sting could ever hope for.

          • clint

            its not about draw power to me, they can push taker vs jericho as the man taker has never beat in WWE, and sting they tried so hard to get him because there was an outcry when the johnny cash videos came out, its a dream match,

  • Steve pritchard

    I hope ryback/taker wont happen at wm ! That would be a train wreck. Goldberg / ryback sounded better. Cena would be the best opponent for taker at mania. Lesnar would have been good opponent for taker years ago but im not too high up on that prospect right now. Cena / taker would draw huge imo!

  • mezzmer

    Everybody want to end taker’s streak at wrestlemania

    • clint

      if anyone needs to end takers streak its dibiases kid, since the million dollar man brought him out

      • Snap

        That doesn’t make much sense, though, as Ted DiBiase’s involvement is pretty much just a footnote in Taker’s career. Other than introducing him as the mystery partner of his Survivor Series team and the brief “Underfaker” run in 1994, DiBiase hasn’t had an impact on Taker’s legacy.

        • Clint

          why doesnt it make sense, he is the one that introduced him to the world as the Undertaker, why shouldnt his kid be the one to take him out

          • Snap

            For one, I already explained why in my initial comment and, second, Ted Jr. is no longer with WWE. I feel, and it’s just my opinion of course, that if anyone were to end The Streak, it should be someone who was breaking out into a major star that WWE could market and build the company around for the long term.

            With Ted Jr. opting against signing a new contract due to his desire to be with his family, I just don’t see him being that star who might take WWE to the next level.

  • Patrick

    Ryback will NOT end Undertaker’s streak.

    • Snap

      Nobody will end Taker’s streak.

  • Avalanchian

    If Goldberg were to come back for a match. He wouldn’t lose it.
    If Undertaker were to wrestle Ryback at WM he wouldn’t lose to him either.

    Personally I want to see a match so great with the Undertaker at WM where he wins and out comes a deathly type figure telling him it’s time and he’s served well. The deathly figure touches him and Undertaker collapses and the druids carry him off above their head while others have the torches. At the top of the entrance they lay him in a casket and that ends the show with the gongs.