Wicked Cool Toys recently held a Q&A regarding the upcoming release of their new AEW line of action figures, Unrivalled. Tom Sanford from RSC caught up to the Senior Figure Designer, Magic Olmos as well as Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Greg Mitchell to get a bit more information on the line itself, which superstars will be included and what the vision of the company is moving forward. 

When Greg and Magic were asked how long they have had this deal in the works, they said it has been since July of 2019 and they had been working very quietly but diligently with AEW to deliver these on time and with as much detail as possible! Both also said they were huge fans of AEW as well as action figures, Gregory ‘cut his teeth’ on Power Rangers action figures and said that he wants to learn from this wrestling fandom just like the one that Power Rangers has go this day. Magic is a huge wrestling fan and seems to be the one who saw the potential in AEW and got the ball rolling on this line.

When asked if their Unrivaled collection would be in scale with the Mattel’s Elites line, they assured fans that they are perfectly in scale with each other and with even more articulation! Magic also said that the first wave will be available in August with the second wave hitting in late September and then every eight weeks after that. They are expecting around three to four waves before New Year’s, 2021. Busy!

Tom asked how the accessories would be, like soft goods, belts etc. and it seems we won’t have to worry about big puffy rubber jackets that look like an action figure wearing a fat suit. They added that everything they make that can’t be a soft good will be made to look and fit like actual clothing. Magic compared it to how a tailored suit fits on a person, is how the clothing items would fit on the figures. This is already evident when looking at Mox’s jacket or Jericho’s. Magic stated, “there is too much detail to make those out of soft goods”.

Wondering who will be included in The Unrivaled Collection? According to Gregory and Magic, everyone! They plan to make a figure of everyone on the roster at some point. They compared it to AEW’s creative... freedom. Freedom to create. When asked about legends such as DDP, Tazz and Arn Anderson, it seems they are open to all of it and would love to work with some of them in the future.

As of now, there are no plans in place for a ‘basic’ line, they are sticking with the articulated collection with a $20 price point. Tom asked about double packs and they said they haven’t ruled it out but that they don’t see at this point, any two pack that wouldn’t work as a single figure but are definitely open to the idea!

Above all, it was very obvious that Wicked Cool Toys want fans to be vocal and let them know what you, as a collector, want from them! They have an entire booth at C2E2 this weekend and encourag all fans to come and interact and give feedback on what they have seen so far. They'll even be talking about the newly announced, first ever RSC exclusive AEW figure, A Little Bit of the Bubbly Chris Jericho! It will come in unique packaging with a whole host of props including a table, fruit bowl, bubbly and best of all, an AEW championship belt!

So don’t worry if you can’t hunt down the 1 of 1,000, chase exclusive, in that first wave for the belt because you can get it right there on ringside with this exclusive! 

A Little Bit Of The Bubbly! 

A Little Bit Of The Bubbly! 

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