The Return Program Rey Mysterio Is Pushing For A Possible Match At SummerSlam But Why WWE Is In No Rush To Bring Him Back; Details On A Returning WWE Star That Triple H Considers His Pet Project

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Rey Mysterio's suspension is now over and he has been pushing for a match against Sin Cara at SummerSlam.

One WWE source told me the company is in no hurry to rush Rey back and aren't really interested in a Cara/Mysterio program right now.

I'm told the company wants to see how Sin Cara fairs on this go around and Vince McMahon figures he can bring Mysterio back at any point. The feeling is Mysterio's value to WWE will be hard to assess until they decide whether or not Cara is going to have legs.

The reason Sin Cara has received so many changes in the first place is because he is Triple H's pet project and with him just returning, it's believed the company wants to give a chance before bringing Rey back.

  • Jman72485

    Should bring Rey back and stick him in the Raw MITB match, then have him team up with Sin Cara only to turn on him and go heel for the first time in the WWE (I wish!) In a few weeks…

    • Bault16

      They should turn all the faces heel and all the heels face

  • Kleck

    So how concerned Is the company about the lack of top names to not bring back a superior worker?

  • blast21dave


  • Richy

    I think most people want to see Rey vs. Cara but I understand if WWE want to wait til the right time to give the two the opportunity to have the best match possible but I am tired of waiting for it to happen so I am with Rey on having it at Summerslam. Been wanting this match since Cara came in and quite tired of seeing Hunico vs. Cara all the time.

  • Jamie

    Why don't they just bring RAW back and make Rey a "manager" and surely that would help Sin Cara in the way that HHH wants him.. who else could help Sin Cara in the ring than Rey himself?

  • Miles

    Push Hunico, I like the Mexican Jeff Hardy gimmick