The Role Of An Agent, Thoughts On #August1Warning, RVD In WWE, JR's BBQ Restaurant/Sauce

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Recently you posted about Bully Ray working as an agent backstage in TNA and how both he and Devon have done this before. My question is what exactly is an agent in the wrestling business and what are their jobs?

An agent, or producer as they are called in WWE, operates as a liaison between the creative team and the talent. They communicate the outcome of the match, go over timing and help lay things out beforehand. The agents play an important part in making sure that talent is ready to go out before their respective match and play a significant role in assuring the event flows smoothly behind-the-scenes.

What are you thoughts on TNA signing all this MMA talent? I'm a fan of MMA and like the guest appearances but the #August1stwarning was kind of a disappointment since I was expecting wrestling talent after all the hype?

First, the deals with MMA stars are a bit different than the performer's contracts that most wrestlers have in TNA Wrestling. These contracts are in conjunction with Spike TV and Bellator MMA as the three parties are working together for crossover opportunities. I am fine with Tito Ortiz being announced as the #August1Warning because I understand why it is being done. Tito appearing in TNA is part of the aforementioned collaboration where they will be able to promote Rampage Jackson vs. Ortiz on pay-per-view on November 2, 2013. I addressed the IWC outrage earlier here on Every time a viral campaign is launched, fans immediately gain unrealistic expectations and most of the time are setting themselves up for a letdown. So many people today are saying "well, what about an actual wrestler?" One person even Tweeted me that Adam Pearce would have been better for the role. You have to understand there is a business component here and TNA is working with two other parties. It's part of a business arrangement that I think helps TNA. The closer they are with Spike TV, the better, because without Spike they would be unable to continue as a company. I'm not sure a viral campaign was the best way to go about this given the fact TNA just did this with Rampage Jackson and fans, especially the IWC, hold viral campaigns to such high standards.

Does Rob Van Dam have a title reign in his WWE contract?

No, not that I know of. Rob Van Dam is under a part-time performer's contract in WWE that is similar to what Chris Jericho has been working under. The deal benefits both parties and I'm enjoying RVD's work in WWE.

Why did Jim Ross close his BBQ restaurant in Oklahoma?

The restaurant business is extremely difficult and economic conditions at the time were less than desirable. Below is what Jim Ross wrote on his blog when his JR's Family BBQ Restaurant closed:

“At the end of the day, our business plan could not handle the shift in the economy or the rising overhead that we encountered. We make no excuses. We worked diligently on making this aspect of our BBQ dream come true but this time around it simply wasn’t meant to be. We played the game hard and played to win but we came up short. Again, we make no excuses.”

I have tried Jim's BBQ sauce and I recommend it. I haven't ordered any recently and wish it were available in more grocery stores. If it was available at my local Publix, I guarantee you that I would buy it over any other brand. You can order JR's BBQ sauce at this link.

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  • Mark B.

    Just to add to Richard’s recommendation of JR’s BBQ sauce, I have used both the sauce and the dry rub for the past 2 seasons and they are really good. My wife, who is not a wrestling fan and knows nothing of who Jim Ross is, like JR’s over the other brands in or house. I highly recommend JR’s products. Apologies for the shameless plug.

    • David H.

      I wouldn’t call it a shameless plug. It’s your opinion and seeing as it’s the right one … no harm done.

    • outkazt09

      I have always wanted to try his products but I was second guessing myself. I will probably try it now. Thanks for your input.

    • Brandon Ceielo

      I’m not the person in our house who buys these types of things, but after your post and Richard’s praise, I am definitely getting a bottle or two this paycheck.

  • Tna

    Not posting spoilers but everyone should watch smackdown tonight rvd looked like a different person compared to his Tna stint ,the triple threat was definitely a match of the candidate.

    • Matt

      You don’t need to have watch SmackDown. His ring work since returning has been phenomenal. You can tell with RVD he’s much happier in WWE than he ever was in TNA.

  • jdl

    Expecting a professional wrestler to be the face behind a reveal campaign from a professional wrestling company is not unrealistic expectations. No one expected Ortiz, and not in a good way.

    • grunt

      Noone expected Ortiz… except the dozens of people who paid attention to the clues (which clearly screamed MMA), and understood the limited scope of that viral campaign as an indicator of a non-major talent being brought in.

  • Scottyo614

    I gotta think to with Titos past it is not going to be a warm welcome. Many fans are fans of both and realize Tito just isn’t very good anymore. He also burned a lot of bridges with fans and wasn’t very well liked for a long time. His role will have to be a heel, and even then a reaction is not guaranteed because fans might want to run him off.

    Rampage to me just doesn’t have the “look” I see him with the MEM and all I can think is why is he in there? He just doeant come off as a pro wrestler..Maybe Im wrong, but would love to know what others think.

  • David

    Chris Jericho mentions in his book that WCW never had agents or producers. He didn’t know what an agent was when he went to WWE.

  • James

    There had to better questions than the JR BBQ Sauce question. Are you serious? lol

    • I always like to “go-home” to the weekend on a lighter note. Especially seeing how people get so up in arms over things like the the #August1Warning

      • JJ

        Can you blame fans for “getting up in arms” ? With the build up in so short of time they had, they could of brought in almost anybody and that person would have been a draw. No one wants to watch tito in an mma ring let alone a tna ring.

  • outkazt09

    Fact of the matter is Viacom/Spike TV does not respect TNA. They use TNA to promote their jobber MMA programs and related Bellator content. What’s the point of bringing Tito and Rampage if they are past their prime and have their respected straight losses. 90% of the crowd did not know how Tito was. Both are irrelevant now and offer little to no benefit to TNAs viewership. Maybe 10 years ago it would of being a good idea but now its way too late. I didn’t have high expectations as TNA has a bad track record of surprises. TNA needs to go to another network where they will be respected. They need to start shopping around.

  • Evan

    I’m surprised someone asked about why a restaurant would close. Restaurant businesses are tough, I work for a company that helps restaurants and sometimes owners don’t know what they are doing, people don’t want to spend, or the overhead is to high. It is one business I would never want to get into.