The Undertaker Returns To WWE On Tonight's Raw Supershow

The Undertaker returned to WWE on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He confronted Triple H after his "evaluation" segment with John Laurinaitis. The preliminary plan is for Undertaker and Hunter to face-off in a rematch at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

  • The fake hair almost ruined it for me. Still, chills….absolute chills as always when Taker returns.

  • Shea

    It looked like Trip declined…

    • Alex P

      Yeah…I was under the impression Triple H's walking out was him like signifying that he was declining. Then taker looked at wrestlemania like he was looking forward.

  • kyle

    I am not embarrassed to say this but when that first "dong" went off I literally got goosebumps and then jumped up and down in excitement…Wrestlemania is NOTHING without the undertaker and ready for him to defend his streak.

    • Bigbdawg

      I did the same thing then I realized they were gonna make me watch the same mania match 3 years in a row and now I’m sick to my stomach it makes no sense there is no need for it

      • jake

        It will be a rematch from last year, so two Manias in a row, not three. It makes perfect sense. There is no one else on the roster that would be taken seriously as Taker's opponent, besides Cena but he's busy. We all know Taker will still beat HHH, but at least theres some chance HHH will win. You can't say that about anybody else, which is why HHH/Taker is the only possible match.

        • Bigbdawg

          I meant 2 in a row but 3 times over all if takers gonna fight someone 3 times @ mania it should be Kane I would much rather see that than hhh

          • XKonn247

            Last time Kane and Taker faced off it was complete crap.

        • Ezc77089

          The only other decent option I think is Kane.

  • garbsxc

    Maybe its just me thinking about the alleged bald taker photos, but his hair looked like a wig.

  • Joe

    That was intense! I did not expect to see that… Then for Trip to walk away like that, amazing! I love how that jelled perfectly with the storyline and Trip saying he wouldn’t let personal business get in his way.

  • Jason

    Not again… cmon Creative, be creative!

    • drhaase

      oh but they are being Creative…Trip has to choose between facing Taker and leaving Ace in charge, or taking control and being a hypocrite and facing Taker. great job leaving us in suspense, and great job recreating this feud with a different twist

  • AmazingRed92

    Dang it! I was hoping for someone else.

  • RKODeadman

    UNDERTAKER IS BACK!! BOO-YAHH!! even though i am really not excited to see Taker vs HHH III im still glad he returned!! GO TAKER!!

  • QBRaggio

    Finally Undertaker is back!

  • RKODeadman

    TAKER IS BACK!! BOO-YAHH!! even though im not as excited to see Undertaker vs HHH III im still glad The Phenom is back!!

  • Goldring

    Is it just me or did his hair look a lil bit weird? But its GREAT to see the deadman back on tv! Cant wait 2 see him in action at WM28!!!

  • DragonSupernova

    I just saw Raw and I have a feeling it won’t be Taker vs Hunter at mania the way Hunter told John boy that he can run raw no he has put all of his personal problems behind him and the way he patted Taker on the shoulder looked to me like his answer was not this time champ well that’s my opinion and what’s with the wig Taker was wearing I would like to see how he is going to wrestle with a wig lol

  • Anon

    Undertaker will face his brother KANE at WM28 not Triple H

    • karatekid

      The angle with Kane and Cena with Zack and Eve involved and then the Royal Rumble made me think so too.
      Since Cena will face Rock at WM, therefore his angle with Kane has to come to an end (most likely at Elimination Chamber). This will leave Kane with no 'task' so to speak. And since they pushed him so hard thusfar, it only makes sense that The Phenom comes back with a vengeance for the 'Buried Alive' match last year, beat Kane and this is going to be it.

  • RTW

    That was not a wig I dont think. Just that he did not have his hair tucked behind his ear! No one does a return like The Undertaker!!!

  • Really?

    This would be the 3rd time theses two versed at wm. It gets boring i really hope someone new gets to vs taker like brock lesnar even though that probably wont happen but please someone new!

  • ricardovgv

    The Undertaker = Wrestlemania.

  • Wes

    I’m unlike most people I don’t want to see a triple h taker rematch. Disintegrating think the first one was all that great. Triple h and taker just need to retire and let some younger talent take over. Personally if takers goin to go 20-0 I’d like to see something like a 3 on 1 elimination match

  • fivo goes west

    i want the undertaker vs hhh vs shawn freakin michaels. that would be so awesome. best friends so desperate to beat the undertaker damn that just sounds so awesome.

  • Deadman_walking

    Not again hhh vs taker is old news
    Comn come up with something more productive wwe

  • Cliff

    The crowd was in awe. Coolest wwe segment I’ve seen in person.

  • Bigbdawg

    Taker vs Kane @ mania in a fake hair vs fake
    hair match

  • Please not HHH again, the last one was terrible

    • Wes

      Thank u I thought I was the only one

  • H.M.

    Honestly I hope it doesn't come down to Taker/HHH part 3 again unless they add a more interesting spin to this potential feud. I would much rather see Kane tbh. But that's just me being a bigger Kane mark then HHH.

  • Ana

    Just like his "brother" Kane they both are rockin the wigs. But, Please not another HHH vs Undertaker. First one was really bad

  • Code

    A Taker vs Resurrected Kane would be more interesting match

  • bam8him

    Personally I’d if had to be a “legend” that faced Taker at mania. I’d like to see Mick Foley vs Undertaker. Give Foley his mania moment

    • Mr. Love

      That would be awesome!!! That’s a match I would like to see

    • Razmos01

      Taker vs Foley – Hell in a cell at mania would be an awesome match!!

  • William

    Is creative that lazy that they couldn't get The Undertaker a different opponent?!?!

  • Jeremy

    I don't want to see a third Undertaker vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania, seeing it twice already more than satisfy me. Let Taker choose who he want to face and either end the streak or sealed it eternally.

    • Chopper

      Said that when foley first came back.

  • Herro

    I bet you any money at wm it willbe socko vs cobra XD

  • Laterial

    I was personally hoping that creative would somehow create Taker vs. Sheamus at Mania. Would have loved to see that one!

  • 7028brethart

    To bad dell rio is injured, he would be a great opponent for the deadman. The undertaker did not look like the undertaker he looked like someone who is ready to retire.

  • 7028brethart

    Would love to see taker v mark Henry, but something tells me the deadman is not what he use to be, hope I’m wrong.

  • zack

    I get the feeling that taker will show up and keep challenging people but everyone will decline until he finds his opponent for wm and it will end up being kane or lesnar

  • bill

    did anyone else notice that he was struggling to walk don’t think the match will be all that great but hope I’m wrong

  • Jim

    Wow. Wrestling fans are never happy. For months now its been, when is The Undertaker coming back? He finally comes back and people are tearing him apart. The guy looked no different than he did 9 or 10 months ago when he left. The people wanting to see him take on Lesnar are pipe dreaming. Vince McMahon isn’t ever going to hire someone who wants the schedule that Lesnar would undoubtably want. Same reason Sting wouldn’t work out. Though I would much prefer Sting over Lesnar. Lesnar just isn’t a realistic opponent. With his training he would literally crush the Undertaker. Just be happy the guy you’ve wanted back for so long is back for once.

  • marky

    i hope he faces the the great white shamus at wrestle mania for him to face hhh again is to predictable plus the deadman has nothing left to prove didnt make sense him wanting to fight hunter again so glad to see the best wwe susperstar of all time back to were he belongs cant not wait wm28 cmon …….p.s think the only pple lest he could face would be like austin or goldburg or sting hes beat everyone else think the only wrestler worth the title of having beaten the streak would be shamus

    • Matt Scott

      Sheamus won the Royal Rumble… He's already in the world title match.

      • Jay

        Unless they have taker win the SD elimination chamber. Can’t see it happening but that would work

  • Scott

    I’m looking forward to HHH v Taker, I’d hate Takers last match to be against someone who ruins his legend, triple h will carry taker through the match.

  • sal

    undertaker and kane have the same wig now . taker should not of shaved his head now that he did he should just rock the bald look

  • WyFo

    I’d like to see Taker vs. Kane, or Taker vs. Big Show

  • Malboja

    Taker vs punk would be good he may be the best in the world but not on this day

  • Nigel

    I think taker should face somebody other dhan triple h why he can’t fight marke henry big show daniel Bryan somebody else user dhan triple h

  • Nigel

    Or cm punk lol bad dight