Thoughts On The Wyatt Debut, Ryback vs. Jericho, Kane Angle, Who's In Charge?

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What was your opinion of the debut of The Wyatt Family on WWE Monday Night and who do you see them feuding with in the near future?

I was thrilled with the debut of Bray Wyatt and company on this week's Monday Night Raw. Social media is a great tool but it's full of humor. We had one reader dismissing the faction before they even debuted. After they debuted, I saw people calling the faction a failure because the crowd chanted "Husky Harris" and promising they'd be reduced to job roles within six months. Hey, they'd chant "Michael McGillicutty" at Curtis Axel but it's impossible to chant the name McGillicutty. There is absolutely no way of knowing a gimmick's future after one week. We have to see how things play out and give them a chance to settle in. Just as you cannot judge a sports team after one game, I feel some are wanting to put a stamp on The Wyatt Family after a couple minutes into it. You can't do this in wrestling. There will be people that will do it, however, it's not smart. Bray Wyatt received very high marks in developmental and has people, such as Chris Jericho, that know what they are talking about putting him over. I think there is a lot of potential in the faction but don't take my word for it, take Jericho's word. He's a future WWE Hall of Famer and one of the most successful workers in the history of this business. However, I will also caution, just as we can't promise The Wyatt Family will fail, we can't promise they'll succeed either. We need to give it some time and see where it goes. My initial reaction was a positive one.

What's the purpose of Ryback vs. Chris Jericho at WWE Money in the Bank? The match just seems odd on a card that otherwise has great matches.

I think Chris Jericho vs. Ryback is a good bout for the WWE Money in the Bank undercard for a couple of reasons. One, Ryback gets to work with someone that can have a good match with anyone in Jericho, who also seems intent on "passing the torch" to some of the younger blood in WWE. Two, Jericho is about to re-join Fozzy so this could provide Ryback the opportunity to write Jericho off television. This would not only give Ryback some much-needed momentum but it would also provide Jericho an angle to return later on down the road.

With the attack on Kane from The Wyatt Family, is he legitimately injured and in need of time off?

I have not heard the reason why WWE did the angle with Kane and The Wyatt Family on this week's Monday Night Raw. It seems almost immediately people are linking the two for a possible match at SummerSlam but everything we've heard prior to Monday was there was some consideration of doing Kane and Undertaker vs. The Shield next month. Let's hold up on SummerSlam and get through Money in the Bank first. Kane's status for the WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match is almost certainly into question but should be followed up on Smackdown. I would expect WWE to role footage of the stretcher job they did off-air on Raw.

Who runs the show when Vince McMahon is on WWE television?

There is a chain of command at WWE television tapings. Kevin Dunn is Vince's right hand man at TVs and is backstage calling the shots, when Vince is on screen and when Vince is backstage. Vince obviously has the final say but Kevin's impact on the show cannot be understated.

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  • Craig

    My opinion is that the wyatt family is attacking Kane to get to Bryan they wear goat mask and Bryan is called a goat maybe that might stuff up mitb giving punk the win leading to punk having the title at Summerslam against lesner bit like Guy said Who Knows nothing is in concrete

  • Cubed56

    It would’ve made more sense for the Wyatt’s to go after Orton, as bray and randy have a history and Orton has no real long term storyline in place right now. By going after Kane they’ve really made a mess out of the shield v Brothers of Destruction at SS, leaving the Sheild who were he hottest thing in WWE less then a month ago with no direction at all. I hope creative has a really good plan in place that keeps both the shield and Wyatt’s relevant together and hopefully feud with one another down the road. The last thing I wanna see is the shield split and a re-hash of them in the Wyatt’s as a 3 man team terrorizing and beating everybody.

    • Xavier

      I’m afraid The Sheild may get put on the back burner. This is a perfect example of why I think the brand split should of never ended. Why have two trio heel stables on the same show when you can have one on each show.

      • TheBigKing1

        True. I never liked or agreed with the brand split…although Richard agreed. They thought it was going to be good for them, but look what happened now. Because of it, the feuds isn’t as fresh nowadays, the titles are less and less meaningless. Before the titles were meaningless because of who carried it…like when Santino was holding it for a long time after beating jack Swagger..after Swagger only held it for a short time period, just like Zack Ryder, after Swagger beat him. They didn’t hold it long enough at that time. But I’m getting off subject. Lol. Yes I agree with not ending the brand split. It would be good for the wrestlers and as well as us…as well as these two factions.

        • Xavier

          I always felt that the brand split allowed for better structure for both shows honestly. When RAW & SD guys did happen to cross paths it felt like a big deal. The draft was a big deal. it gave the midcard/lower midcards guys more TV time. Now you have everyone on every show. It’s harder too keep track of and it’s too much over exposing of the talent as well. 2003-2009 was a perfect example of how I feel WWE should still be running the show. With RAW, SMACKDOWN & ECW ran separately with each show having it’s own creative team. One creative team trying too keep up with RAW, SD, NXT is too much to ask for IMHO. I think the brand split ending is a major reason for creative burn out. Why have two titles if there isn’t a brand split?

          • TheBigKing1

            I meant I didn’t agree with ending the brand split of course. And you said it best. It felt like a big deal when some people faced each other from different shows. I totally agree on the title thing as what I said earlier…and maybe you are right with why creative is so burnt out. I really wish they would go back to that immediately.

          • Xavier

            Say bro, do you have a facebook. I have a wrestling group over there that I started a few months ago. Only have 16 members though, I’m looking to try and grow it so the group can have more flow to it. It’s really hard to sustain conversations with so many people in it. Feel free to join if you’d like.


          • The Only Basegod

            *Insert cheap plug here* You Xavier, just took a page out of Richard Grey’s book.

          • Xavier

            LMAO, I one day hope to be as good a networker as Richard

    • Charlemagne

      Everyone already knows who the best 3 man faction is……
      3MB BABYYYYY!!!!!!

  • steve pritchard

    I think they either turn the shield face or they disband them all together . With the Wyatt family in the picture and the big push they’re obviously getting I see no need for another six man faction unless they turn the shield face to start a long dues. With the way the Wyatt’s debut was carried out I just see this planting the seeds for summer slam . However I agree with Guy . We need to get through mitb before we start talking summer slam.

  • Scottyo614

    Maybe next week the smart fans who go into business for themselves can chant IRS too

  • Robert Olley

    Im hoping kane comes back as more destructive dont really like this kane character

  • jdl

    The debut was very well done, although they need to get a more realistic lantern if that’s going to be their thing. The Smart Marks will shut up eventually, especially with the WWE heading to less wrestling centric cities in the coming weeks. Give it time and watch how the Wyatts react. There was no way that they couldn’t hear the chants, so the fact that they paid them absolutely no heed is a good sign.

    The way I see it is that the success or failure of the gimmick relies on Wyatt’s ability to block the chunk of the audience that is out for themselves and focus on the ones who are there to enjoy the show. If he can do that successfully and the gimmick is given the leeway to be the creepy, unsettling and downright strange stable that it’s supposed to be, then it will succeed and the morons shouting “Husky Harris” will shut up.

  • Xavier

    I agree with those who feel the smarks at last night’s show were just plan annoying/retarted. However, I do find it funny that most everyone on here was calling the RAW after WM29 one of the greatest RAWs ever because of those exact same type of fans chanting random shit. What’s the difference between the smarks last night trying to hijack the show as opposed to the fans the night after Mania that did the exact same thing for pretty much the whole night. Why is yesterday looked down on while the night after Mania so praised?

    • TheBigKing1

      I have no idea….maybe because 1 that crowd was very lively at the same time and 2, that even though they were a little nutso, they were kinda funny too…but they were more nutso. Lol. Crazy…in a bad way.

    • Snap

      My opinion is where the RAW after Mania is concerned, in terms of the “Chant Mob” during Orton/Sheamus it was the fans taking WWE’s blatant middle finger at them with the useless app vote and giving a middle finger right back at WWE.

      As I don’t watch WWE anymore, I cannot comment on the recent crowd, but you’re likely going to have some idiots in every crowd, no matter where they go.

      • Xavier

        The App isn’t useless, it’s just that a certain section of fans can’t handle the fact that guys like Sheamus & Orton are over and not internet darlings. That’s what it boils down to. If fans at home would of voted for Punk/Bryan then all of the smarks would be saying how great the app is.

        • Matt

          That was the point of that crowd after Mania dude. If Orton and Sheamusare over why was the WHOLE CROWD chafing against them? It wasn’t just one or two people either. Look, you buy a ticket you do/say what you want. That’s the point of freedom of expression. You can bash the fans all day, it won’t change them. Some will call it “rerarded”and some will call it impassioned. Who are you to judge them?

          • Xavier

            Well you missed my point. Orton & Sheamus were over enough too the millions of viewers that were watching on TV, that’s why they were voted into the match in the 1st place. And your right, when fans buy a ticket they have the right to act like a complete jackass if they want, just like I have the right to call them out on it. It was annoying the night after Mania just like it was annoying on Monday. It’s all the same thing.

        • Snap

          No, that’s not it at all. WWE *ignored* the results of the app poll and gave their audience a figurative middle finger. Their app poll was “Who will face Big Show?” but, then put the two OPTIONS in a match to decide who would face Big Show despite there being a clear winner.

          If you can’t understand that was the reason the audience decided to give a figurative middle finger BACK to WWE, that’s you’re problem.

          It had nothing to do with whether or not Sheamus & Orton are over. If WWE doesn’t have any intention to actually follow through with their supposed “RAW Active” nonsense, then they should just quit wasting everybody’s time.

    • Scottyo614

      In my opinion the crowd after Mania was non stop loud, crazy and was just having fun. Did they go into business for themselves? Absolutely! But at that time lets be real, it was a case of Vince giving us what HE wanted not what the fans wanted. I feel the product has really picked up and it’s a product the IWC and casual fans can all agree is getting well.

      Last night it was an average crowd and a small group who wanted to kill a character. As someone stated last night WWE would be great to acknowledge Randy Orton punt kicking Husky and becoming Bray, and or Bray cutting a promo about how stupid Husky Harris was… Ways it can go, but it’s a solid character that is fresh. There’s a difference between trashing a veteran superstars match and trashing a new wrestlers debut.

      • Xavier

        I don’t really feel the IWC will ever be happy with anything Vince puts out. I personally think it would be a terrible idea for Vince/HHH too comtinue to cater to a section of fans that 1.) Only make up about 15% of the wrestling fans in the world and 2.) a group of fans who can’t make up their minds on anything they want. How many in the IWC begged for the Rock to return only to turnaround and shit on him? How many in the IWC begged for Punk & Bryan to get pushed too the moon only for the ratings to never reach a 3.0 once during Punk’s title reign? How many in the IWC begged for the WWE to bring in more Indy guys only to continue to come on forums and shit on RAW week after week? The answer too all of those questions is “most within the IWC”.

        Hijacking a show is hijacking a show no matter who the fans are trashing, either way you slice it, it’s still annoying as shit to those families that pay good money to enjoy a show with their kids. No one should have to have a wrestling experience ruined because of a bunch of drunk assholes with no love life who still work at Taco Bell.

  • emoko1996

    Richard, i’m from the UK and i know that my question isn’t related with this edition of ask WNW, but do you have any information on the ratings of weakly shows like raw and impact in the UK? its just that i wonder what sort of numbers they bring in over here?

  • Charles

    Nobody chants Tera Ryzing when Triple H comes out. If the Wyatt family goes over with the fans all the Husky Harris chanting will soon be forgotten.