Thoughts On The Wyatt Family, Austin Aries To WWE, WrestleMania Plans For New Day, Storm Back In TNA

I quickly lost interest in The Wyatt Family as, well, they're simply boring & incredibly repetitive. Rowan/Harper/Strowman simply won't get over with any other gimmick & Bray's PPV losses have reduced his credibility. What are your thoughts on The Wyatt Family?

A few months ago, as we were preparing for Survivor Series, I had the exact same feelings towards The Wyatt Family. But since then, my opinion has slowly changed.The loss that Bray Wyatt suffered against The Brothers of Destruction in November should be the last for awhile. Since the feud with The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno started, The Wyatt Family has been unstoppable.

And since those extreme matches with the ECW Originals, I've been invested in the creepy stable. If they stick to a hardcore and unstoppable style, I believe all of them will continue to thrive.

As for Bray Wyatt in particular, I think 2016 may finally be his year. Wyatt finally made his presence felt by attacking Brock Lesnar in the closing minutes of Raw this week. Nothing screams "monster heel" like taking out The Beast himself. The last two years may be looked at as "experimental" years soon. The Road to WrestleMania 32 should be telling as to whether Wyatt can truly stay towards the top of the card.

We have all read about AJ Styles, Gallows and Co. going to WWE. But what's the latest on Austin Aries and Gunner following them being at NXT back in November?

It would be epic to see Austin Aries in WWE. Gunner could be a cool addition to NXT; not knocking his in-ring abilities, but perhaps spending time down there before coming up would benefit him and NXT? After AJ Styles joins, (which I'm almost sure he is on his way), Aries will probably be one of the biggest names in the industry to never have been in WWE. 2015 saw the likes of Samoa Joe and James Storm step foot in an NXT ring! And if Aries doesn't debut on the main roster right away, that's just fine. Joe is doing great down there and Aries would help add to the "super indy" feel that NXT has.

As for the reports of Aries and Gunner being at NXT tapings in November, I can't confirm that the report is true. Rumors have started once again (outside of WNW) that Aries is on his way to NXT... So, needless to say, 2016 is already off to an interesting start.

Do you see WWE rewarding New Day with an important WrestleMania feud this year? They deserve to be on the main card and not relegated to the pre-show.

It's too early to tell what the WrestleMania plans are for The New Day. Heck, the trio may not even be WWE Tag Team Champions by April. It's safe to say that The New Day has been a success for the company and I do think they should be rewarded with an important championship match at the biggest show of the year. The group was stuck on the pre-show last year, but still, that's better than not being on the card at all.

While writing my WNW Royal Rumble predictions, I was trying to map out a potential WrestleMania 32 card and was trying to decide where The New Day would fit in. It would be cool to see either a regular tag team match or a multi-team bout including The League of Nations, The Wyatt Family, or possibly the Bullet Club?

Did James Storm really make the poor choice to return to TNA?

I know there are some fans out there that weren't too thrilled to see James Storm "leave" NXT to return to TNA. I say "leave" because Storm never signed with WWE and was just working on a per-shot deal. I don't know how much money TNA offered Storm, but I would imagine it was probably better than the last deal he had.

His choice to return to TNA may be not "poor." I'm sure he considered what was best for his family and himself. As seen on Impact just two weeks ago, Storm has reunited with Bobby Roode as Beer Money. I'm sure the two of them will have fun with it, as well as the fans. Perhaps Storm's return to TNA was "best for business?"

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  • Michael

    The term “Best for Business” no longer has any significant meaning. It is over used

  • Have to disagree. Storm’s decision to return to TNA is officially the dumbest decision anyone in pro-wrestling has ever made. Why would you leave a luxury liner to board the Titanic? No one will see him down there because no one cares about TNA. He had eyes on him in NXT. Worse yet, he’ll NEVER be allowed to return to WWE again. Decisions don’t come dumber and I figured Storm smarter than that.

    • Emma’s iPad Case

      I initially agreed with you but I read somewhere else where they signed him for $250,000. While I am a fan of his I don’t know if he would ever be able to touch that kind of money in WWE. He’s also a little older (38) and has 2 young children so I imagine the lighter schedule was a big selling point too.

      • Hope they gave it to him up front. Otherwise, he’ll never see it. He could have mattered in WWE. He won’t in TNA. Ever. I absolutely do see your point though.

        • BQ ThaEmcee

          its actually a guaranteed deal, even if TNA went out of business he gets his money. Hope that sheds some light

    • BQ ThaEmcee

      Its a better deal financially and its a better position. Why would he go to WWE just go get lost in the shuffle? The current TNA product is much better than in previous years. If people like the talent they should support the show. WWE slaps us in the face just about every week with awful story lines and keeping our favorites off TV just to shove Roman Regins down our throats. The Beer Money reunion has been fun. What would he be doing on an over crowded NXT roster right now? I get it trust me. Not sure how much you follow sports but take the NBA for instance. There are guys who leave a good team so they can go to a decent or even bad team because they can be more highly featured. Why ride the bench when you can start? Some people just prioritize differently.

  • Avalanchian

    I just can’t take Bray Wyatt serious. It’s always Strowman carrying his team. He didn’t do a thing to Lesnar. It was Reigns that wounded him and typical bottom feeder Wyatt taking the credit. Strowman seems more of a physical leader than Bray. Bray is mostly just good on the mic so he leads.

    • Maybe this leads to a feud between the two?

  • Jason Bagemehl

    Well about an hour ago . wwe officially posted A 30sec clip of Austin Aries debuting at the NxT taping. I’d say this is a great start for wwe and nxt this year. The amount of talent is ridiculous.

  • jdl

    Storm returning to TNA isn’t a big deal. He showed up to WWE 50 pounds overweight and was completely unimpressive in the ring. He’s back down in the bush leagues where he belongs.

    As for the Wyatt Family, the only thing they’ve suffered from is being fed to major performers and losing. They never should have lost to Undertaker and Kane, they never should have lost to Roman Reigns. This should be Wyatt’s year, his family should dominate the Rumble, and he should win it. Picture, if you will, a Rumble that involves Reigns, Ambrose and the Usos all entering very early and sticking together throughout, the LoN enters and all hell breaks loose, only for entrant #25 to be Lesnar, who destroys the LoN and the Usos, #36 is Triple H who finishes off Reigns and Ambrose, and is in turn dumped by Lesnar. Then the Wyatts arrive as 27-29, they destroy Lesnar and Wyatt himself enters at #30. The family pose, and one by one the members of the family eliminate themselves for Bray, who wins the Rumble in a way no one ever has: by not eliminating a single person.

    • Caucasian Guy

      50 lbs overweight? put him with Chris “50 lbs overweight Braden Walker” Harris! Book it

  • sauce

    the only great talent left wwe need to sign not otern wrestling scene is Bobby Roode, always thought he could be a BIG time star in the E

  • ClintMurphy

    Im glad he is back in TNA, complaining about TNA while watching the abomination that is raw and smackdown, and saying its better is ridiculous, the only thing wwe has going for it is NXT which ill admit is better

    • BQ ThaEmcee

      I agree! I think the TNA on Pop is a great product. I can’t understand people complaining about TNA when Raw BOMBS every single week. Ive even lost it for NXT a little because its no longer developmental, its just singing of a bunch of indy talents and spring boarding them to the top. I personally enjoy the current Impact product more than Raw

  • Draft_Brian

    I can’t take James Storm serious in TNA. Seriously drinking beer before and during a match?

  • BQ ThaEmcee

    I really enjoy the TNA on Pop product. People are just looking for any reason to trash TNA but I enjoy the product currently more than I do RAW. Raw has been terrible for the last 2 years but people keep standing up for it. Vince signed AJ to boost network subscriptions in Japan, not because he cares about giving us the best product. I really like the action in TNA. We all have our own preferences.

    • We’re trashing because it deserves to be trashed. The product is the same old thing. The switch to POP didn’t make them change anything up. Dixie remains as clueless as ever about how to create a wrestling show. Her “I had ’em signed and they left me…boo-hoo” thing involving Styles and the other NJPW stars was just ridiculous. If you like TNA better, though, you’re certainly entitled.

      • BQ ThaEmcee

        I’m saying that I enjoy the current product more than what WWE is currently giving us. I’m not a Roman Regins fan and he is the main focal point right now. I’m just not into it. I agree that the Styles thing was super unprofessional but I support the workers and enjoy the wrestling product, for that same reason I support WWE because they have their faults as well.

        • King Kong Yeti

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          • Detanation

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          • King Kong Yeti

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