Title Change At TNA Live Event In Morgantown, WV

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TNA Wrestling switched their tag titles at Sunday's live event in Morgantown, West Virginia as Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, known collectively as The Wolves, beat Robbie E & Jessie Godderz, known collectively as The BroMans.

The tagline on an official release is that "anything can happen at a TNA Wrestling Live Event." The company has promised #Impact365 footage later. There is a photo of The Wolves with the belts at this link.

  • opie

    WWE used to do this from time to time. I always liked it (not counting Diesel v. Backlund).

  • _JIM_

    Typical stupid TNA booking. The Wolves are over like crazy right now and they win the titles on a house show? Am I the only person who thinks that makes absolutely no sense? They should have at least done it on Impact. Or the better BUSINESS idea would have been for them to have built the rivalry for a little while and had the match on a PPV. Where they could have had the feud actually earn them some big money instead of just the gate at a house show. I know The Wolves are busy at Lockdown, but they still could have built the feud for a match at a One Night Only PPV coming up or for an episode of Impact. There was no reason that I can see to have rushed to put the belts on The Wolves when The Bro-Mans have been champs for so long. I just don’t get TNA’s line of thinking at all.

    • Scott Davies

      TNA thinks? Hogan, Bischoff, Russo, Releasing AJ Styles (Their face of the company), Dixie on TV. Where does TNA think?

    • BlazeKing

      They put it on Youtube for #impact365:


  • Guest

    Triple H was seen leaving the scene with a shovel.

  • LightsOut

    Whether it’s a house show or on tv, it shouldn’t matter. Atleast we don’t have to see those annoying BroMans making a mockery of the tag titles. Seriously for anyone to think them winning was a good idea needs their head examined in the first place.