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Do you think WWE should unify the WWE Intercontinental and United States titles respectively?

Yes, I've long been an advocate for unifying the two secondary titles in WWE. Consider the fact the WWE United States Championship hasn't been defended by Dean Ambrose on television since October 28, 2013 and you'll realize how little the title means. Apparently they're considering doing a program between Ambrose and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston before Wrestlemania XXX but plans are always subject to change.

Can you tell me a little more about the Legends' House reality series on the WWE Network?

WWE Legends' House was taped at the former house of Harpo Marx in Palm Spring, California in early 2012. The show is a comedic reality series. Roddy Piper actually Tweeted about the show nearing its debut in November 2013. You can watch the official trailer at this link or embedded in the video below. We've also included the official preview:

Coming in April: WWE Legends House — WWE’s greatest Legends reunite for a new title – only this time, they’re competing outside of the ring. Imagine a beautiful house in the suburbs – perfectly furnished, with gorgeous landscaping, a lovely pool and quiet, respectable neighbors. WWE Superstars from the past including "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will turn the neighborhood upside down as the house staff tries their best to keep these Legends on time, on speaking terms, and out of trouble in this new reality show.

I realize Randy Orton "attacking" John Cena's father on Raw was scripted, what would happen if a Superstar ever really went after a fan at ringside?

The last incident I can remember between a WWE wrestler and a member of the audience happened at the October 8, 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw with CM Punk in Sacramento, CA. We covered it here, here, here, here and here. The gist of it was someone was pushing Punk in the audience, he reacted without thinking and knocked a guy's glasses off. The guy Punk shoved wasn't the guy that shoved him, he just ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. No disciplinary actions were taken against Punk as Vince McMahon blamed security for being out of position. While I don't condone the wrestlers using violence against members of the audience, Punk was just defending himself. People need to be careful treating these guys like it's some sort of video game because people like Punk aren't going to to take it. However, the standard protocol for a fan getting physical is to let security and police handle it. It usually results in the fan getting thrown out and they are also subject to criminal charges.

Is it just me or is Big Show's character ridiculous? A few months ago he was crying because he had to hit Dusty Rhodes. This week he tormented Zeb Colter before knocking him out. It's bad enough he's probably turned heel or face more than anyone in wrestling. How are the fans supposed to care about his character one way or the other?

WWE relies on their audience having a short memory so they can turn characters when storylines see fit, however, the booking of Big Show has been especially bad. Let's not forget the storyline excuse of Big Show sitting out this summer (he was injured) was that he had an "ironclad contract" where he could choose his dates. However, he returned in a vulnerable role where he was facing "financial problems" and had to act as The Authority's muscle against his will. I blame it on short-term booking and not looking at the full picture when writing storylines. However, I have to give Big Show credit, he has the ability to get both characters over.

If I miss Raw, Smackdown or a pay-per-view I can DVR it to watch it later. Will there be any kind of feature like that with the WWE Network?

You will not have the functionality to record programming like you would with a DVR, however, replays of shows will be available shortly after their initial airings. For example, Raw and Smackdown will be available in the archive after they air live as will any WWE Network original program. The same goes for pay-per-views. The USA Network isn't worried about this hurting their ratings because the majority of the Raw audience watches live and WWE's programming has a reputation for being "DVR proof."

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2010: What do you know about the supposed WWE cable network? -Vince McMahon wants to start his own basic-tier cable network. As far as I know they want to feature entertainment programming and not all wrestling. WWE wants to leave Raw on the USA Network and now Smackdown on SyFy. McMahon is good friends with NBC Universal Chairman Dick Ebersol and there's been talk of Ebersol and the brass at NBC Universal teaming with WWE to launch the network. This is something McMahon has wanted to do for years but it is now getting much closer to becoming a reality.

The next installment of Ask WNW is scheduled to run on Friday, January 17, 2014.

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  • Venom

    I have a question about this Legend House show. Not to wish anything bad on anyone, but considering most of these legends are pretty old and it was filmed in 2012… What if something tragic happened to them? Natural causes or anything, would they still air it? I know it’s normal to air archive footage of people who have passed away and documentaries of them. However, this is kind of different as its a reality show.

    • Mike

      It’s probably be aired with a ” passed away after the filming of this series. Our thoughts are with…” message before each episode.

      • Tim

        Or they just wouldn’t touch on it. Ryan Dunn died way before the episode of ridiculousness that he guest starred on. But no mention of it happened. Maybe it was to not down the mood of the show. But I doubt it was that. It was probably from that everybody already knew of it.

  • I usually set my Raw recording to end 15 minutes later due to overrun.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      I actually set it for 30 minutes late. Sometimes Raw runs to 20 or 25 after.

  • D

    Yea I always dvr I haven’t watched one live in years. Also I only have my cell with bad reception and tv so the wwe network missed watever demo I’m in lol

  • Jay El Bee

    I don’t remember the WWE mentioning the Big Show’s iron clad contract last Summer, in fact I don’t remember them mentioning him at all while he was gone.

    • It was his reasoning while on the Pre-show panels he was on for the PPVs while he was injured. That he had an Iron-clad contract and could work whenever he wanted.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I always record as because live it’s early hours in the morning and I don’t really want to stay up till that time to watch a 3 hour show.

  • proud

    I live in Australia where WWE programming is on pay tv so I try and watch it on YouTube.

    I think the audience question was asking what if a worker started attacking innocent audience members (roid rage for example)? Would they be immediately released?

  • sheamusfan

    Thank you Richard sir for answering my question about title unification.

    • Venom

      No thank you for Being the millionth person to ask it. It was posted on the site before and even wwe did an interview with Big E. and Dean Ambrose.

      • WrestlingFan4Life

        And so he lives up to his name. Nice response, Venom. Do you really have to be such a f’ng d*ck?

  • Mike Farris

    i think to be honest Alicia Fox because she is a non storyline person switches between heel or face every time she has a match. if shes facing a heel diva she will be a face. if shes facing a face diva she will be the heel.

    but i mean alicia fox has been protrayed either way so many times between 2011 and the debut of Total divas when all the non divas on total divas automatically became heels. switched back and forth almost on a show by show basis

  • Philip Thompson

    I TiVo all WWE programming (and everything else) so that I can fast forward adverts. I know WWE has dissuaded many from doing this by introducing many interactive social media elements to their show but given RAW is on at 2am in the morning where I am – I’m not going to sit up until 5am just so that I can watch adverts and replays of what happened before the break. If I were to stay up and watch it I’d probably start at 3am and fast forward through the adverts and the reminders of what happened earlier and still finish by 5am but save an hour of my life.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      I live in the USA, so I get Raw at a decent hour. But I DVR it anyway for the same reason: to fast forward through ads. I don’t have all those tech gadgets to watch the action during the break anyway, so watching live or DVRd is the same to me.

  • _lawrenc1

    I don’t agree with unifying the US and Intercontinental Championships. If used in a proper manner, these titles can be the main event in smaller cities or an NXT house show. I also had the idea that if I were head of creative, what I would do is make the US title the next step up from the NXT title, and kick off Wrestlemania from now on with the current NXT champion getting his shot in the big leagues by wrestling for the US title (NXT title not on the line). It gives incentive to NXT wrestlers to work harder, and the US champ can serve in the manner the old NWA champion did in the old days of the territories, when the World Champion showing up in Mid-Atlantic or Georgia Championship wrestling was a huge deal. Just my ideas; I can be wrong.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      That is an excellent idea! If they put the belt on an NXT character, they must believe he’s almost ready to step up to the big leagues. Letting him “earn” his spot in Raw or Smackdown by winning the US belt would give the fans a little something extra, while utilizing the US belt.

  • Tim

    With a xbox or play station it would be insanely easy to record the shows off of the network.