TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS LIVE COVERAGE: TNA X Division Championship: Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

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Another lock up and Shelley sends Aries into the ropes, only to eat a big shoulderblock. Aries then cartwheels out of the way before gloating in the corner. Shelley is enraged and he charges, hitting Aries with a couple of big chops and a knee to the midsection before he dropkicks Aries through the ropes to the floor. Shelley launches himself out of the corner to the outside, bringing himself down on top of Aries. Shelley picks up Aries, but Aries slaps him and heads into the ring. Shelley responds by bringing Aries down throat first on the top rope, then slingshotting himself on top of Aries for a two count. Aries tries to throw Shelley to the side and get a breather by heading to the apron. Aries snaps Shelley throat first on the top rope, but when he goes for a slingshot press, Shelley gets his knees up. Shelley goes to the top and sends Aries to the outside. Aries crawls under the ring and surprises Shelley from behind, sending him to the outside, then following with the heat seeking missile through the ropes.

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  • Wwefan4eva

    This match was AMAZING! It’s worth buying the replay just for this match

    • havoc525

      Sorry, it’s NEVER worth buying the replay, especially for TNA. The fact nobody buys the original airing should speak volumes to that.