TNA Announces Impact Wrestling Will Begin Airing Live On May 31st

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- TNA's latest "exciting news" is that Impact Wrestling will be going live beginning May 31, 2012 and continuing through the summer. Below is the official press release:



NASHVILLE, TN - (May 17, 2012) -- TNA IMPACT WRESTLING President Dixie Carter and SPIKE TV President Kevin Kay announce today that the highly-rated “IMPACT WRESTLING” will be going Live! from Universal Studios beginning May 31st and continue through the summer. This announcement coincides with the recently announced new, one-hour earlier time slot change of 8:00-10:00pm/ET every Thursday night beginning May 31st.

“We are excited to take IMPACT WRESTLING Live! all summer long, and have our first Live! summer show launch our new 8:00pm/ET time slot,” says TNA President Dixie Carter. “Summer of 2012 is going to be remembered as the most momentous time in our company's history-to-date. Stay tuned."

  • Wayne

    Wonder if that's why WWE is going to 3 hrs.?

    • James M>>>

      Nah, I think wwe was planned on going to 3 hours months ago and I think it’s to have more time so they can better highlight and progress their low card and developmental workers. Plus, wwe is starting it two months after TNA, and it’s not on the same night.

  • Chuck

    Lol tna needs to start going around the country not in a impact zone. Start with mall of the America and go from there tna. Get rid of hogan and bish and any talent wasting your money. Hell let me run creative just pay for my travels

  • sonny morrell

    i know some people don't like tna,but i's old school.tna live..i love it.

  • Blazeking

    And where's the money coming from to do weekly live shows Dixie?!?!

  • Dangerous Lee

    This is the beginning of the end for the WWE.

  • gerry

    How can they do live shows if the shows in the impact are free? smells like trouble!!!

    • James M>>>

      Everything TNA does smells like trouble, or another word (sh*t)

  • Marcos

    highly rated -____________-

  • Kevin

    I said this weeks ago. When TNA first announced that they were starting an hour earlier starting May 31st and had a big surprise, I said it was probably that they were going to start going live. That's the only thing Hogan has done so far that makes any sense. If they truly want to compete with the WWE, they have to go live. Now, as Chuck stated in his comment, they need to get out of the Impact Zone and start touring the country, as WWE does. Once they start doing that, they'll be in a prime spot to give the WWE a run for its money.

    • lavon

      MY3yr old son told me after watching some old footage it that Dixie surprise is return of the 6 sided ring if so that is a huge start that they are listening to the fans.

  • Willie

    Tna will never be number 1!