TNA Bound For Glory Results (10/14/12) - Jeff Hardy Wins The TNA Championship

TNA Championship Match
- Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

The entrances:

Jeff Hardy is the first man out to the ring, and he gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd, though there are some pretty audible boos sprinkled in there. Tenay reminds everyone that Hardy earned this match though the Bound For Glory series.

Austin Aries is out next, and the World Champion also gets a nice reaction from the crowd on his way to the ring, although I'd say it was probably bigger for Hardy.

JB does formal ring introductions for both men, and we're ready to kick things off in our main event of the evening.

The start:

Following ring introductions, the crowd seems more behind Aries, but I'm sure it'll change several times during the match. The bell rings and we get some dueling chants from the crowd. We get a lock up and Aries backs Hardy up into the corner, getting shoved back hard by Hardy. Another lock up and Aries takes Hardy down to the mat, clamping on a head lock. Hardy fights to his feet and tries to send Aries across the ring, but Aries hangs on to the head lock. Aries locks on a body scissors, but Hardy slaps Aries to force him out of the ring to the entrance ramp.

Mid-match notes:

Another lock up and Hardy backs Aries into the corner. Hardy breaks clean, but Aries shoves him away and talks a bit of trash. Aries calls for a test of strength, but Hardy kicks him in the gut before slamming him into the corner turnbuckle, then taking him across the ring. Aries takes Hardy over with a side head lock. Hardy clamps on a head scissors and Aries leaps out and tries for a dropkick, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy stomps at Aries in the corner before blasting him with a couple of big rights.

Aries sends Hardy out to the apron and Hardy comes back in with a roll up, but Aries jumps out and connects with a dropkick that rocks Hardy. Aries leaps over the top rope and comes down with an elbow to Hardy's throat before doing a victory lap, and then doing it in reverse. Aries heads back into the ring, stopping to prop himself on the top turnbuckle. Hardy charges in but Aries avoids it. Aries tells the ref to back Hardy up, but Hardy chages in and kicks the rope into Aries' groin on his way in. Hardy hits a brainbuster which is good for a two count. Aries rolls to the outside and Hardy hits a dropkick through the ropes.

Hardy mocks Aries before leaping from the apron to the outside with a double axe handle sash. Hardy goes for the steps, but Aries cuts him off. Aries tries to whip Hardy into the steps, but it's reversed. Hardy sends Aries into the barricade before leaping off the ring steps and crushing Aries into the barricade again. Hardy sends Aries back into the ring and he goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count. Aries whips Hardy across the ring and runs into a back elbow, but he avoids the whisper in the wind. Aries heads to the middle rope and drops an elbow which is good for a two count.

Aries drops his knee into Hardy's spine, then hits an elbow for another two count. Aries drops an elbow to the top of Hardy's head. Aries hits Hardy with a big right hand before sending him into the corner. Aries runs into a big boot, but when Hardy tries for a splash, Aries gets his knees up and Hardy crashes down into them. Aries picks Hardy up and drops him with a backbreaker across the knee. Aries locks in a seated abdominal stretch, wearing away Hardy before going for the pin and getting two.

Aries kicks away at Hardy while the fans go nuts. Aries takes Hardy into the corner and buries his shoulder in Hardy's midsection. Aries hits the snap mare out of the corner before hitting a dropkick from the second rope to the back of Hardy's head, which is good for another two count. Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Hardy fights it off. Hardy drops Aries with a sit out front suplex.

Hardy hits a couple of rights, but he's dropped by an Aries clothesline. Aries heads to the apron and hits a slingshot corkscrew press for another near fall. Aries puts on a front face lock to continue to wear away at Hardy. Aries goes for the knees to the top of the head, but it's blocked by Hardy. Hardy fights up to his feet and ducks a clothesline, launching Aries across the ring. Aries looks stunned.

Aeries and Hardy trade rights and Hardy takes Aries out with a running forearm. Aries gets his boot up in the corner, but leaps down into an atomic drop. Hardy hits a couple of boots and a low dropkick for a two count. Hardy slams Aries from corner to corner before connecting with the whisper in the wind. Hardy goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but he's pushed away. Hardy is able to send Aries to the outside with a headscissors. Hardy leaps over the top, but Aries slides back into the ring to avoid it. Aries leaps out through the bottom and middle rope to sandwich Hardy against the barricade. Aries rolls back into the ring.

Hardy gets to his feet, and Aries launches himself through the ropes again. He gets Hardy back into the ring, but he can't keep him down for a three count. Aries clamps on the front face lock and floats over into the last chancery. Hardy gets his leg on the ropes to force a break. Aries picks Hardy up to his feet and tosses him out on the entrance ramp.

Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Hardy floats over. Hardy tries for a twist of fate, but Aries pushes him off and clotheslines him hard. Aries drops Hardy with a neckbreaker, dropping the back of his head on the entrance ramp. Aries heads to the top rope and leaps off with a missile dropkick. Hardy struggles to his feet in the corner and blocks the dropkick with a boot to the face. Hardy and Aries trade rights in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets the upper hand, but runs into an elbow. Hardy hits the twist of fate out of nowhere but still can't get three. Hardy heads up to the top. Aries dives into the ropes and Hardy is crotched in the corner. Aries connects with a crazy top rope super hurricanrana.

Aries charges in with the corner dropkick and hits the brainbuster, but Hardy is still able to kick out at three!

The finish:

Aries seats Hardy on the top turnbuckle and tries for a double foot stomp, but misses. Hardy is able to connect with a stunner, and a twist of fate. Hardy heads up to the top again and connects with the twist of fate, pinning Aries for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

The show ends with Hardy celebrating with his newly won title in the ring, while Aries recovers on the arena floor.

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  • SMB

    nice ppv…no one expected Devon to be there

    • vmagic

      Yes but WWE already did that when they surprised everyone with a Daniel Bryan return on ppv.

      • SDD619

        This was way different from Daniel Bryan. Everyone saw him returning to Summerslam that year. Nobody expected Devon

      • with your logic, every surprise return is a rip-off of the last one?

  • Brad

    How hot was the crowd tonight!
    And that's exactly what the biggest PPV of the year should be like- hooked on every match and loving the whole card. Much better than WM

  • TheTruthSetMeFree

    WWE has super Cena.. Jeff Hardy just proved to either be TNA's super Hardy, that they put the belt on him to keep him from leaving when his contract is up, or that you hit rock bottom with drugs and you get rewarded with a major title belt after almost 3 years of the screw up… I pick all 3… Sadly I'm a Jeff Hardy fan and I'm dissing him like this!

  • Swanson

    Honestly I think Aries could have retained but the fact Hardy has worked back from his downfall is actually pretty cool in my option. Aka he proved that he deserved it backstage. It shows hope for him and sets up a good feud

  • Benjs

    Where’s Christian tho?

  • Whammaster

    Why would they make Austin look so weak coming into the ppv, and then have him lose. Its like pissing all over the story going into the match. Made Hardy look larger then life, and made Austin look like the guy coming in for the job from a local indy show. Yeah Austin put on some serious offense during the match, im not saying during the match, im saying the build into the match was weak.

  • Andres

    That ending to Aries and hardy was stupid Aries should still be champ !!!

  • Chris

    Devon? Really? I truly see now why TNA ratings are so low.

  • phil

    Not hardy again

  • Kleck

    Happy that Devon still has a job

  • smithmiester

    Wansnt Christian supposed to appear?

    • _JIM_

      Only at the HOF ceremony I think.

  • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

    this has just got interesting

  • Enforcer

    Yeah, Devon as someone high up in the faction really gives it major wow factor lol. Maybe Disco Inferno and Alex Wright will also be in the group. Oh yeah and Shockmaster!

    • Phill

      Devon is one of the greatest & most decorated tag team champs of all time… and after all these years is still in the spotlight

      It was a great swerve by TNA – no-one saw it coming. Much better than the s*** WWE is giving us.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Tna did a good job last night… Although it remains to be seen who the leader is of aces and eights because I know it’s not Devon…

  • chris

    The endings to both the A&8s match and Hardy/Aries seemed so abrupt and anticlimactic.

  • Nick

    With the matches TNA delivered last night I feel bad that they can’t crank up the ratings. It’s obvious that they are trying to get better, I have enjoyed a lot their impact shows and last night’s BFG was perhaps the best ppv they’ve put up in a long time! Some of the matches results I don’t agree with like RVD winning the Xdivision title. Zema Ion has been red hot as a heel and I really think if they kept pushing him, he could have been another Austin Aries (moving up to the main event) but f course RVD is Hogan’s boy so he has to have his pecifier to keep him from bitching. One thing that puzzles me, seems like Jeff Hardy gets a new theme song every year while Aries gets nothing. Hardys entrance last night was epic and Aries for being the champion should have had an epic entrance too, but it was the same
    Old thing. DVON, I’m still shocked, DVON the happy-go-lucky television champion who was a damn good babyface is now with aces and 8’s. I am hooked! Can’t wait till Thursday!

  • Last nights ppv was pretty solid. The ones who are complaining about Devon are the same ones that will complain no matter who it was. They’ll just bitch about how obvious it was….

  • Fanfan

    Storm v Roode is the match of the year hands down.

    • Chuck Long

      Mos def

  • Stan

    Hellow. Iam. Sorry. I. Missed. That. Pay per. View. What. Was. The. Out. Come. With. Ace&Eights. Did. They. Lose.