TNA Destination X Results (7/08/12) - Zema Ion Wins X-Division Championship; Austin Aries The New TNA Champion

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Christy Hemme is backstage with Samoa Joe. She asks him about the World Title match. Joe says he's going to go with the man who's achieved something great and beaten him, so he's going with Aries. They turn their attention to the Bound for Glory leader board. Joe talks about his strategy from last year, where he just wanted to hurt people. This year he sees the opportunity. That leaves Kurt Angle. Tonight, he's not a gold medalist, he's ten points. He's not a wrestling machine. He's who Joe will make tap out. He and end to a means, and Joe will beat him by any means necessary.

TNA X Division Championship Tournament Match
- Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

The entrances:

Douglas Williams is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he doesn't get much of a reaction at all from the crowd. Kenny King is out next, and he seems to have the support of the crowd in this one.

The start:

The bell rings and Kenny and Doug begin circling each other. The crowd is chanting King's name. Williams locks in a headlock and takes King over and down to the mat. King fights out of the hold and he and Williams trade submissions on the mat. King fights up to his feet and the two trade hammerlocks. Williams gets a roll up, but only for one. Neither man wants to stay down, going back and forth without too much of a clear cut advantage.

Mid-match notes:

King takes Williams into the corner and avoids a roll up, rolling up Williams instead. Williams backs off and looks a bit surprised with King. Williams claps for King and offers his hand for a handshake. He pulls King in with a kick to the gut. Williams sends King from the ring. King heads back in as Williams goes out and he hits a twisting body press to the outside on top of Williams. King rolls Doug back into the ring and hits a quick suplex, rolling into a mount for a series of punches.

King takes Williams to the mat with a drop toe hold and locks in a front face lock. Williams pushes King down to the mat and clamps on a hammerlock. King fights up to his feet and out of the hold with an arm drag. He hits a couple more arm drags before transitioning right into an arm bar. Williams fights to his feet and takes King into the corner. He blasts King with a right, but King turns things around and punches Williams repeatedly. King runs into a big boot and eats a European uppercut from the second rope from Williams.

Williams slams King's head into the corner and kicks him in the gut before sending him across the ring. King is able to score with a roll up for two. Williams takes King into the corner and buries his shoulder in King's midsection. Williams slaps King across the face before sending him across the ring and hitting a running knee in the corner. Williams hit a suplex, and tries for the chaos theory, but King avoids it, hits an atomic drop, and kicks Williams in the back of the head.

King ducks a clothesline and hits a couple of his own before hitting a big spin kick. King hits a nice enzugiri before connecting with a huge spinebuster for another two count. King runs into a big boot in the corner, then misses a splash. Williams heads up, but he's stopped by King. Williams pulls King, and pushes him to the outside. Williams stands on the top and jumps to the outside with a flying knee to King.

The finish:

Williams heads back into the ring, and King makes it in before the ten count. Williams goes for a pin but only gets two. King fights back with forearms and a big back elbow before snapping Williams' neck across the top rope. King hits a springboard blockbuster for two. Williams rolls King up but King kicks out. Williams hits a running knee in the corner before seating King on the top. King pushes Williams off and hits the Royal flush, putting Williams down to the mat for a three count.

Winner and Qualifier for Ultimate X later tonight: Kenny King

Christy Hemme is backstage with Christopher Daniels. Daniels says a lot can happen in a year. Last year all he was to AJ Styles was his support system. Since last year, Daniels has done nothing but win and dominate. He's the new face of Impact Wrestling. Daniels says all that matters tonight is beating your opponent senseless. Daniels knows what kind of man he is, and what kind of man Styles is. He talks about Styles' 'affair' with Dixie Carter, and the random woman. Daniels says Styles is not the type of man to win a last man standing match at all. And everyone has Daniels' permission to drink to that.

TNA X Division Championship Tournament Match
- Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron

The entrances:

Sonjay Dutt is out for another qualifying match, and he gets a warm reception from the fans in attendance. Rashad Cameron is out next, and he gets a good bit of heat from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and we're off. Dutt and Cameron showcase a bit of their speed, both trying to out-quick each other until a double dropkick standoff. Rashad shoves Dutt by the face, and Dutt comes back with punches and a bit dropkick. Dutt jumps up and catches a dropkick to the stomach. Cameron hits the ropes and leaps out on top of Dutt with a beautful dive. Cameron sends Dutt back into the ring and gets a two count.

Mid-match notes:

Cameron takes Dutt into the corner and hits him with a couple of chops to the chest. Dutt runs in and hits a beautiful hurricanrana that sends Cameron to the outside. Sonjay flies through the ropes with a dropkick to the outside. Dutt heads up to the apron, but Cameron takes his feet out from under him. Cameron whips Dutt into the barricade. Cameron rolls Dutt into the ring and goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Cameron picks Dutt up and takes him into the ropes, choking him against the middle rope. Dutt runs into a high knee from Cameron for another two count. Cameron locks in a body scissors, working on cutting off Dutt's air. Cameron breaks the hold to argue with the ref before bringing the fight to Dutt in the corner. Dutt is able to hit Cameron with a bulldog, planting Cameron's face in the middle turnbuckle. Some amazing offense from Sonjay leads to a springboard splash for another near fall.

Both men trade holds and Cameron rolls Dutt up for two. Dutt is able to seat Cameron on the top rope, but he's caught with a super crazy hurricanrana. Cameron locks in an arm bar and yanks back hard. Dutt makes it to the ropes to force a break of the hold. Cameron stalks Dutt, but he's caught with a standing sliced bread.

The finish:

Dutt heads to the top and does an awesome double stomp moonsault! Dutt pins Cameron for the three count.

Winner and Qualifier for Ultimate X later tonight: Sonjay Dutt

Following the match, Tenay and Borash turn their attention to Jesse Sorenson. They talk about the level of danger that's present in X-Division style matches, and this leads us into a special update on Sorenson's rehab.

Sorensen is shown up and walking around to rehab, but still wearing a neck brace. Jesse is shown working out with, and talking to, his doctor. Overall, he looks much better than he did a couple of months ago.

Christy Hemme is in the ring, and Jesse Sorensen is introduced. He makes his way out to the ring, still wearing the collar, of course, and he hugs his mom and girlfriend before making his way into the ring.

Hemme hands over the mic. The crowd chants 'Welcome back'. Jesse says right before he came out, Dixie Carter asked if he was nervous. He said it was just good to feel anything, because the last time he was in this arena, he couldn't feel anything from the neck down. He was in an ICU, staring at the ceiling, wondering if his career was over, and if he'd walk again. He says the last thing he heard before he left the arena, was the fans chanting his name. Jesse says it's the same chant that motivated him to walk down the ramp and stand before the fans to tell them that God put him on the Earth to be a pro-wrestler. That's what he is, and what he always will be. To everyone in the back, his family, and everyone who stuck by him, he says thank you.

The crowd chants 'Thank you Jesse', but he thanks them. He calls out Zema Ion. He says he knows Ion is listening. He hopes that Zema wins the X-Division title tonight, because just like he tried to take Jesse's career, he's taking the title from Zema. He's making a promise that next year at this very event, he's going to be the X-Division champion, and he'll cash it in to go on and win the World Championship.

TNA X Division Championship Tournament Match
- Zema Ion vs. Flip Casanova

The entrances:

Jesse gets a lot of love from the crowd as he makes his way to the back. He's interrupted though, as Zema Ion makes his way out to the arena. Ion struts toward Jesse, asking him if his neck is OK. Ion and Sorensen stare each other down as Ion makes his way into the ring.

Flip Casanova is out next.

The start:

He makes his way into the ring and Ion catches him from behind with a cheap forearm. Ion takes Flip out with a crazy clothesline before chopping him in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Flip avoids a splash in the corner and hits a nice kick. Flip hits a headscissors that sends Ion to the outside, so Flip is quick to head out with a dive over the top on top of Ion. Flip rolls Ion back into the ring and kicks him in the corner. He tries for something, but Ion simply kicks him away. Ion chokes Flip against the middle rope.

Ion catches a couple of kicks to the upper thigh, but he hits Flip with a back elbow and a crazy dropkick through the ropes to the outside. Ion sends Flip back into the ring and jumps over the top rope, kicking Flip down to the mat face first. Ion grabs his hair spray and uses a bit before running across the ring, and hitting a moonsault into Flip's knees. Flip hits an atomic drop and puts Ion to the mat before hitting a springboard twisting body press for two. Flip slams Ion to the mat and he goes up to the top. Flip tries for a shooting star something, but Ion moves.

The finish:

Ion plants Flip's face into his knee, before hitting a modified Gory bomb. Ion pins Flip and gets the three count.

Winner and Qualifier for Ultimate X later tonight: Zema Ion

Christy Hemme is backstage, hyping fans talking about the X Division on Twitter. She's backstage with all of the qualifiers for Ultimate X, besides Zema. Everyone gives a quick line about tonight. Bobby Roode comes in and says tonight is his moment. Tonight in the main event, the only match that matters, he's going to destroy their poster boy, Austin Aries. Their division and Aries will fail, and Roode will walk out with the World Championship.

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  • Adam W.

    I'm very happy for Aries. Austin deserves the title so much, and I'm glad he was given an opportunity like this. Hopefully, he will have a long reign with that championship as well.

    • Alex

      Gotta give it to TNA. In the past year they have definitely showcased their younger talent a bit more than they use too. Keep up the good work TNA.

    • Willie

      It won’t be a long reign Roode win it back before BFG cause everybody know it goin be Roode vs storm at BFG

  • stoney

    Austin Aries truly is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived

  • Stav

    I like this Austin guy

  • Ellen

    Good for A-double!

  • Swanson

    I don’t expect either champion well done

  • paulw3000

    Can I ask one thing… Who ever posts the results, can you not right the results on the home page link??? I’m reading the results because I want to find out what happened, but that kinda spoils it

  • Ego Trip

    This whole PPV was predicatable. Congradulations to Aries. Hopefully he gets a chance to run with this for a few months at least. But with TNA he might drop the belt at the next taping.

  • Tomer Hanan

    The best champion is Aries

  • AwesomeMan

    Bout time bobby lost that title congrats a-double