TNA Destination X Results (7/08/12) - Zema Ion Wins X-Division Championship; Austin Aries The New TNA Champion

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Bound for Glory Series Match
- Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

The entrances:

Another quick look at the Bound for Glory series leader board leads us to the next match. Samoa Joe is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a nice reaction from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and both men are slow to start, staring each other down before circling. Joe teases a couple of kicks, but Angle ducks. Joe and Angle tangle in the ropes and eventually the corner. Neither man wants to budge. Joe has a headlock clamped on, but Angle pushes him off. Joe hits a shoulderblock and goes for a sleeper, but Angle fights out and tries for an ankle lock. Joe kicks Angle away and stares him down.

Mid-match notes:

Angle is able to place Joe in a front face lock, but Joe is quick to fight up to his feet, picking Angle up and driving him into the corner where he hits a series of quick rights. Joe chases off the ref before turning back to Angle and face washing him with his boot. Joe charges across the ring and runs in with a huge kick to the face for Angle. Joe peppers Angle with right hands. Joe hits a European uppercut, but he runs into a back elbow from Angle. Angle charges Joe, and Joe back drops him over the top and to the outside.

Joe flies through the ropes with an elbow suicida to Angle. Joe rolls Angle back into the ring, but he catches a kick to the chest from Angle on his way back into the ring. Angle stomps away at Joe in the corner, kicking him repeatedly. Joe is able to send Angle into the corner and hit an elbow enzugiri combo. Joe tries for the muscle buster, but Angle fights it off with a head butt, and then hits a missile dropkick.

Angle locks in a rear chin lock, cranking back and wearing down Joe. Joe fights up and elbows his way out of the hold, but he runs right into a big belly to belly release suplex. Angle goes for the pin, but Joe kicks out at two. Angle buries his knee in Joe's back and locks on another rear chin lock. Joe fights to his hand and knees, then up to his feet. Joe elbows his way out again and after a weird moment, Joe goes up in the corner. Angle charges up after, but Joe pushes him away. Joe hits a leg lariat from the middle rope for another two count.

Joe hits Angle with a couple of clotheslines, but runs into a back elbow. Joe hits Angle with an inverted atomic drop out of nowhere. A big boot/senton combo leads to a two count for Joe. Angle rakes at Joe's face, but runs right into a big snap slam. Joe tries for an arm bar, getting it, but Angle reverses into an ankle lock out of nowhere. Joe fights out, but Angle catches him for a German suplex. He holds on and hits a second suplex. He maintains his grip still, and connects with a third suplex, releasing this time.

Angle tries for the Angle slam, but Joe rolls out. Joe boots Angle in the face. Joe places Angle up in the corner and tries for the muscle buster. Angle rolls out of it and goes right into an ankle lock, standing to his feet. Joe kicks Angle away, and when Angle charges in, Joe puts him down with an STO. Joe seats Angle on top and this time connects with the muscle buster. Joe goes for the pin, but Angle kicks out at two.

Joe waits for Angle to stand and clamps on the rear naked choke. Angle drops down and locks in the ankle lock. Joe crawls for the ropes, but Angle pulls Joe back to the center of the ring. Joe goes to kick him away, but breaks the hold and locks in the rear naked choke instead. Joe locks his legs around Angle's body, but Angle elbows Joe's knees. Angle fights to his feet, and hits the Angle slam to break the hold. He goes for the pin but Joe kicks out at two.

The finish:

Angle pulls his straps down and goes for the ankle lock, but Joe kicks him away. Angle tries for another Angle slam, but Joe rolls through and goes right into the rear naked choke. Joe fights him down to the mat and locks up Angle's left arm. Angle tries to use his one free arm to fight off the hold, but he's fading. Earl Hebner calls for the bell as Angle is deemed unable to defend himself.

Winner (by KO): Samoa Joe

Last Man Standing Match
- AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

We get a video package that highlights the events leading up to this match, including all of the hoopla with Dixie Carter and her husband that was super confusing, and pretty disappointing when it all came out to tell the truth.

The entrances:

Christopher Daniels is the first man to make his way out to the ring. He gets a lot of heat from the crowd on his way into the ring.

AJ Styles is out next, and even though this has been a blood feud, he still stops to pose at the top of the ramp, and walks slowly and cooly to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and Daniels bails to the outside where he does a quick set of jumping jacks. Daniels heads in and back out for a quick bit of stretching. Another quick trip in and out leads AJ to chase Daniels. When they both get into the ring, Daniels spits in AJ's face.

Mid-match notes:

Styles comes back with repeated right hands until Daniels bails from the ring again. Styles backs Daniels up into the barricade hard. Daniels fights back with chops, and a clubbing blow to the back. Styles comes right back, slamming Daniels into the barricade. Daniels responds with an elbow to the back of the head before rolling into the ring.

Daniels stomps away at Styles, but when Daniels hits the ropes, Styles hits a crazy dropkick out of nowhere. Styles blasts Daniels with a kick to the chest before stomping away at his hand. Daniels backs Styles into the corner, but Styles responds by suplexing Daniels into the corner turnbuckles. Styles slams Daniels to the mat and goes for a fist drop, but Daniels moves. Daniels takes Styles into the corner and chops away at his chest. Daniels misses with one, and Styles turns it around, chopping at Daniels. Styles catches a big right hand from Daniels out of nowhere, which is followed up with a big boot to the side of AJ's face.

Daniels and Styles head to the outside. Daniels tosses a chair into the ring before turning back to Styles and tearing at his face. Daniels rolls Styles into the ring and he turns to the chair, opening it and setting it up in the middle of the ring. Styles fights Daniels off and uses the chair to leap off of for a splash, but Daniels moves and puts Styles down with a urunage on the chair.

Styles rolls to the outside to get to his feet, so Daniels follows and beats on Styles, slamming him down face first into the steel steps. Daniels catches Styles with a couple of right hands, and Styles is busted open. Daniels suplexes Styles on the arena floor. Daniels takes the ring steps and sets them on their side. He tries to whip Styles into them, but Styles fights it off and hits Daniels with a big right hand. Styles runs into a big boot from Daniels and he's thrown into the ring. Daniels puts the bent chair on the mat before whipping Styles into the corner hard. Daniels grabs the chair, but Styles kicks him in the back of the leg. Styles springboards in, but Daniels gets the chair up. It looks like both men took a bit of the chair, but it mostly hit Daniels.

Styles heads to the outside and grabs Daniels, throwing him hard head first into the ring steps. Now Daniels too is busted open. Styles goes to work on the cut with a series of rights. Daniels begs off, crawling backwards up the ramp. Styles follows and grabs Daniels, hitting him with a bit right hand. The two fight at the top of the ramp. Styles takes Daniels over toward the side of the stage. Styles heads to the other side of the ramp and both men charge, hitting simultaneous clotheslines.

Both men make it to their feet and begin trading right hands. Styles gets the upper hand with a big kick to Daniels' head. Styles tries for the Styles clash, but Daniels back drops him over to avoid the move. Daniels blasts AJ with a big right hand before posing for the crowd. Daniels tries to ram AJ's head into part of the set. Instead, Styles climbs the set and hits the moonsault reverse DDT.

Kazarian comes out of nowhere while the ref is counting, and he shoves Styles hard from the ramp out to the floor. Styles flies out a good ten feet from the stage. The ref looks at Kaz angrily before heading down to count Styles. Styles makes it to his feet at eight. Daniels heads down and slams Styles' head into the guard rail. Daniels heads down to the ring and goes underneath, grabbing a table.

The finish:

Daniels brings the table back to the entrance area where Styles is laid out and sets up the table. Daniels goes for a double underhook, but Styles runs Daniels back, knocking Kaz over. AJ hits the Pele kick. AJ goes for the Styles clash, walking to the side of the entrance ramp, and jumping probably five feet down, through a table, and to the arena floor. The ref begins the count and both men struggle to stand. Styles makes it up, but Daniels falls to his back before he can stand. This one is over.

Winner: AJ Styles

Christy Hemme is backstage with Austin Aries. He says he's excited for the Ultimate X Match and he wishes them good luck, but at this point, that's in his rear view mirror. What's in front of him is Bobby Roode and the TNA World Championship. Roode has called himself the most dominant champion in TNA and we'll see if that's true. Roode has won his matches with beer bottles, and Aries has won with brainbusters. Aries is going to change the course of Impact Wrestling and walk out the champion, proving why he's the greatest man who ever lived.

Ultimate X Match in the X-Division Championship Tournament Final
- Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Mason Andrews vs. Sonjay Dutt

The entrances:

We get a recap of all of the earlier tournament matches that led up to the finals right here for the vacant TNA X Division Championship. The title is shown hanging over the ring before Mason Andrews makes his way to the ring.

Zema Ion is the second man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a good deal of heat from the crowd.

Kenny King is out third, and he gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd, especially since this is his third match in TNA.

Dutt is out last, and he too gets a warm welcome.

The start:

The bell rings and Ion does his hair before heading into the corner. He's pulled down by everyone. He fights them all off with back elbows, but leaps into dropkicks from all three men. King and Andrews fight in the ring until Andrews is pulled from the ring by Ion. Dutt is in and blasts King with a kick that sends him out to the floor. Ion sends Dutt out to the floor, and he and Mason fight in the ring. Ion hits a springboard DDT. He heads up but King stops him and hangs him in the tree of woe before suplexing Andrews into Ion in the corner. King heads up, but he's stopped by Dutt.

Mid-match notes:

King and Dutt fight on the apron. King sends Dutt from the apron with a kick out of nowhere. King heads up to the top and goes for the belt, but he's stopped by Dutt. Dutt hits a standing shooting star press but it looks like he hurt himself though, cautiously rolling to the outside. Ion heads up for the belt, but King and Andrews grab his legs and pull him down to the mat. King heads up, but Andrews stops him. Andrews heads up after King and hits a big belly to back suplex from the middle rope. King retaliates with a standing suplex.

King goes for a twisting press to the outside, but Ion moves and King crashes to the floor. Mason goes for a splash of his own and he takes out both of his opponents. Sonjay has been helped to the back. Andrews goes for the belt, but King gets his attention with a springboard spear to stop his momentum. Dutt is back out to the ring. He begins climbging up the structure. Andrews and King see this. He and King fight out to the middle of the ring and meet each other at the title. They both fall to the mat. Ion and Dutt climb all the way to the top of the structure and fight at the top. Dutt hits Ion with a couple of rights before Sonjay drops himself down on top of the cables.

The finish:

Ion drops down as well and uses a can of hairspray that he's got to blast Sonjay in the eyes. Ion takes the belt off of the cables, and he wins the match.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Zema Ion

Christy Hemme is out to interview Ion. He tells the fans to show some respect. He dedicates the win to his haters and critics for their undying support. He wants to thank his biggest support and guiding light, Jesse Sorensen. Without breaking his neck, he might have never realized how dangerous he really is. Just when you thought he couldn't get any prettier, he wins this and becomes the prettiest X Division Champion of all time.

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  • Adam W.

    I'm very happy for Aries. Austin deserves the title so much, and I'm glad he was given an opportunity like this. Hopefully, he will have a long reign with that championship as well.

    • Alex

      Gotta give it to TNA. In the past year they have definitely showcased their younger talent a bit more than they use too. Keep up the good work TNA.

    • Willie

      It won’t be a long reign Roode win it back before BFG cause everybody know it goin be Roode vs storm at BFG

  • stoney

    Austin Aries truly is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived

  • Stav

    I like this Austin guy

  • Ellen

    Good for A-double!

  • Swanson

    I don’t expect either champion well done

  • paulw3000

    Can I ask one thing… Who ever posts the results, can you not right the results on the home page link??? I’m reading the results because I want to find out what happened, but that kinda spoils it

  • Ego Trip

    This whole PPV was predicatable. Congradulations to Aries. Hopefully he gets a chance to run with this for a few months at least. But with TNA he might drop the belt at the next taping.

  • Tomer Hanan

    The best champion is Aries

  • AwesomeMan

    Bout time bobby lost that title congrats a-double