TNA Hardcore Justice Results (8/12/12) - Austin Aries Successfully Defends His Title

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TNA X Division Championship Match
- Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

We get a video package looking at Kenny King's quest to become the X Division Championship, and him talking about the risks he took in coming to TNA.

The entrances:

Kenny King is the first man out to the ring and he gets a good reaction from the crowd on his way out to the ring.

Zema Ion is out next, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd at all.

The start:

The bell rings and King and Ion circle each other. A lock up and Ion backs King into the corner. King shoves Ion out. King locks in a top wrist lock and takes Ion down to the mat. He brings his knee down on Ion's shoulder before putting on an arm bar. Ion fights up and out of the hold by pushing King into the ropes. King clamps on a headlock, but Ion fights out.

Mid-match notes:

Ion hits a shoulder block, but King connects with a drop toe hold and floats into a side headlock. King rolls Ion up for a quick one count. A second and third roll up don't get any more, but he locks on another side headlock. Ion takes him into the corner, but he misses a dive and catches a right hand to the face. King goes out to the apron but Ion pulls his feet out from under him. He sends him into the apron but King jump up to the apron and leaps off and into Ion.

King sends Ion back into the ring, but he's stopped on his way back in. Ion hits a flipping dive over the top to take out King. Ion rolls King back into the ring. King punches Ion in the face, so Ion hot shots King and hits a big neckbreaker. Ion throws Kenny's head back into the turnbuckle before stomping away at him. Ion chokes King in the rope before being forced to break. King doles out a couple of forearms to Ion, but he's caught with a low knee that's good for a near fall for Ion. Ion snap mare's King over and locks in a rear chin lock. King fights up and out of it quickly, but eats a DDT for another two count.

Ion goes for a moonsault but lands on King's knees. King hits a couple of big clotheslines and rights hands. King sends Ion into the ropes and hits a huge spinning kick that's good for a two count. King charges into a back elbow, but launches Ion into the corner with a big suplex. Ion falls to the outside, so King jumps over the top with a twisting body press over the top. King sends Ion back into the ring and heads up to the apron. King hits a springboard blockbuster, but can't keep Ion down for two. King shoulders Ion but Ion fights out. Ion backs King into the corner, but King fights out. King locks on a single leg Boston crab.

Ion fights out of it with a kick and charges into a big boot from King in the corner. King misses a spin kick, and Ion connects with a crazy facebuster across his own knee for another near fall. Ion positions King and heads up in the corner. King stops him with a big right. King heads up after Ion but is thrown off. King lands on his feet and kicks Ion in the back of the head for another two count.

The finish:

King hits Ion with an enzugiri and rolls Ion up for another two. King charges into Ion in the corner, but whatever he did is sloppily reversed by Ion. Amazingly, that's the end of the match, as Ion gets the three.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Zema Ion

JB is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe says he's ready, because tonight he seals his place in the final four. Tonight he's one step closer to his goal, regaining his World Championship. And on a night when a lot of people are nervous, Joe isn't nervous. If someone starts something with Joe, they go until one of them isn't there anymore. Joe will beat up everyone, take the envelope, and the 20 points.

20-Point Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match
- AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

The entrances:

AJ Styles is out to the ring first, and of course he gets a great reaction from the crowd on his way into the arena.

Daniels is out second, and he gets a bit of heat, but not a ton.

Kurt Angle is out to the ring next, and he gets a favorable reaction from the Impact Zone.

Samoa Joe is the final man to make his way out to the ring. As always, he's got a vocal contingent of fans in his corner.

The start:

The bell rings and once again, everyone stares each other down. Styles jumps Daniels and beats him down in the corner, stomping away. Angle pulls him off only to stomp and choke him with his boot. Joe hits Daniels with Kawada kicks and all three men hit him with rights.

Mid-match notes:

Daniels kicks everyone, but misses a moonsault on Joe. Joe hits an atomic drop/big kick/senton combo. Joe beats on Styles in the corner before peppering Angle with rights. He splashes both men before hitting Angle with an enzugiri and face washing him with his boot. Daniels pulls Joe to the outside and slams his head into the apron. Daniels heads in and jumps over the top, but he's caught by Joe. Styles jumps over the top and wipes out both men.

In the ring Styles beats on Angle, taking him from corner to corner. Styles heads out to the ring apron, but Daniels uses a ladder to take out Styles' knee. Angle slides to the outside and Daniels sends him crashing into the guardrail. Daniels brings the ladder into the ring and uses it to hit Joe in the gut. He traps Joe in the corner and charges in with a running forearm. Daniels charges in again and Joe drives him down into the ladder. Joe sets up the ladder but Styles stops him. Styles hits Joe with a dropkick that sends Joe to the outside. Angle comes in and hits Styles with a couple of big right hands and upper cuts. Angle hits Styles with a tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Daniels uses the ladder to low blow Angle before tossing him to the outside.

Daniels begins to climb to the top, but Joe powerbombs him into the corner instead. Joe tosses AJ from the ring and heads up the ladder. Angle pushes the ladder down and launches Joe with a belly to belly suplex. Angle grabs the ladder and sets it up, but Styles attacks from behind. Both men trade rights. Angle chokes Styles in the ropes before hitting him with a cross face blow, them stomping away at him. Styles tosses Angle to the ladder and Kurt ducks it, but Styles pushes the ladder into Angle's face. Styles hits Joe with a big Pele kick.

Styles stops Daniels from using the ladder as a weapon, and he mounts him in the corner, hitting him with repeated right hands. Styles hits Daniels with a big upper cut and a nasty chop. Joe comes back into the ring and hits both AJ and Daniels before back dropping Styles to the floor. Joe hits a suicide dive through the ropes to take out Styles. Joe charges Angle, but he's caught and Angle hits a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Daniels DDTs Angle on the floor. Daniels sends Joe back into the ring. He tries to whip AJ into Joe but it's reverses. AJ runs into a boot, then Joe hits a clothesline to Joe and Daniels before knocking Angle from the ring apron. Joe suplexes Daniels into the corner before running into double boots from AJ. Joe stops AJ from going to the top and tries for the muscle buster, but Angle stops by suplexing Joe, causing Styles to fall on his face.

Daniels takes Angle down with an STO and then sets up the ladder. Angle yanks him from the ladder and locks in the ankle lock. Daniels taps out but it doesn't matter. Daniels fights out of the hold and sends Angle face first into the ladder. Styles hits a springboard clothesline to Daniels out of nowhere. Styles drags the ladder to the middle of the ring. Styles begins climbing, but Daniels pushes the ladder and Styles falls over the ropes to the outside. Daniels takes a bow and resets the ladder. Daniels climbs but Joe and Angle shove the ladder out of the way. Joe suplexes Daniels, then so does Angle. Joe hits a German suplex, then so does Angle.

The finish:

Joe hits another suplex, so Angle hits the Angle slam. Angle sets up the ladder. Joe and Angle thread Daniels through the standing ladder. Joe kicks Daniels hard, then so does Angle. Joe and Angle fight it out until Angle low bridges Joe. Joe grabs another ladder and sets it up. Joe knocks Angle down with a head butt, but Styles comes out of nowhere and springboards onto the ladder, leaping up and grabbing the paper that represents the points, winning the match.

Winner of the 20 points in the BFG series: AJ Styles

JB is standing backstage and Bobby Roode comes in for an interview. A fan asks if Roode is afraid of Aries. Roode says he's not afraid of anyone, most certainly not Aries. His victory last month was nothing more than an f-l-u-k-e, fluke. It's time to become the World Champion again. Roode has been main-eventing shows for the last year an carrying the company. Aries' dream comes to an end tonight and Roode will right the wrong, and walk into Bound for Glory as the World Champion.

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  • Andrew Ace

    Yes AJ finally gains some points

  • smithmiester

    Pretty poor ppv then

  • Ellen

    Great write-up, was it hard to make it sound as exciting you did? Glad I didn't buythis PPV – YAAAAAAWN:-(

  • HazMatt23

    As soon as the second ref hit the ring, you knew what was going to happen with the screwy double count.

  • HazMatt23

    As soon as the second ref hit the ring, you knew what was going to happen with the double count “swerve”