TNA Lockdown Results (4/15/12) - Team Garett Wins, Crimson Beats Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode Retains

Steel Cage Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship
- Samoa Joe and Magnus © vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

The entrances:

The Motor City Machine Guns are the first two men to make their way out to the cage, and Chris Sabin gets a great reception along with Alex Shelley, in his return to PPV action.

Samoa Joe and Magnus are out next, and they get a mixed reaction, but the crowd already seems a bit worn out after the last match.

The start:

The bell rings and it looks like Shelley and Magnus will be kicking things off, and this will work like a regular tag match, only in a cage. We get a lock up and Magnus tosses Shelley into the corner. Shelley catches Magnus with a low dropkick, but a clubbing blow to the back stops Shelley's momentum. Neither man can seem to connect with any real offense until Magnus hits a big clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Sabin makes the blind tags and the Guns hits Magnus with stereo kicks to the chest and back. Magnus crawls to his corner and tags in Joe. Sabin avoids a takedown from Joe, but he falls victim to a kick to the gut. Joe pulls Sabin out of the corner, and Sabin locks in a headlock. Joe fights out and Sabin hits a shoulderblock, but Joe is unmoved. A second and a third bring out a right hand from Joe. Joe fights off a sunset flip, but eats a dropkick to the side of the head. Shelley tags in and heads to the top, coming off with a double axe handle to Joe's back.

Joe makes the tag and Shelley hits Magnus with a couple of punches and a big chop in the corner. Magnus avoids a splash in the corner and fights off a double team by tossing Shelley into Sabin with a fall away slam. Joe tags in and he takes Sabin to the mat with a big back elbow. Joe hits a huge chop to Sabin's chest before tagging Magnus back into the ring. Magnus slams Sabin to the mat and goes for the pin, but he only gets one. Joe tags in and takes Sabin down with a series of right hands in the corner. Sabin fights off both Joe and Magnus and tries to make the tag, but he's stopped by Joe, and a bit of double team work ending in a senton from Joe scores a near fall. Magnus tags in and lock in a rear chin lock to begin wearing Sabin down.

Sabin fights to his feet and tries to get the tag, but Magnus stops him again with a big spinebuster. Joe tags into the match and hits Sabin with a snap suplex that's good for another quick two count. Joe takes Sabin into his own corner and Sabin is able to fight out with a boot to Magnus and tornado DDT to Joe combination. Sabin crawls to his corner and both men make the tag. Shelley comes in with a series of boots to Magnus. Magnus fights off sliced bread, but he's sat in the corner, and he puts Joe down with a kick to the head. Another try at sliced bread and Magnus seats Shelley on top. Joe and Magnus go up for a double superplex, but Sabin comes in and hits a powerbomb on Joe out of the corner. Magnus goes for something, but Shelley hits Magnus' head on the cage and he drops to the mat. Shelley hits a double stomp, but Joe makes the save.

The Guns slam Joe head first into the cage wall before turning to Magnus. Sabin goes for a neckbreaker, but Joe catches him in the rear naked choke from behind. Magnus gets Shelley with a full nelson. Shelley fights out and hits sliced bread on Magnus. Joe breaks the hold to break up the pin. Joe and Magnus try for their finishing combination, but Shelley avoids the elbow. Sabin locks on a sleeper on Joe in the corner.

The finish:

Shelley tries for sliced bread on Magnus again, but it doesn't work. Magnus slams Shelley to the mat and Joe sentons him with Sabin on his back. Magnus and Joe hit their signature snap mare elbow drop combo and get the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Joe and Magnus make their way to the back. Joe says that he's the best in the world.

JB is backstage with Robbie E. Robbie makes big Rob Terry pat down JB because he doesn't trust him. Robbie says Devon isn't on his list, and he's not on Robbie's level. He says he'll leave Nashville as a two time TV Champ, and then he and Big Rob are going to hit Broadway, where they'll be fist pumping.

Steel Cage Match for the TNA TV Championship
- Devon © vs. Robbie E

The entrances:

Robbie E. is out to the cage first, with Rob Terry in tow, of course. He gets absolutely no reaction from the crowd, who seem to be sitting on their hands for Robbie E.

Devon is out next, and he gets a better reaction from the crowd, but they still don't seem too excited for this match.

The start:

Before the match begins Terry wont leave the ring. Robbie charges but Devon moves and Robbie crashes into Terry. Terry leaves the cage and Robbie brings the fight to Devon, taking him to the mat and going for a quick pin.

Mid-match notes:

Robbie stomps at Devon. Devon fights back, hitting Robbie with a couple of rights, but he runs into a big boot in the corner. Robbie follows up with a big clothesline out of the corner. Robbie heads to the middle rope and leaps out with a flying elbow. Robbie locks on a rear chin lock on Devon.

The finish:

Devon fights out of the hold, but Robbie is able to take him back down to the mat. Robbie heads up to the top rope, but Devon hits the ropes and Robbie ends up crotching himself. Robbie runs into a couple of big rights from Devon before eating a shoulderblock. Then he eats another. Devon takes takes Robbie to the mat before whipping him into the corner and hitting a big splash. Devon plants Robbie with a spinebuster, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Devon celebrates following the match, but he's immediately attacked from behind by Big Rob. Terry helps Robbie to his feet, and the two stand tall over a laid out Devon.

JB is standing backstage with Matt Morgan. He talks about how you can lend support to either James Storm or Robert Roode by Twittering a certain hashtag. He turns his attention to Morgan. Morgan says he got into wrestling to make money and win championships, but he's going into tonight's match for revenge. He says the whole world saw him stab Morgan in the back, and Crimson answers for his sins. He says tonight, the cage is a prison cell, and he's going to make Crimson his red headed b****.

Steel Cage Match for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship
- Gail Kim © vs. Velvet Sky

Tenay runs down the Knockouts Tale of the Tape, talking about the history between these two women, and a bit about the history of the KO division in general.

The entrances:

Velvet Sky is the fist woman to make her way out to the ring. She motions around her waist the she wants to get the title. Taz is frustrated as Velvet again doesn't let the pigeons loose.

Gail Kim is out to the ring next, with Madison Rayne following behind.

The start:

Kim attacks Velvet right away, hitting her with a shot to the gut and slamming her head first into the turnbuckle. Velver reverses a suplex into a small package. Velvet goes for roll up after roll up, but she's caught with a kick to the head from Kim. Gail uses her knee to choke Velvet against the middle rope.

Mid-match notes:

Gail hits Velvet with a bit right hand, and a running knee to the back. Gail chokes Velvet with her boot in the corner. Velvet blocks a turnbuckle smash in the corner and begins fighting back, hitting Gail with repeated rights and slamming Gail's face into her knee. Gail goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick that lays Velvet out for a two count.

Gail hits a backbreaker and stretches Velvet across her knee before taking her to the mat and locking in the stretch muffler. Sky fights it off, but Gail comes running out of the corner with a big running clothesline that's good for a near fall. Gail takes Velvet down to the mat with what's almost a dragon sleeper. Velvet fights up to her feet, and gets out of the hold with a jawbreaker. Kim slams Velvet's head into the corner turnbuckle before slapping her. Kim charges into the corner, but Velvet moves and Kim crashes into the ring post and cage wall.

Sky hits a series of clotheslines and back elbows before hitting Kim with a head scissors. Sky hits Kim with a basement dropkick before taking her across the ring with a bulldog. Sky pulls Kim to the middle of the ring. Kim kicks her away and goes up to the top. Velvet stops Kim from escaping and hits her with a couple of knees to the face. Velvet hits a sunset bomb out of the corner, planting Kim on the back of her head.

The finish:

Velvet goes for the pin, but Gail is able to get her hand on the rope. Madison is able to distract Velvet for a second and Gail crawls toward the cage door. Velvet stops her with a roll up, but Gail reverses and hold on to the tights for a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Gail and Madison quickly make their way to the back while Velvet recovers in the ring. Velvet makes her way to the back, apologizing to the fans for letting them down.

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  • The man

    If I booked it here would be my winners team Garret,Robbie e,Matt Morgan,the motor city machine guns,Kurt angle,Eric young and odb,and finally Bobby roode Sounds pretty good most of the matches turned out as I predicted.

  • Robert olley

    Some sloppy mistakes again Gunner hits the corner drop kick on gunner just to name the first one. I’ve noticed this mainly happens on the tna results though.

  • AJG316

    Bobby roode = luckiest son of a bitch the world has ever seen

  • Whammaster

    I thought the best match was Angle vs. Hardy. Full of spots and false finishes, even stolen finishers. Did a very good job in the cage.

  • Jake

    That was a stupid ppv. ALL retains…

  • Aldin94

    I hate the whole odb and young stuff.

    I thought the ppv was pretty good.

    i don’t know what’s next for storm though.

    Hey Richard is it possible for you to find out the attendance of LockDown?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I didn't watch the PPV but read the reports. I hear a Miracle Happen and KAZ cut his hair. that is shocking since he refused to cut his hair in WWE and left over the issue in 2005.

  • vickie's lover

    the audience was dead 🙂

  • Abe

    The PPV ends with Roode heading into the crowd and heading over to his family, and Roode being attended to on the arena floor.

    just thought I would bring this funny typo to your attention