TNA Lockdown Results (4/15/12) - Team Garett Wins, Crimson Beats Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode Retains

In-Ring Segment
- Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair's music hits, and the Nature Boy makes his way out to the ring to a pretty nice reception from the Nashville crowd.

Of course Flair gets a ton of 'Woos' from the crowd. He stands in the ring with a mic. He asks the fans if they have any idea who just walked in the ring. He says that's a series question. He says that he is the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. He says his life gets greater and bigger every day. He asks the fans if they know why. He says it's because he's that d*** good. He says he's a special kind of cat, and tonight, he's telling the fans that he's p***ed off. He says Hogan just wont leave him alone and tonight he ended Eric Bischoff's career. Flair says that isn't funny to him.

Flair runs down a fan in the front row, and he's interrupted by the music of Hulk Hogan. Hogan makes his way out to the ring to a big reaction. Hogan has a mic in hand and he asks for his music to be cut. Flair says Hogan p***ed him off, brother. Hogan says that as the General Manager, he's got to admit something. He says Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time. He then asks for permission to enter the ring.

Flair gives Hogan permission, because he wants to talk to him. Hogan says if Flair has a complaint, he says that Flair should express it right here and now. Flair says he's had a problem with Hogan for 30 years. He says he doesn't like how he runs TNA. And he says he doesn't like how he tricks people like Bischoff. Flair says he's working for Hogan, but some day, he'll just flat out kick his a**.

Hogan says he's got to ask Flair a question. Does he know where he is? Hogan says he's at Lethal Lockdown, and all's fair. He says because all's fair, Eric Bischoff will never be a part of Impact, and he can never use the name Bischoff again. He also says that everyone in the building knows that if Hogan and Flair hook up right now, they'll tear the roof off the building, so he suggests that if Flair has a problem, he should do something about it right now.

Flair says that really p***ed him off. Flair takes off his jacket but Hogan knocks him on his back. Hogan heads out of the ring and Flair pops up, demanding that Hogan come right back. Flair goes ballistic, throwing a mic into the crowd, then grabbing another. He asks where Hogan is going. Flair turns around to the announcer's table and says he'll kick Tenay's a**. Flair looks crazed as he jaws with fans. This leads into a video package setting up Matt Morgan vs. Crimson.

Steel Cage Match
- Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

The entrances:

Crimson is the first man to make his way out to the ring. He gets a pretty favorable reaction from the crowd, but outside of a couple of incidents, the crowd has stayed pretty quiet this whole night.

Matt Morgan is out next, and he doesn't get much of a reaction at all.

The start:

The bell rings and Crimson goes for the escape right away. Morgan pulls him down and hits a quick clothesline, then shoulder block, and finishes up with a side slam. Crimson tries to escape through the door, but Morgan stops him and launches him into the cage wall. Morgan calls for the door to be opened, and he teases leaving the cage, but shakes his head no, and heads back into the ring. Morgan lays Crimson out and signals for the chokeslam. Crimson fights it off and hits Morgan with a chop block to the knee.

Mid- match notes:

Crimson stomps away at Morgan before hitting him with a big running clothesline. Crimson locks in a cravat and knees Morgan in the face before snap maring him overs and hitting him with a low dropkick to the face. Crimson goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count. Crimson sends Morgan running face first into the cage wall. Crimson hits Morgan with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Crimson pulls Morgan to his feet, hitting more big clubbing shots, before sending Morgan head first into the turnbuckle, then choking him on the top rope.

Crimson continues the assault, drawing a count from the referee. Crimson stomps Morgan and kicks him in the ribs. Crimson whips Morgan across the ring, but he runs right into a big boot. Morgan charges out of the corner, but he's planted with a big spinebuster for another near fall for Crimson. Crimson charges and Morgan catches him with a discus clothesline and both men are down.

Both men get to their feet and Morgan hits a couple of punches, then a couple of clotheslines. Morgan takes Crimson over with a snap mare, then hits a boot to the face. Morgan plants Crimson face first on the corner turnbuckle before dropping him with a back suplex. Morgan charges in and squashes Crimson in the corner. Crimson goes out to the apron. Morgan charges and hits a big cross body, sandwiching Crimson into the cage wall.

The finish:

Morgan goes for the big boot in the corner, but Crimson avoids it and Morgan ends up hung up on the top rope. Crimson goes to the top to escape, and Morgan heads up after him. Morgan and Crimson fight on the top and Crimson kicks Morgan's leg out from under him. Morgan crotches himself, then ends up trapped with his leg in between the middle and bottom rope. Crimson heads over the top and drops down to the floor, winning the match.

Winner: Crimson

Crimson smiles and gloats as he walks around the cage and toward the back. He gets in a couple of words with Morgan too, blowing him a kiss, much to Morgan's chagrin.

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  • The man

    If I booked it here would be my winners team Garret,Robbie e,Matt Morgan,the motor city machine guns,Kurt angle,Eric young and odb,and finally Bobby roode Sounds pretty good most of the matches turned out as I predicted.

  • Robert olley

    Some sloppy mistakes again Gunner hits the corner drop kick on gunner just to name the first one. I’ve noticed this mainly happens on the tna results though.

  • AJG316

    Bobby roode = luckiest son of a bitch the world has ever seen

  • Whammaster

    I thought the best match was Angle vs. Hardy. Full of spots and false finishes, even stolen finishers. Did a very good job in the cage.

  • Jake

    That was a stupid ppv. ALL retains…

  • Aldin94

    I hate the whole odb and young stuff.

    I thought the ppv was pretty good.

    i don’t know what’s next for storm though.

    Hey Richard is it possible for you to find out the attendance of LockDown?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I didn't watch the PPV but read the reports. I hear a Miracle Happen and KAZ cut his hair. that is shocking since he refused to cut his hair in WWE and left over the issue in 2005.

  • vickie's lover

    the audience was dead 🙂

  • Abe

    The PPV ends with Roode heading into the crowd and heading over to his family, and Roode being attended to on the arena floor.

    just thought I would bring this funny typo to your attention