TNA Lockdown Results (4/15/12) - Team Garett Wins, Crimson Beats Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode Retains

Steel Cage Match for the TNA Championship
- Bobby Roode © vs. James Storm

Taz and Tenay discuss their thoughts about who will win the Championship match tonight, while saying that the Twitter voters overwhelmingly picked James Storm.

JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. Roode says tonight is the night that the entire wrestling world has been waiting for. He says that tonight is the night that James Storm has been waiting for. In his hometown, in front of his friends and family, a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. He says that tonight he walks into the cage and proves to the world that what he says is true. He always has been and always will be better than you. He says the talking is over. Tonight isn't a wrestling match. It's a fight. Roode says he's out for blood. He hates Storm, and Storm hates him. He tells Storm to put his wife and kids to bed. He proves that he's the most dominant champion, and the 'it factor' of professional wrestling.

This leads into a video package, the same one that opened the show, the shows the extensive history between these two men.

The entrances:

James Storm is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he's driving what looks to be a vintage pickup truck out into the arena. Storm grabs a beer out of a twelve pack in the back, and he uses it to spray the crowd on his way out to the ring. The hometown boy definitely gets one of the best reactions of the night.

The Champion, Bobby Roode, is the next man out to the ring. He doesn't get nearly as favorable a reaction.

The start:

Roode takes his time getting in the ring, walking slowly around the ring first. James Storm comes up from behind and he attacks, hitting Roode with repeated rights before shoving him back first into the cage wall. Storm slams Roode into the barricade before taking the ring steps and setting them on their side. Storm slams Roode head first into the ring steps.

Mid-match notes:

Storm catches Roode with a right, then he grabs a beer bottle. Storm takes a swig and spits the beer in Roode's eyes. Storm follows Roode around the ring and slams him head first into the announcer's table. Storm goes up on the table, and leaps off with an elbow to the top of Roode's head. Storm picks up Roode and slams him into the barricade again.

Roode fights back, hitting Storm with a right hand to the gut, and blocking an attempt from Storm to smash his head into the cage. Storm is able to come up with a whip into the barricade though. Roode begins to flee, heading up the entranceway. Storm catches him though and brings him back to the ringside area where he slams his head into the barricade. Storm grabs a chair and swings, but Roode ducks and Storm connects with the cage. Roode slams Storm head first into the cage.

Roode grabs a beer bottle, and Storm is busted open. Roode attacks Storm with a series of punches, but I don't know what he did with the beer bottle. Roode slams Storm face first into the cage wall. Roode takes Storm into the ring and he rolls in afterwards. The bell rings and this match is official.

Roode sends Storm crashing into the cage wall before punching away at him with repeated right hands to the top of the forehead. Roode chokes Storm on the middle rope and taunts Storm, goading him on. Roode suplexes Storm and follows up with a beautiful knee drop, which is good for a two count. Roode catches Storm with a kick to the back and follows by hitting him with a series of punches. Storm comes back with punches of his own, getting fired up. Storm hits a series of rights, but he runs right into a big back elbow from Roode.

Roode stomps Storm's face. Roode takes Storm into the corner and hits him with a big chop to the chest. Roode hits Storm with a big right hand, then another. Roode whips Storm across the ring, but he runs into a back elbow, then a big boot, but Roode is able to connect with a clothesline to put Storm to the mat.

Roode rakes Storm's face across the cage wall, widening Storm's cut. Roode kicks away at Storm before telling him that he's nothing and that Roode hates Storm's guts. Roode says he never needed Storm. He says he never wanted Storm, all while stomping away at him. Roode says that Storm was nothing without him. Storm continues to taunt him while slapping at his head.

Storm gets to his feet, but Storm seems to be shrugging off offense. Storm throws Roode into the corner and hits a flurry of punches before stomping, and eventually standing on the champion's chest. Storm hits a flying forearm, then sends Roode across the ring and hits a back body drop. Storm runs into a big boot in the corner. Roode heads to the top rope, but Storm stops him with a right hand. Storm kicks Roode in the gut and tries for the eye of the Storm, but Roode fights out. Storm kicks Roode and hits a catapult, sending him into the cage. Storm follows up by simply grabbing Roode and launching him into the cage again. Storm tries for the eye of the Storm again, and he hits it this time. Storm goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count.

Storm hits Roode with repeated rights, but he hits the ropes and charges right into a spinebuster from the champ. Roode goes for the pin, but Storm kicks out at two. Roode is also busted open at this point. Roode struggles to his feet and charges Storm. Storm sidesteps it. Storm hits the code breaker, then a lungblower, but it's only good for another near fall. Storm rakes Roode's face against the cage before bringing him back into the ring. Roode back drops Storm into the cage wall, sending him falling to the ring apron. Roode crawls to the cage door, making his way slowly. Storm grabs Roode's foot and he wont let go. Roode kicks at the cowboy, but Storm pulls Roode back into the middle of the ring. Roode goes right into the cross face, locking it in, in the middle of the ring.

Storm refuses to tap, and he's able to roll over into the ropes to force Roode to break the hold. Roode gets to his feet and leans heavily on the ropes. He pulls Storm up in the corner and hits him with a chop to the chest, and a right to the side of the head. Roode puts Storm on the top turnbuckle, heading up right after him. Roode pulls Storm to his feet on the top turnbuckle. Storm fights Roode off with a series of right hands, but Roode fights back, hitting rights of his own. Roode slams the back of Storm's head into the cage wall, causing Storm to fall to his seat in the corner. Roode uses Storm's body to climb to the top. Roode kicks Storm away and gets his body halfway over the top. Roode's legs are dangling above the ground, but Storm is able to pull him back into the cage.

Storm and Roode slug it out on the top rope. Both men are throwing big right hands. Both men then take turns ramming the other's head into the cage wall. Storm gets the upper hand, sending Roode crashing down to the mat. Storm climbs to the top of the cage, but he looks back down to Roode. Storm drops down to the top turnbuckle. Storm hits Roode with a codebreaker off the top rope, then he calls for the Last Call superkick. Storm waits for the champ to stand, but Roode pulls the ref into the way and Storm connects with Brian Hebner. Roode calls for the cage door to be opened. He waits on the apron and tells Earl Hebner to hand him a beer bottle from the six pack. Roode uses the bottle to smash Storm across the head. Roode calls Earl to get into the ring and he goes for the pin, but Storm is able to kick out at two!

The finish:

Storm gets to his feet and blasts Roode with a superkick out of nowhere. Both men fall to the mat. Roode heads out to the apron, but he's right in front of the door to the cage. Storm hits Roode with another superkick, but the kick sends Roode crashing through the cage door to the outside.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

Earl places the belt across Roode's chest, as Roode is still laid out on the arena floor. James Storm looks dejected. He grabs the belt, spits at Roode, and tosses the Championship aside. The PPV ends with Roode heading into the crowd and heading over to his family, and Roode being attended to on the arena floor.

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  • The man

    If I booked it here would be my winners team Garret,Robbie e,Matt Morgan,the motor city machine guns,Kurt angle,Eric young and odb,and finally Bobby roode Sounds pretty good most of the matches turned out as I predicted.

  • Robert olley

    Some sloppy mistakes again Gunner hits the corner drop kick on gunner just to name the first one. I’ve noticed this mainly happens on the tna results though.

  • AJG316

    Bobby roode = luckiest son of a bitch the world has ever seen

  • Whammaster

    I thought the best match was Angle vs. Hardy. Full of spots and false finishes, even stolen finishers. Did a very good job in the cage.

  • Jake

    That was a stupid ppv. ALL retains…

  • Aldin94

    I hate the whole odb and young stuff.

    I thought the ppv was pretty good.

    i don’t know what’s next for storm though.

    Hey Richard is it possible for you to find out the attendance of LockDown?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I didn't watch the PPV but read the reports. I hear a Miracle Happen and KAZ cut his hair. that is shocking since he refused to cut his hair in WWE and left over the issue in 2005.

  • vickie's lover

    the audience was dead 🙂

  • Abe

    The PPV ends with Roode heading into the crowd and heading over to his family, and Roode being attended to on the arena floor.

    just thought I would bring this funny typo to your attention