TNA Sacrifice Results (5/13/12) - New Tag Team Champions, Bobby Roode Retains

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JB is standing backstage, and he's quick to remind the fans about the social media they can use to participate in tonight's events. He welcomes the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Kaz says now the whole world knows how AJ Styles got his spot, by whistling Dixie. Daniels says if you eliminate Dixie Carter, you level the playing field, and the proof is these belts. Daniels says a picture is worth 1000 words, and AJ's nightmare is just beginning. Daniels gives the world permission to worship him and Kaz before they walk off.

Triple Threat Match for the TNA TV Championship
- Devon (c) vs. Robbie T vs. Robbie E

The entrances:

The Robbie's, E. and T., make their way out to the ring first in opposite colored sweaters. They don't get the warmest welcome from fans in attendance. Devon is out next, and he gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd as he makes his way out to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and Devon attacks both of his opponents right off the back. The numbers catch up to him though as Terry catches him from behind. Devon avoids a splash in the corner from Terry and hits E. with a clothesline before sending Terry over the top rope with a big clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Devon finds himself in the ring with Robbie E. and he catches him with a series of rights in the corner. Devon catches Robbie E. with a Thesz press before popping up and knocking Terry from the apron. Devon plants Robbie with a urunage for two.

Devon is tripped and pulled to the outside by Terry. Terry beats on Devon for a bit before rolling Devon back into the ring and following. Robbie E. attacks, mounting Devon and hitting a series of rights. Robbie takes Devon into the corner, and when Devon fights back, Terry steps in to save E. Robbie says he's got this, but he and Terry take turns wearing Devon out with non-stop offense.

Terry hits a big side slam to Devon and Robbie follows up with an elbow drop from the second rope for two. Robbie and Terry taunt Devon before sending him into the ropes. Devon catches Robbie with a kick and Terry with a spear. Devon continues to work over Robbie, hitting a big shoulder block, splash in the corner, and another shoulder block that sends Robbie from the ring. Terry attacks Devon from behind with a big clubbing blow. Terry shoulders Devon and hits a running powerslam, but Robbie prevents the ref from counting to three.

The finish:

Robbie explains to Terry what's going to happen, but it looks like Terry isn't too happy about it. Devon catches Terry with a splash to the back that knocks him into Robbie. Devon rolls up Terry for a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Devon celebrates with his title on the way to the back as Robbie E. freaks out in the ring. Robbie backs up into Terry, who looks pretty unhappy about what just happened. Robbie tries to explain things to Terry before giving him a big hug. Terry pushes Robbie's arms away, then grabs him around the neck and gives him a noogie. Robbie looks incredibly relieved, giving Terry another hug.

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  • 4xking


  • AJG316

    Is it just me or Is Gail being used A HELL OF A LOT BETTER IN TNA THAN SHE WAS IN WWE

  • Terra Ryzing

    Its time for crimson to lose already. I'm bored with him and they need to take his character in a different direction. Undefeated characters usually fail cuz no one knows what to do after they lose.

    On the other hand I'm glad Roode retained.

  • Kevin

    I was really hoping RVD would get another run as champ, but I guess Roode is the man of the hour right now. Probably leading to a Storm return to defeat Roode and take his title.